RES Student Council

  • Welcome to the Rogers Elementary Student Council Web Page!  
    The purpose of the student council is to promote school pride, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and develop pride and commitment to the local community.

    Student council is comprised of 3 members from each 4th grade homeroom class with a total of 15 members on the council this year.

    Where will the meetings take place?: Mrs. Hammerschmidt's Classroom (unless otherwise noted)
    When are the meetings?: 8:30-9:00 a.m. (please note that the students will not be allowed to enter the building before 8:30am on meeting days)

    **Please be sure to check the Student Council Schoology page for updates before each meeting!**

    4th Grade:

    Boser's Homeroom Representatives:


    Dockendorf's Homeroom Representatives:


    Hammerschmidt's Homeroom Representatives:


    Mathews's Homeroom Representatives:


    Wallesen's Homeroom Representatives: