• Graduation Requirements

    Course Credits
    High school coursework must include at least the minimum state course credit requirements. A course credit is equivalent to one semester of study, as determined by the ISD 728. Students must complete a minimum of 43 semester credits in the following areas:

    • 8 semester credits of language arts.
    • 6 semester credits of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, statistics and probability sufficient to satisfy the standards. Students in the graduating class of 2015 and beyond must complete 2 algebra II credit or its equivalent as part of the 6 credit requirement.
    • 6 semester credits of science, including 2 biology credits. In addition, students in the graduating class of 2015 and beyond must complete a chemistry, physics, or Career and Technical Education (CTE) credit as part of the 3-credit requirement. (The CTE credit must meet the standards underlying the chemistry or physics credit.)
    • 7 semester credits of social studies, including U.S. history, geography, government and citizenship, world history and economics.
    • 2 semester credits in the arts.
    • 1 semester credit of health.
    • 1 semester credit of physical education.
    • 12 semester credits of electives.
  • grad Graduation Assessment Requirements
    Students first enrolled in grade 8 during the 2012-2013 school year, and after, will meet the Minnesota graduation assessment requirements by participating in Career and College Assessments and by taking a College Entrance Exam as directed by the State of Minnesota.

    More information on graduation requirements, including required assessments, is available on the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) website.

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