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Every student in grades 5-12 receives their own Chromebook to use between home and school.  Listed below are some of the priority communication resources to better inform you about our 1:1 Chromebook implementation. 

1:1 Student Device Plan Sign-Up & User Agreement 

Parents must sign-up for a device plan for each student attending grades 6-12 or attending by distance learning. This allows students to receive a device in grades 6-12 or for distance learning.

1:1 Optional Device Protection Plan

A Protection Plan is available for all Chromebooks that are part of the District’s 1:1 Chromebook program for students taking a Chromebook home. The Protection Plan is elective; it is not required.  However, without the Protection Plan families will be accountable for damages.

 1:1 Chromebook Flyer

Reference this flyer for an overview of the 1:1 implementation and key resources. 

1:1 Chrome Depot Presentation

This presentation provides an overview of the services Chrome Depot can provide students in grades 6-12.


Technical Support Team
Available business days

Troy Anderson
Director, Instructional Technology
763-241-3400 x5007

Joseph Samek
Director, Information Technology
763-241-3400 x1318



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