EdVenture Club Summer

  • What is EdVenture Club-Summer?

    EdVenture Club-Summer is an exciting and engaging summer camp program for students who have completed Kindergarten through fifth grade by June 2019. EdVenture Club-Summer provides weekly mini-camps five days a week throughout the summer months and is conveniently located at: Prairie View and Otsego Elementary, Hassan & Rogers Elementary, Parker, Meadowvale & Twin Lakes Elementary and Westwood Elementary. EdVenture Club-Summer features both full-time and part-time options.

    Full-time allows your child to attend our program five days a week from 6:00am to 6:00pm. Part-time allows you to plan your child’s care around your schedule. Youth will experience fun projects, hands-on learning, a weekly field trip and recreational activities while strengthening relationships in a structured, caring environment.

    Why attend EdVenture Club-Summer full-time, 5 days a week?

    EdVenture Club-Summer is an amazing experience for kids. Each week features a different mini-camp and a field trip that is included in the full-time price. Children benefit from five days a week because they experience a fuller curriculum with hands-on experiences. They also have opportunities for connecting with friends, choice time and endless opportunities with our “activity boxes.” As a bonus, when you sign up for a full week the average daily rate is less than the part-time daily rate (more than six hours/day).

    What is the benefit of using EdVenture Club-Summer part-time?

    Using EdVenture Club-Summer part-time is a flexible option to meet a family’s needs and is built to fit around your schedule. You can choose 1-5 days per week and choose either under six hours or more than six hours a day (6am-6pm); fees include the weekly field trip if attending on the day of the field trip. Is your student attending summer Targeted Services? Our part-time EdVenture Club-Summer option conveniently wrap child care around their schedule.

    Tell me about your staff.

    All of our staff are ISD 728 School District employees who have gone through a comprehensive background check. In addition, they are CPR and First-Aid trained and have received numerous hours of training on child development, social skills, special-needs and more. Check out our site leader bios on this website.

    Our staff are also selected because they truly enjoy working with children. Our staff are welcoming, caring individuals who encourage connections with other children as well as staff.

    What if my child has special needs?

    We have staff that specialize in special needs children and have the background and training to work successfully with your child.

    Who can attend EdVenture Club-Summer?

    Students in public or private schools, in-district or out-of-district...everyone is welcome! Children must have completed grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

    What will my child do at EdVenture Club-Summer?

    Each week features exciting new themes for students ranging from cooking, acting, music and more with students participating in academic and recreation activities on a daily basis. Free time is also available each day. Classes are divided by grade level at a 1:15 staff-to-student ratio.

    What are some examples of field trips you take?

    • MN Lynx
    • Summerland
    • Cinama Grill
    • Big Thrill Factory
    • And Many MORE!

    Why EdVenture Club-Summer and not daycare?

    The benefits of EdVenture Club-Summer include taking advantage of weekly field trips to exciting places, sharing time with friends of the same age, new learning experiences, recreation activities and use of school facilities. Swim lessons are also offered to full time participants with no extra charge.  EdVenture Club-Summer qualifies as a tax deduction just the same as your daycare. Now that’s worth it!

    How much does it cost?

    • Full-time, M-F, 6am-6pm
      2019 Weekly Rate: $150 (includes field trip)

    • Part-time, M-F, 6 hours or less
      2019 Daily Rate: $25 (includes field trip if scheduled to attend day of field trip)

    • Part-time, M-F, more than 6 hours
      2019 Daily Rate: $36 (includes field trip if scheduled to attend day of field trip)

    How do I register for EdVenture Club-Summer?

    Register online at www.isd728.org/EdVentureClubSummer or pick up a flyer at any EdVenture Club school year site.

    Note: If your student will be in Targeted Services or Special Ed's ESY, you have the option of attending EdVenture Club-Summer before/after the Targeted Services/ESY class times and on the days that Targeted Services/ESY is not in session. 

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