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Referendum Construction Update

2019 Referendum Header

Referendum Construction Update
The recent and successful referendum will provide funding for seven major building projects, which include:

  • Construction of a new middle school near Prairie View in Otsego.
  • Renovations at Lincoln Elementary School in Elk River.
  • Renovations at VandenBerge Middle School in Elk River.
  • Renovations at Handke Center in Elk River.
  • Additions and renovations of activity spaces at Zimmerman Middle/High School.
  • Additions and renovations of activity spaces at Elk River High School.
  • Additions and renovations of activity spaces at Rogers High School.

Due to funding sources and state statute, each of the seven projects must be completed by January of 2025. 

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Because the successful referendum will provide funds to complete each of the seven projects listed above, Long Term Facilities Maintenance funds can now be utilized to complete projects identified on the building-specific project flyers. These projects are expected to be completed within 10 years, and will be scheduled as it makes sense from a fiscal, project management, and workforce availability standpoint.

Project Notes: 

  • Construction of the new middle school must begin immediately to meet growing enrollment needs in the southern region, and is expected to be open at the start of the 2022-2023 school year.
  • The new Middle School project will be coordinated by a Construction Manager, as was done with Prairie View, who will also assist with the additional learning spaces at Rogers and Zimmerman High Schools, which are meant to address capacity restraints. 
  • These three projects will not significantly impact student programming and can begin immediately.
  • Projects identified at Handke, Lincoln and VandeBerge will require much coordination, thoughtful scheduling, and extensive investigation of current, existing structures in order to be completed.
  • Discussions will begin immediately and schedules will be coordinated between site, district, and construction officials.
  • When completing projects on existing buildings, District officials and construction crews will work tirelessly to schedule and complete as much work as possible outside of regular school day, during student and staff breaks, and throughout the summer months.
  • It is the District’s intent to include building and District staff, as well as community members, in the building process from initial design to project completion.

The 7 Referendum Projects Timeline

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project timeline