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  • News & Notes - September 20,2019

    Posted by Kristen Radke on 9/20/2019

    I hope that you've all had a great week, it went by so quickly for me -- it's hard to believe that we are wrapping up the second week of Discovery Preschool and beginning with our ECFE classrooms in action too!  I haven't had as much time as I had hoped to get out to visit classrooms, so I am hoping to be out and about a bit more next week -- please don't feel that you have to plan or do anything different than what you would normally be doing -- I just want to stop by to see how things are going and get to see your amazing classes in action!  

    • I am hoping to have all of the finishing touches on the Behavior Incident Report (BIR) google form before I leave today.  Links to the electronic reports with QR codes will be shared as soon as I finish the "test" run to make sure they are working correctly.  
    • Coming in October -- the Digital learning team is again planning to have site visit days -- host classes will be sharing their blended learning and tech activities for visitors to see the work in action.  Visitors will have the opportunity to visit and take notes in host classrooms in order to see how techniques may be incorporated into their setting -- please continue to watch for more information if you are interested in being a host classroom or taking part in visiting other sites and classrooms.
    • If you haven't already, be sure to complete your ALICE training and the beginning of the year policy, procedure & safety update link from Cory earlier this fall.  Please let me know if you have questions about either.  

    Enjoy your weekend!



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  • September 20 Weekly Update

    Posted by Kristen Nelson on 9/20/2019

    September 20 Weekly Update

    Hello Staff!


    Upcoming Meetings:

    Monday Sept 23  1:30-3:30 Handke     School Readiness Instructors

    Monday Sept 30  1:30-3:30 Handke      Assistants 

    Monday Oct 7      1:30-3:30 Handke      All Staff


     I made changes to the Staff Development Calendar- Nov 1 is a Staff Development Day and Nov 22 is a Teacher workshop day.

    Assistants- AESOP-

    Please, please, please remember if you are putting in for a sub for the whole day to put in for your sub as a morning (am) position and an afternoon (pm) position.  If you don’t, then we end up paying a sub for a 7.5 hour day with an hour of “free time”.  If you have any questions please connect with Judy.



    I am hoping to have the committee schedule out on Monday September 23.


    Please fill out the survey on our Workshop Week that Cory has included in our EC Weekly update chain!

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  • Opening Weeks PD Feedback Survey

    Posted by Cory Franson on 9/20/2019

    The CE-EC PD Committee (Formerly BBHT) is looking for your feedback on the opening weeks PD offerings and Committee Goals.  

    Please take 5 minutes to provide some feedback on the opening week PD offerings and some ideas for future PD.

    19-20 EC Opening Week PD Feedback Survey

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  • ECSE Weekly Update September 19, 2019

    Posted by Kristel Linn on 9/19/2019

    Special Education Highlights:

    Child Outcome Reporting Data Reminders: 

    • Anytime a child enters part C services
    • When a child exits part C services and has had 6 months of service
    • When a child enters part B services
    • When a child leaves ECSE  for kindergarten that has had 6 months of service

    NEW:  I just found out that IF all areas of TSG are being reported, then the TSG data that is submitted can now be used instead of the COSF ratings we have been using in SPED Forms!!!  There are many factors that could impact the accuracy of our data, so I would like to have a conversation around this new information and how it could help our workload. TSG Data can also be used to help drive IEP goal development and write the PLAAFP so that our IEP’s are better aligned to the Early Learning Indicators of Progress Standards! Win Win!! More in depth conversations to follow :) 

    Sped data requests:  These need to be done any time a student enters your caseload, exits your caseload or has a setting change so that enrollment settings match between campus and sped forms

    Transportation concerns need to go through Chris Brink, who will then contact Vision. When you are sending your concerns to Chris, make sure to include the student name, route information and other pertinent information related to your concerns!

    We are also working on improving the pickup/drop off process at Handke. There are too many communication errors and students sitting around waiting on buses while drivers are looking for students. We want to be more consistent with the gneral education process.

    iObservation Goals: Teacher Development and EvaluationReminder that your completed growth plan needs to be submitted by October 1st. 

    Required Trainings:

    • Don't forget to complete your ALICE training -- it is due by September 20!
    • Everyone also needs to follow the Link that Cory sent out to complete the Yearly Staff Acknowledgement Form.  LINK
    • This Link includes your yearly policy acknowledgment, Flip Chart, and Mandated Reporting requirements.  Please allow for roughly 45 minutes to work through the videos and read the policy links.

    Open Enrollment Form: There is a new Open Enrollment form that should be used. If you are sending this to families please use this updated form that can be completed online  Open Enrollment Form

    Aesop: Reminder to enter AESOP as soon as possible. If an absence needs to be entered after 8 am then you need to contact Chris Brink to let her know. 

    Keys: If you are no longer working at Handke please return your keys if you haven’t done so! We are short classroom keys. 


    We are getting closer to our Site Visit dates!

    Here are a few updates and reminders.

    1. Buildings should have reserved subs for October 11, 14, 15  (if not, please do so ASAP). Were you doing two or three subs per day?
    2. Tuesday, September 24th the Digital Learning Team will email out a short overview video about the site visits logistics to all E-5 staff at our sites.
    3. By October 3rd, the hosts need to sign-up.
    4. From Oct 4th to 9th, visitors can sign-up for their slots.
      • There will be opportunity for many teachers at your site to visit other sites. If you anticipate demand to be high, consider how to allocate these as 1/2 or full day slots.
    5. October 11, 14 and 15th are the site visits.


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  • News & Notes - September 13, 2019

    Posted by Kristen Radke on 9/13/2019

    What a wonderful beginning to our Discovery Learning Preschool classes for 2019-2020!  It is great to see and hear all of learning and fun happening and getting to see the connections to students already forming!  

