Registration Information

  • Online Registration 

    • Online registration to select your Fall classes will be open in your Parent Portal account from Dec. 11th - Jan. 12th. This is for all students who are entering into 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade for next school year.
    • Registration instructions and other helpful documents are found towards the bottom of this website.
    • If you are interested in taking classes next Fall through the Online 728 program;  in your Parent Portal account please put the Online 728 Course Numbers listed in the "Course Offerings List" located at the bottom of this Registration website.    

    Helpful Hints When Registering Online

    1. You can also search for a course by the course number   (found on Course Offerings document below).  Also use the "Course Description Guide" and the "ZHS Registration Instructions" documents below to help you select your courses. 
    2. Please make your selections carefully, as the data from registrations will be used to form classes, plan the master schedule, and hire/assign teachers for the 2018-2019 school year.  Arranging a master schedule for a school is very difficult and not everyone will receive the classes he/she chooses. Therefore, students must choose some alternate classes that he/she would enjoy taking. An alternate class will be scheduled if the original class chosen doesn't work with the student's schedule.
    3. Shortly before the new school year starts we always have schedule-change days for high school students. We do our best to accommodate all students with their schedules. Remember sometimes you don't get a class in your schedule that you registered for because it doesn't fit in your schedule based on your other classes.
    4. Registration information and materials are available below.

    Helpful Registration Documents