2021 ERHS Local Scholarship Drive

  • Local scholarships are funded by donations from community organizations, businesses, schools and individulas. For eligibility requirements and information about each of the scholarships, please refer to the attached Local Scholarship Newsletter. You must be signed in with an ISD 728 google ID in order to view the newsletter and apply for scholarships. 

    Section A:  Custom Applications, these scholarships have separate application forms. Click on each individual scholarship to apply.

    James P Voight Scholarship (1) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Scholarship for students majoring in Education or related fields. Must maintain a "B" average 1st quarter/semester of college to receive a scholarship.

    Chase Korte Peace Essay Scholarship (4) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Must have successfully completed the Peace Essay assignment for the contest sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace as a junior and/or a senior. Must be planning to attend a 4 year college or university. Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 or higher.. Must have participated in extracurricular activities, been involved in the community and volunteering. Must explain in writing how their planned course of study may somehow lead to a more peaceful world, or increase social justice or in some other manner lead to the betterment of society.

    Elk River High School Student Council (9) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Selected and paid by the Student Council.  Must have a first quarter GPA of 3.0 and be a member of the student council.  Must have been an active member of the student council for a minimum of 2 years.  The scholarship is to be used the following year or will be forfeited.

    Cretex Co. in Memory of John H Bailey (14) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Accepted by a four-year degree granting institution.  A full-time student maintaining a “B” average the first marking period.  Have demonstrated an interest in the affairs of the school and community as demonstrated by a willingness to accept responsibility in one or both.  Performed up to his or her ability in the classroom.  Candidates will be selected and will be interviewed by Jeff Wollerman, Cretex Co. to determine scholarship recipients.

    William Hjerstedt Elk River Education Association Scholarship (15) - Click HERE to apply - Completed applications should be turned into Mrs. Whiteoak in the Counseling office  Eligibility Requirements: Students must be a child of an EREA member.  Students must be a current high school senior.  Students must attend a two or four year college, university or technical school during the 2021-2022 school year.  Course of study must be at least nine months in duration. APPLICATION MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 3/15/2021

    Elk River Rotary Scholarship (20) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Enrollment in a business or professional program at a two or four year college. Plans a business or professional goal after college. Ability to succeed, a willingness to accept responsibility, receives grades reflecting ability, a measure of financial need. Were you a Rotary “Student of the Month?”

    First National Financial Services (24) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Intended major, business or finance degree to be used at a 4 year college.  Please submit a sample of some creative work, examples: creative writing, a piece of art, a song, dance, favorite recipe, skit, a concert, old car restoration, pictorial, etc.  Do not submit anything that is offensive.  We want to see the “essence” of our applicants.

    Jon McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship (43) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Any boys’ hockey player who played on the JV/Varsity Hockey team for two years or more.  Has to have played E.R. Youth Hockey since PeeWee Age.  Applicants must possess a current GPA of a C average or better.  Must apply to a post-secondary institution within the scholarship term.  Applicants do not have to play hockey past high school.  Applicants must be an ERHS senior.

    Elks Fairway Foundation "Guy Varty" Memorial Scholarship (54) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Graduating ERHS Senior. Member of the Boys' Golf Team.  Pursuing post-high school education.  Dedicated to the game of golf, academic achievement, athletic accomplishments, extracurricular organization and activities. Sportsmanship.

    The Becklin Scholarship (55) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Attending a 4 year college or university, lettered in an athletic program at ERHS, GPA of 2.5 or above, participation in community activities.

    Dana Hunt Art Scholarship (60) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Must be pursuing a career in the areas of art education, visual arts or graphic arts.

    Paraprofessional/Assistant Scholarship (61) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: You must be the son or daughter of a Paraprofessional/ Assistant. You will only be eligible to receive the $150.00 scholarship once per student.  Applications accepted senior year only.   2.  Parents MUST be a FULL-SHARE member of the AFSCME Assistants Union for one year prior to their son/daughter's senior year.  Applications must be given to Tracy Ratike, Treasurer, before May 1st of the seniors graduating year.

    Lincoln Elementary PTO (62) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Attended Lincoln Elementary.  Students must write an essay choosing either question 1 or 2: 1. Pick an experience from your time at Lincoln Elementary and explain how it has influenced your development. How did that shape who you have become or what choices you have made for your college major?  OR  2. Thinking back on your time at Lincoln Elementary, what do you know now that you wish you knew in elementary school?  If you could give your younger self advice-what would that be and why is it important?

