Helpful Tips for Distance Learning & Hybrid Learning

  • Greetings Parents and Students,

    Below you will find some helpful tips to guide you during your school day either face-to-face here in the building or when you are at home distance learning.  This school year should and will feel more rigorous than last spring when we were fully distant learning. We are all in this together and are here to support every student to be successful in every model. Please reach out to a specific teacher, appropriate grade level counselor or appropriate administrator with questions.
    Thank you,
    RHS Admin  
    Jason Paurus, Principal
    Rogers High School


    RHS Distance Learning and Hybrid Learning Helpful Tips 

    Get Up, Show Up and Participate in School EVERY DAY- Either Face to Face or Virtually Attendance is the #1 school success factor! 

    Distance Learning - On days when you are NOT in school (including FRIDAY!): ❏ Log into Schoology & Infinite Campus 

    ❏ Self-report your attendance for every class 

    ❏ Check your email daily 

    ❏ Plan your day using information from Schoology: 

    ➔ Check-in on all of your classes remotely: is there a live Google Meet today? If so, JOIN and PARTICIPATE! Complete any videos, assignments, and/or projects that are posted. 

    Face-to-Face Days: 

    ❏ Get to school on time 

    ➔ Report to your classes; engage and use this opportunity to ask questions or get clarification on items that are more difficult to do at home. 

    Establish Routines 

    • Go to bed (plug in your Chromebook!) and wake up at around the same time each day of the week, regardless if you are going to school or logging in from home 
    • If you are a Hybrid student your routine may look different on your face to face day compared to your distance learning day. Develop a plan for both models and stick to it! ● Run your day at home similar to school 

    ○ Work 45-50 minutes then take a ten-minute break and walk 

    ○ An example schedule for home: Sample DL Day Schedule 

    ○ Repeat for each class and plan a 30-minute break for lunch

    Time Management 

    • There are 168 hours in a 7 day week. How will you manage your time and make them benefit you? 

    ○ Consider your to-do list. School should be a priority so first, make time to do your work prior to scheduling other commitments in your life. 

    • Use Google calendar and reminders - you can use it with both your phone and computer. 
    • Put together daily and weekly to-do lists - On Sunday look at your week ahead. ● Communication is key. 
    • Learn from others, ask questions, and keep grinding. 
    • Be proactive. 
    • Reduce stress by getting more done and improving your time management skills. Organization 
    • Stay organized and keep track of your classes each day. Here is an example: Make yourself a copy of this Digital Planner
    • Teachers use Google Calendar and Google Keep to stay organized and you can, too. It’s easy. Watch this short video to learn how. 
    • To keep track of any missing assignments you have, go into your student portal in Infinite Campus> click “Reports”> “Missing Assignments”. Missing Assignments from all classes will appear directly in the portal, organized by class, with no need to download the report.
    • Campus vs Schoology: What’s the difference?

    Get Involved & Engaged 

    Despite the physical distancing requirements, you are encouraged to engage with your teachers and peers. 

    ❏ Take advantage of Google Meet opportunities and also check out the list of activities that are open to RHS Students.