Stopfinder App

Stopfinder App by Transfinder

  • I'm not sure the StopFinder App is working, how can I tell?

    You may be seeing a message that the vehicle location is unavailable or no vehicle found, here are two ways to tell if the app is truly working:

    searching for vehicle location help card   vehicle location unavailable help card


    What is Stopfinder?

    Created by Transfinder the Stopfinder Parent App will provide the most accurate and up-to-date routing information for ISD 728 students. Stopfinder is the all-in-one parent engagement app designed by parents for parents to keep you in the know. Receive bus location and messages, updates and alerts in real-time. No other parent app provides this much information in real-time to parents and school transportation departments. 

    How do I get the app? 

    Parents/guardians of students can download the Stopfinder app to their phone, tablet or other device via Google Play and the App Store. Just click on the icons below 

    Google Play
     App store

    When and how do I log into the Stopfinder app?

    The parent of the primary household can log into the app with the email address where you received your invitation and unique password. ISD 728 Transportation will send various parent communities an invitation to login to the app (which is why it's a good idea to have the app downloaded to your device first). You must accept the invitation from Stopfinder FIRST to login to the app. Note: Only primary households will receive this invitation, and invitations will expire after 30 days. If your invitation has expired, please contact ISD 728 and request a new invite.

    How do I use the Stopfinder app?

    A "Quick Start Guide" can be seen in the image below.

    Quick Start Guide

    What are GeoAlerts?

    A GeoAlert is meant to be used as an additional tool to notify a family their bus is nearby. ISD 728 expects students - with or without using this new tool - to arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to their scheduled pick-up time. This will be outlined in the Stopfinder app. GeoAlerts can be created for each student. Open the map for the student you wish to create a GeoAlert for. The red and white icon will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the map. Tap the icon to open the GeoAlerts menu and select the Create GeoAlert option. You CAN create GeoAlerts for multiple students within one primary household. Click here for a short tutorial.

    How do I get announcements via the Stopfinder app?

    Announcements can be viewed by tapping on the Stopfinder "Stoppy" icon at the bottom of the app. A blue notifications badge will appear with the number of unread messages. Note: The District will continue to send announcements via traditional methods throughout this school year. The plan is for the app to become the primary message method in future school years. 

    Who can use the Stopfinder app?

    Most ISD 728 families that attend ISD 728 schools AND are transported by Vision Transportation can sign up and use the app. At this time, families of non-public schools, charter schools and NWSISD families can NOT use Stopfinder. The app will not work for STEM or PSEO students attending other campuses. 

    What if I am in a secondary household?

    Announcements and other features of the app are only available to primary households. Multiple households and schedules are not supported by the app. Those listed as the Primary Household in Campus Parent Portal will, by default, be the Primary Subscriber via the app. If this status needs to change, please update your profile in Campus. 

    More Questions?
    Check out this special FAQ Section we've completed with the help of ISD 728 staff, Transfinder and our transportation provider, Vision Transportation.