    Elk River Band Booster Organization (63) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Must be enrolled in band currently and in band all four high school years.  Must have participated in at least three years of above required band while in high school (jazz, pep, orchestra, etc.)  Please check the years you participated.  

    DECA Scholarship (85) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Competed at the District and State Conferences.  Must have been an active DECA member.  Plans to attend a 2-4 year school studying marketing or business. Current Advanced Marketing student.

    Elk River Fire & Ambulance Service Jack Kreuser Memorial Scholarship (91) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Graduating ERHS Senior, applied or accepted to a post-secondary program, willingness to accept responsibility, received grades that reflect ability.

    Elk River Police Association Scholarship (94) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Students interested in entering any law enforcement program.

    Noelle M. Anderson Scholarship  (105) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Must have attended Meadowvale Elementary for at least one year.  Must attend a 2 or 4 year post-secondary school.  Must have a GPA between 3.0 and 4.0.  Complete application form and brief essay.

    ERHS ACTT, Inc. Scholarship (106) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Must be attending a post-secondary institution and have actively participated in the ERHS drama program during high school.  Must have met the minimum volunteer hours for ACTT.  Must have lettered in Theatre.  List ERHS productions involved in during high school. Submit an essay about how ERHS theatre has impacted your life and explain how you have gone above and beyond to grow and develop your craft in theatre.

    ERHS Yearbook Scholarship (108) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Must have participated in Yearbook.

    Friends of Elk River Public Library Scholarship (120) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Please include your library barcode at the top of the essay; do NOT include your name.  Essays become the property of "The Friends of the Elk River Library" and may appear in promotional materials.  Your application will not be considered unless all of the following are included:

    1. A short letter of recommendation from someone other than a relative describing why you deserve this scholarship.

    2. A typed, double-spaced essay of 350 to 500 words in size 14 font describing a positive experience you've had involving the Elk River Public Library.

    Marguerite Jordan Memorial Scholarship (125) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Scholarship for students who participated in wrestling. Must maintain a “B” average 1st quarter/semester of post-secondary institution to receive a scholarship.

    The Loso Legacy Scholarship (134) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: The scholarship is available to an ERHS senior clay student who is either pursuing college or technical school with a focus on visual art or an ERHS senior clay student who wants to purchase a potter’s wheel which will help further skill development in clay design and production.

    Tim Mshomi Memorial ELL Scholarship (137) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Students must have been in the ELL program at least one year at ERHS & pursuing higher education in any field of study. Write a 1-2 page essay describing how coming to the United States has changed your life and what you hope to do in the future after college.

    Pursuit of Greatness Scholarship (139) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Students that qualify include any student athlete that has participated in an Elk River High School Minnesota State High School League activity.

    Yellow Ribbon Scholarship (140) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Students must be an active member of Yellow Ribbon in their senior year. Must actively promote and provide leadership.

    Twin Lakes Elementary PTO Scholarship (147) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Alumni of Twin Lakes Elementary. Write a 1-2 page paper on what Twin Lakes Elementary meant to you.  Completed your senior year in good standing.

    ISD 728 School Board Scholarship (151) - Click  HERE to apply  **This scholarship closes March 26, 2021**  Eligibility Requirements: 

    • Graduating from ISD 728(ERHS, Ivan Sand, RHS, or ZHS)
    • Demonstrates integrity, honesty, and willingness to make a positive difference
    • Represents ISD 728’s core values and mission
    • Has overcome obstacles and/or adversity
    • Plans to attend a college or university, technical college, or private trade school

    Officer Todd Besser Memorial (556) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Eligible students will be planning on a Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement area of study

    Gradient Technology Science and Engineering Scholarship (560) - Click HERE to apply - Completed applications should be turned into Mrs. Whiteoak in the Counseling office  Eligibility Requirements: Pursue a degree in science or engineering. Demonstrates a financial need. Download application. 

    Kyle Badger Memorial Art Scholarship (571) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: 1. Pursuing a college or post-secondary degree in Art or Education. 2. Must be a current Elk River High School art student.  3. Have a cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher 4. Be able to demonstrate a commitment to helping others within the school and or community. 5. Completion of application

    Plaisted Companies Scholarship (574) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: 1. Open to all students graduating in the current year. 2. Will be awarded to students in the fields of, but not limited to: -Golf Course Superintendents, Truck drivers, Diesel Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Operators. 3. Plan to pursue a degree at an accredited US post-secondary institution.

