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Visual Art


The ISD 728 Visual Arts Program provides comprehensive hands-on K-12 arts education, a vital component of every child's core education. Visual arts experiences cultivate creative expression, innovative thinking and problem solving while valuing all dimensions of each student. All learners will develop and apply essential 21st Century skills within and beyond a challenging curriculum. Art education supports artistic exploration and collaboration as students create, present, respond and connect in a global community.

Belief Statement

We believe learners will...

  • Create works of art through problem solving and innovative thinking using a variety of art media and techniques.
  • Present and communicate ideas and personal expressions through artwork.
  • Respond to and interpret artwork from a variety of cultural, historical and stylistic contexts.
  • Connect to the global community through an appreciation of the visual arts.



Jamie Nord
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services - Elementary
(763) 241-3400

Kari Rock
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services - Secondary
(763) 241-3400

Kelly Corbett
Director of Teaching & Learning   
(763) 241-3400 x1205

Sr Administrative Asst - Teaching & Learning   
(763) 241-3400 x5000 

Kristin Hall
Curriculum Specialist (E-5 English & Social Studies, MTSS Elem Literacy), Achievement & Integration
(763) 241-3400 x5029

Becky Herbert
Curriculum Specialist (E-5 Math & Science, MTSS Elem Math), Gifted & Talented, K-5 Health, K-12 Media Literacy
(763) 241-3400 x5002

Nichole Abernathy
Curriculum Specialist
(763) 241-3400 x 5004

Kimberly Boyer
Curriculum Specialist
(763) 241-3400 x 5005

Rachel Drapeau
Curriculum Specialist
(763) 241-3400 x 5006

Leah Sams
Curriculum Specialist
(763) 241-3400 x 5013