• Students applying to Online728 must be a legal Minnesota resident and between the ages of 14 and18.

    Any student that meets the criteria above are eligible to apply to Online728; however, a requesting enrollment does not guarantee successful enrollment. There are a variety of factors including, but not limited to: course demand, enrollment numbers, teacher availability, student performance, etc.

    Students need to understand that an online learning environment differs greatly from a traditional face-to-face learning environment. In an online environment, you will NOT have a teacher consistently letting you know when you get of task. You will NOT have your questions answered in the time it would take in a traditional class due to the nature of electronic communication as well as your teacher's schedule. Each student is motivated by different factors as to why they wish to enroll in an online learing environment, but all students need to have the same discipline in order to follow through and do what is neccessary to actually complete the course. What does this discipline actually look like?  Here are some examples.

    You have discipline when:

    1. You are able to login to your courses consistently each day/week.

    2. You consistently login each day/week without the prodding of a parent/guardian/teacher. 

    3. You immediately contact your teachers when you have questions. 

    4. You turn in assignments on time or ahead of schedule. 

    5. You are able to avoid activities that could distract you from your coursework. 

    6. You avoid all attendance infractions.