Kindergarten Open House/Meet your Teacher

  • Dear Kindergarten parents, 

    We'd like to invite you to the Kindergarten Open House/Meet Your teacher night. We are so excited to meet your child!  Kindergarten teachers will be meeting students IN PERSON outside at TLES on Thursday, September 3rd.  You must sign up for a time slot using My Conference Time, see link below.

     All children and adults must wear a mask.  Please help us make a smooth transition to the first day of school by doing the following things.


    1. LABEL all of your child's school supplies.
    2. Put your child's markers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, SHARPENED pencils and erasers in a large Ziplock bag with your child's name. You will leave these with us. 
    3. If you'd like to donate other supplies, please bring them at this time (Kleenex, paper plates, napkins, etc.)
    4. We will provide a backpack tag for your child.  Please attach this to their bag for the first day of school.  This will allow all staff to help your child find his/her teacher.



    Click here  Conference Link