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Blended Courses

High School Blended Courses

A Blended Course provides students with the opportunity to meet some days face to face with their teacher and other days in an online setting. Face to face instruction will take place in the classroom setting like most traditional courses. The online days (also referred to as flex days), provide students with the opportunity to interact with their course content and assignments using our Schoology Learning Management System.  Teachers will be communicating their specific course schedule and syllabus the first day of class, and this will also be available in Schoology for parents to view.  During the online/flex days, students will be provided the opportunity to work in a flexible learning space in the building such as the Media Center or other supervised learning space.  During the online/flex time, students will manage their course assignments in a self-paced manner. Instructors will use Schoology to monitor student progress during the online/flex days and follow up on student progress and extend learning in the face to face setting.  Participating in a Blended Course provides students with the following opportunities to best prepare them for college & career experiences.  Current offerings for the 22-23 school year will be advertised in the building registration guide.   

  • Prepares students for post-secondary educational and professional experiences
  • Expands opportunities to create engaging, student-centered, critical thinking activities
  • Supports student independence and time management skills 
  • Creates an opportunity for small group instruction
  • Offers students with more opportunities and flexibility in course selection 

Students in grades 9-12 may choose to enroll in full online courses.  Click HERE to learn more. 


Troy Anderson
Director, Instructional Technology
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Joseph Samek
Director, Information Technology
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