    I have just a few notes for this week:

    • Teaching Strategies GOLD
      • profiles for returning student in Discovery Learning Preschool and ECSE Explorers classrooms have been activated.  Please check your rosters and let me know of any changes as soon as possible.  Also, please add any new students to your rosters as early as possible - this helps us in assuring that we have enough child profile licenses available for all classes.  If you need any assistance in entering your students, please let me know and I will be happy to stop by and walk through it with you.  
      • The checkpoint due dates for our early childhood program have been customized to our school calendar
        • Fall checkpoint due date -- November 23, 2019
        • Winter checkpoint due date -- March 21, 2020
        • Spring checkpoint due date -- June 1, 2020 (although if your classes end before June 1, you will need to have your spring checkpoints finalized before the end of your classes)
    • Behavior Incident Reports (BIRs) -- I have received the updated workbook that is used to create our electronic BIR form submission earlier this week.  I am working to customize it for all 5 of our sites and will get the links to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you may choose to record behavior incidents on the "old" paper forms or take notes that you can refer to once the link is up and running.  If you need assistance with this, please contact your classroom High Five coach or let me know.

    Finally,  I am planning some informal site & classroom visits for next week -- just to touch base and see all of the amazing things that are already going on!  I am really looking forward to seeing your classes in action!

    Have a great weekend!


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  • September 13 Weekly Updates

    Posted by Kristen Nelson on 9/13/2019

    We're Back!!

    It's been just awesome seeing little people back in our buildings! They are so excited and happy to be with us- Thank You for that!! Thanks to ECFE for "all hands on deck" the extra help has been noticed and is really helpful these first couple of weeks.


    ECFE we will have our staff meeting on Monday September 16th- we'll be discussing numbers in each of our classes and preparing for the next wave of new kids and families to start on September 23!!


    HANDKE PAST STAFF....If you still have a key to the Handke building and you are at another location could you PLEASE return your key to Pauline Knox immediately.  We have a shortage of keys right now and a ton of new people who need keys!! Thanks!


    Thanks again for all you do!


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  • Weekly ECSE Updates

    Posted by Kristel Linn on 9/6/2019

    Last night I had the pleasure of being at Rogers for the open house event.  It was so much fun seeing all the families in attendance excited for the new year!  I am grateful for all of the hard work everyone has been putting in to make sure our children and families have a great experience in our program.  

    • I want to extend a thank you to all those that helped make our PD trainings a success! I have heard positve feedback about the options that were available for teachers and assistants. A survey will be coming our shortly for more specific feedback.
    • This year we were able to bring Anne Haugen in from the Epilepsy Foundation to train all EC staff on Seizure Recognition and Response. We had a total of 62 staff members attend those sessions!!
    • Our ECSE classroom teachers, assistants and some of our speech clinicians have all been trained in aDapt and Handle with Care.  
    • Don't forget to complete your ALICE training -- it is due by September 20!
    • Everyone also needs to follow the Link that Cory sent out to complete the Yearly Staff Ackowledgement Form.  LINK
    • This Link includes your yearly policy acknowledgment, Flip Chart, and Mandated Reporting requirements.  Please allow for roughly 45 minutes to work through the videos and read the policy links.

      Please plan to have this completed by Friday, September 13th.

    Looking forward to starting another exciting year on Monday, and until then I hope you all get some relaxation in over the weekend doing what you love!  

    Have a great weekend!



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  • Weekly Update September 6, 2019

    Posted by Kristen Nelson on 9/6/2019

    WOW!! What a week!!  Assistants are back- yea- feeling complete..everyone is home! Thank you all for your hard work this week, I've seen some very excited families and kids this week!!  

    Team Meetings 

    As you prepare for your team meetings, remember to fill out your Classroom Agreement. 

    Here's the link  Team Meeting Agendas .  Please fill out a Team Meeting Agenda for your classroom meetings! Let me know if you need any help with you agenda's.

    Kris or I will be out sites this next week to check in and make sure all is well.


    Thank You Judy and the Operations Team in the front office for handling all of our families and staff questions- YOU ROCK!!


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  • And We're Off . . .

    Posted by Kristen Radke on 9/6/2019

    How wonderful to see and hear the excitement in the classrooms at Open House last night!  I am so grateful for all of the hard work everyone has been putting in to make sure our children and families have a great experience!  

    • This fall, we have had the usual scramble as families find they would like to add, transfer or drop preschool classes -- now that the classes are beginning and these things settle in I will be creating the form to submit the Behavior Incident Reports (BIRs) and activate returning students in the Teaching Strategies assessment system.  I will send out email notifications when your rosters are ready to have students added to Teaching Strategies and I am asking that you do not add or delete any students from rosters at this time.
    • All of the School Readiness Instructors should have received their new lesson plan templates to use going forward in 2019 -2020 school year -- thanks to the teams that worked hard our summer projects and shared their ideas in creating these (Thanks also to Jenny E who helped me with my technical difficulties in making sure our logo was included!)
    • Don't forget to check out the information on the Operations, Wellness and Culture and Early Childhood Committees please use the links that Cory has provided if you feel that you have an interest in being a part of these teams
    • Don't forget to complete your ALICE training -- it is due by September 20!

    Looking forward to starting another exciting year on Monday (I will be wearing my comfortable shoes!)

    Have a great weekend!



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  • Staff Procedures and Acknowledgement Form

    Posted by Cory Franson on 8/30/2019


    Greetings Early Childhood Staff!

    Please take some time to complete the following Back to School survey:  LINK

    This Link includes your yearly policy acknowledgment, Flip Chart, and Mandated Reporting requirements.  Please allow for roughly 45 minutes to work through the videos and read the policy links.

    Please plan to have this completed by Friday, September 13th.

    Thank you!

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