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    Online728 provides a number of resources to help you plug in and stay connected to the technology you’ll need to complete your online courses.

    Help Desk

    If you need technical help, you may reach us by calling [763-241-3400 x 1300] during office hours 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, or scheduling an on-site visit.

    Do I need a computer? Can I access my courses from a mobile device?

    A desktop or laptop computer is preferred to access your classes. Mobile devices with larger screens such as Chromebooks and iPads are also good choices. Mobile devices with smaller screens such as smart phones will not provide the best experience and functionality necessary for Online728 courses.

    Do I need high-speed internet?

    Yes. Online728 courses use multimedia tools that are best viewed with high-speed internet, so having the proper connection is essential.

    It is also important to have a reliable internet connection at home, or at a place where you can access the internet on a consistent basis. We also recommend having a back-up plan if your internet connection becomes unavailable, i.e. going to a library, friend/relative’s house. Take this into consideration before enrolling in a fully online program.

    Are there requirements for web browsers?

    Any browser should work, though preferred browsers include Chrome, Firefox and Safari which can be downloaded for free online.

    Do I need to purchase software for Online728 courses?

    In general, course access and assignments do not require any special software; however, certain courses may sometimes require specific software programs.

    Online728 students have access to @isd728.org Google Apps, where they can create and share Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. Students also may have access to other software as provided during the courses.