Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Conferences are held twice a year. 


    Parents and students may visit any teacher that they choose.  Parents with more than one middle school aged child should plan to spend up to one hour per child at conferences.   

    ·        Students should plan to attend conferences, as they are student-led. Please have your student bring their binder as this will be a part of each conference.

    ·        We will not be scheduling specific conference times.  The longest lines are typically between 5:00 and 7:00.

    ·        Please be conscientious of time when you are speaking with a teacher.  Your time may be limited to four minutes if a line has formed.

    ·        Before attending conferences, please visit teachers’ websites and Parent Portal to have current classroom information.  

    ·        Does your family require an interpreter for conferences?  If so, please contact Connie at 763-241-3550 ext. 2706.