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SURVEY: Facilities Update 2024 - Planning for ISD 728’s Future

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In order to best serve its constituents, students and residents, ISD 728 continuously analyzes the use of its facilities in relation to such things as student programming needs, state and national standards, building capacity, population trends, and community density. 

This survey is being sent in order to gather additional feedback from families and residents related to possibly repurposing an elementary school in Elk River in 2025 - 2026.  

Please WATCH the video which contains information about the proposals, how we got here, and how these future decisions will include our community, involve our families and impact our District in years to come as we continue to educate, inspire and empower all learners in our area. 

Please click the image below to play the video. 



If you are not able to click on/see the image to watch the video, you can click here to open the player on your device. 


Once you’ve watched the video, please participate in the survey. We value your feedback and information as we continue to grow and serve our communities. The survey will be open through Monday April 15, 2024. 

​​For more information about the District Facilities Review and Planning Committee and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit  

Thank you for your investment and involvement in our District, and for what you do for our students and staff each and every day.


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