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CTE Month: Rogers Small Business Owner Brings Wealth of Experience, Service to ISD 728

CTE Month: Rogers Small Business Owner Brings Wealth of Experience, Service to ISD 728

Written with/by CTE Instructor Tim Hahn 

In the ISD 728 core community of Rogers, one small business owner is making a significant impact on local high schools, and on hands-on learning.

Jack Schalo, owner of Jack's Small Engines, has emerged as a dedicated supporter of education in ISD 728. His commitment goes beyond the typical boundaries of entrepreneurship, as he actively engages with high school small engine programs, offering invaluable assistance to teachers and ensuring the smooth running of equipment.

Jack's Small Engines has become a cornerstone for small engine programs in the school district. Recognizing the importance of hands-on learning, Jack actively collaborates with high school small engine teachers, providing guidance and expertise to help them navigate challenges in the workshop.

"His involvement extends beyond the typical transactional relationship between a business and its customers," said Mr. Tim Hahn of Elk River High School. " Jack is genuinely invested in the success of these programs."

Jack's commitment to the schools goes beyond providing advice, Hahn added. Understanding the significance of well-maintained equipment for effective learning, he plays a crucial role in ensuring that the engines used in these programs are running smoothly. Whenever a school needs replacement parts or maintenance support, Jack promptly facilitates the process, making it easier for small engine teachers to focus on imparting valuable skills to their students.

What sets Jack Schalo apart is his collaborative approach to community engagement. Rather than just running a business, he actively participates in the local education ecosystem. Jack fosters a sense of community by establishing open lines of communication with teachers, creating an environment where they feel comfortable seeking assistance and advice.

High school small engine teachers in ISD728, including Mr. Udee(RHS), Mr. Hahn(ERHS), Mr. Ostercamp(ZHS) and Mr. Levalle(ZHS), have expressed their gratitude for Jack's involvement.

"His willingness to share knowledge and promptly address our needs has not only enhanced the quality of education but has also fostered a sense of community spirit," Hahn said. "Jack's Small Engines has become a reliable partner for us as educators, contributing to the overall success of small engine programs."

In a world where businesses often focus solely on profits, Jack Schalo's dedication to supporting local high schools in the District stands out. Through his active involvement with small engine programs, Jack has demonstrated the positive impact that small businesses can have on education and community development. Jack's Small Engines serves as an inspiring example of how a business owner's commitment to collaboration and community can make a lasting difference in the lives of students and educators alike.

On behalf of ISD728, thank you Jack for all your support and generosity. You are making a difference for hundreds of our students.

Students working on engine

Students work on a small engine at Rogers High School. 

Jack Schalo

Jack Schalo poses near the tool area at the Rogers High small engine repair shop area. Schalo owns and operates Jack's Small Engine Repair in Rogers. 

Jack Schalo works on an engine at RHS>

Jack Schalo makes sure a small engine is running properly prior to a class at Rogers High.