College and Career Information

  • MCIS (Minnesota Career Information System) is a program that ISD 728 students are using during their Advisory class to do College and Career Exploration.  IMPORTANT: High school students are required to complete 65% of the items on their MCIS Grade-Level Checklist in order to receive a passing grade in Advisory. This grade will show permanently on any transcript sent to colleges during the student's senior year. Click the following link to watch a short video on how to login to MCIS and how to access your MCIS Checklist:     Research has shown that family is one of the most important deciding factors in what a student pursues after they graduate from high school. Parents can have their student login to MCIS at home to view all of the different information that is available through the MCIS program.  

    Students planning to attend a 2- or 4-year college after high school, please view the following PDF. It does a very good job of showing the various academic programs that are available at all of the colleges in Minnesota. (Note: This document doesn't include the University of MN Colleges)  Help in Choosing your College pdf      The following PDF answers some "frequently asked questions" that high school students may have:  College/Career FAQ

     Below are some websites to help guide you in making decisions for College: