EdVenture Club-Discovery Learning Preschool Hybrid/Distance Learning Childcare

  • EdVenture Club Childcare will be available for students if Discovery Learning Preschool moves to the Hybrid or Distance Learning models due to county data reported for COVID cases. Priority will be given to Tier 1 families for School Day care; School Day care will be available at no cost during the school day time to Tier 1 qualifying families. Hybrid/Distance Learning Childcare is available at Rogers Elementary, Otsego Elementary, the Handke Center and Zimmerman Elementary. To register for EdVenture Club-Discovery Learning Hybrid/Distance Learning Childcare, go to www.isd728.org/EdVClub-Registration. Email and/or phone registrations will not be accepted. 


2020-2021 Hybrid/Distancing Learning Childcare


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