    Tom Bovitz Memorial Scholarship Award (575) Deadline 4/15/21 - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Essay contest winners scholarships ($2,000, $1,500, $1,000 and $500) 1. Legal Guardian must be a customer of a MMUA-member municipal electric or gas utility. 2. Write an original essay 500-750 words.  See application for additional guidelines. Deadline 4/15/21

    Elk River High School Baccalaureate Scholarship (578) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Scholarship will be awarded upon successful completion of the first semester in a postsecondary institution in which the recipient received a minimum 2.0 GPA.  Applicants must type a 200-400 word essay on one of the topics listed on the application. Do not put your name on the essay. Recipient of this scholarship will also be recognized at the Baccalaureate Ceremony.

    Sherry Donais Memorial Scholarship (581) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: Eligible students must be entering the computer programming field at a tech/community or 4 year college. Must have a GPA of 3.5 or above. Eligible students will have a love of reading and a generous spirit.

    Elk River Girls Swim and Dive Team Booster Club (583) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: 

    1. Must have been a swimmer or diver for the ER Girls Swim and Dive team for at least 3 years.
    2. Must be a member of the ER girls swim or dive team their senior year.
    3. Must be attending any form of post-secondary education.
    4. Parents are members of the ERGSD Booster Club.
    5. Write an essay (300 words or less) about what being part of the team has meant to you.

    DeGreeff & Associates Dream Big in Small Business (585) - Click HERE to apply - Completed applications should be turned into Mrs. Whiteoak in the Counseling Office.  Eligibility Requirements: Eligible students must have plans to become a business owner/entrepreneur, etc. have a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher

    Trisha Sanford Memorial Scholarship (586) - Click HERE to apply  Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship will be awarded to one student who meets one of two specific eligibility requirements:

    1. Student must have been in AVID for at least 3 years and be going onto receive a secondary education OR
    2. Student must have participated in 2 years or 3 semesters of tech education classes in high school (Industrial Tech course, DECA, Culinary, ProStart) and be going on to pursue a Tech Ed field/education.


    Section B: ERHS General Application, these scholarships require that one General Scholarship Application be completed.  Eligibility Requirements are listed under each scholarship on the general application.

    Click HERE to complete the General Scholarship Application

    Connexus Energy (2) **students must turn in a copy of a current Connexus Energy bill to Mrs. Whiteoak in the Counseling office

    Archie and Isabelle Powell Scholarship (3)

    The Bank of Elk River (5)

    Three Rivers Foundation (12)

    Elk River Lion's Club Vocational Scholarship (28)

    Ramsey Lions Scholarship (35)

    Great River Energy (42)

    VandenBerge Middle School Scholarship (69)

    VandenBerge Middle School Student Council (71)

    District 728 Administrators (72)

    Parker Elementary Scholarship (82)

    Christopher Lange Memorial Scholarship (101)

    Elk River Girls Hockey Booster (109)

    Mark Welter World Citizen Award (110)

    Mercy Medical Staff Scholarship (117)

    Elk Pride (119)

    Lyle Christensen Memorial Athletic Scholarship (124)

    Ramsey Fire Relief Association Scholarship (145)

    Jerry Schroeder Science & Athletic Scholarship (150)

    Pullman Place Senior Cooperative (561)

    Elk River Boys Youth Basketball Scholarship (562)

    Virg Sonju Scholarship (563)

    Elk River Youth Baseball Scholarship (565) **Seperate essay required and should be turned into Mrs. Whiteoak in the Counseling office

    The Dr. Westwater Memorial Scholarship for STEM Excellence, sponsored by Vireo Health (567)

    ERHS Girls Gymnastics (568)

    Elk River Boys Swim Team Scholarship (570)

    Michelle Schillewaert Memorial Scholarship (572)

    Thomas and Prudence Wilson Family Scholarship (573)

    John & Jayne Dietz Alumni Scholarship (577)

    ERHS Boys Soccer Booster Club Scholarship (580)

    ERZ Girls Lacrosse Scholarship (582)

    Powell-Hodgkin Family Scholarship (584)

    Autumn Hallow Memorial Scholarship (587)