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Family Life


To provide a basic understanding of family life and human sexuality education.

Belief Statement

We believe...

  • Parents have the primary responsibility for teaching their children about family life and human sexuality.
  • Family, peers, schools, community organizations, faith communities, health care systems and media all play a significant role in educating youth about healthy relationships and human sexuality.
  • Schools have the responsibility to provide current, accurate and factual information and materials.
  • Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate, focuses on healthy relationships and promotes positive communication skills and responsible decision-making.
  • Abstinence is the safest, healthiest option for youth.
  • Parents have the right to be informed about what is taught in each grade level and have the right to exercise the "opt out" provision if they so choose.


Jamie Nord
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services - Elementary

Kari Rock
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services - Secondary

Kelly Corbett
Director of Teaching & Learning   
763-241-3400 x1205

Kristin Reiser
Sr Administrative Asst - Teaching & Learning   
763-241-3400 x5000

Kristin Hall
Curriculum Specialist (E-5 English & Social Studies, MTSS Elem Literacy), Achievement & Integration
763-241-3400 x5029

Becky Herbert
Curriculum Specialist (E-5 Math & Science, MTSS Elem Math), Gifted & Talented, K-12 Media Literacy
763-241-3400 x5002

Nicole Abernathy
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5004

Kimberly Boyer
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5005

Rachel Drapeau
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5006

Leah Sams
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5013