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The mission of math education in ISD 728 is to increase the mathematical proficiency and problem solving skills of all learners.


Students will use Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry & Measurement and Data Analysis & Probability to…

  • connect mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills to real life situations.
  • develop proficiency and an understanding of number relationships and operations.
  • understand and use the language of mathematics when reading, writing, speaking and drawing.
  • utilize technology to enhance learning and adapt to technological advances.
  • use a variety of strategies to independently and collaboratively solve problems.
  • connect previous learning to new situations in order to make conjectures, draw conclusions and provide logical arguments.
  • demonstrate algebraic thinking by using patterns and symbols.
  • demonstrate the use of geometric principles.
  • collect, organize, analyze and display data to draw conclusions and to apply probability concepts.

Belief Statement

Every student deserves an excellent program of instruction in mathematics that challenges each student to achieve at the high level required for productive citizenship and employment.

Every student must be taught by qualified teachers who have a sound knowledge of mathematics and how children learn mathematics and who also hold high expectations for themselves and their students.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


MN State Math Standards 

Frameworks for the Minnesota Science and Math Standards 


Jamie Nord
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services - Elementary

Kari Rock
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services - Secondary

Kelly Corbett
Director of Teaching & Learning   
763-241-3400 x1205

Kristin Reiser
Sr Administrative Asst - Teaching & Learning   
763-241-3400 x5000

Kristin Hall
Curriculum Specialist (E-5 English & Social Studies, MTSS Elem Literacy), Achievement & Integration
763-241-3400 x5029

Becky Herbert
Curriculum Specialist (E-5 Math & Science, MTSS Elem Math), Gifted & Talented, K-12 Media Literacy
763-241-3400 x5002

Nicole Abernathy
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5004

Kimberly Boyer
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5005

Rachel Drapeau
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5006

Leah Sams
Curriculum Specialist
763-241-3400 x 5013