• Welcome to ISD 728! We would like you to consider joining one of the most exciting school districts in this state. We are recruiting professionals in all positions to educate, inspire, and empower ALL learners in our system. 

    We are a district that believes in high standards for all and it is by having exceptional staff that we prepare students to enter and compete in the global workforce. 

    We are looking for the best and the brightest!  We are determined to hire employees who embrace our Mission, Core Values, Learner Outcomes, and Priority Results, and who are willing to commit to success for all.

    As your first step in applying for your future, visit our Employment Opportunities Webpage; but as you have questions, regarding online applications, please email hr@isd728.org.  Consider joining us and becoming a valued member of our school district.

Contact Us!

  • Elsa Roux
    Confidential Human Resources Representative
    763-274-6278  x1241     

    Tanya Herrick
    Confidential Human Resources Representative - Benefits
    763-274-7241  x1234 

    Cheryl Albertson
    Human Resources Specialist
    763-241-3404  x1230 

    Angie Raveling
    Human Resources Specialist
    763-241-3541 x1238 

    Jeanette Jochum
    Human Resources Specialist
    763-274-3155   x1229 

    Beth Nelson
    Human Resources Specialist - Benefits
    763-241-3414  x1216 

    Sarah Berg
    Human Resources Administrative Specialist
    763-241-3417   x1265 

    Rosie Lackner
    Director of Human Resources
    763-241-3534  x1232 

    Timothy Caskey
    Executive Director of Human Resources