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  • Belief Statements

    • All students will make at least one year of growth annually.
    • All students will enrich their learning through creative and real world connections within the school day.  
    • Instruction will be differentiated by content, process, and product based on student need.
    • The affective-social emotional needs of advanced and gifted learners will be nurtured.
    • All students will have the opportunity and support to reach their potential.  
    • Ongoing professional development is essential to meet the needs of our advanced and gifted learners.

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

    In ISD 728 our Advanced & Gifted Learners model is based on a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

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    TIER 1 - Effective Differentiated Core Instruction - All Students
    This tier addresses what is happening in the classroom on a daily basis for all students.  Teachers provide standards-based, differentiated core instruction.

    ISD 728 seeks to cluster students to reduce the range of instructional groups within each classroom.  This allows teachers to more effectively meet each student’s educational needs and provide beneficial peers opportunities.

    TIER 2 - Targeted Enrichment Interventions & Supports - Some Students
    Tier 2 is designed to give additional targeted instruction for students who need enrichment interventions.  Many advanced students receive this support during WIN (What I Need) time.

    TIER 3 - Intensive Enrichment Interventions & Supports - A Few Students
    For a few of our students, grade-level curriculum doesn’t meet their needs.  In those specific cases, a team collaborates to develop an individualized academic plan for the student.

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  • Early Entrance to Kindergarten Policy & Procedure
    Please contact Wendy Schwab 763/241-3523 or Will Campbell 763/241-3419 for more information on the Early Entrance to Kindergarten procedures. Evaluations for this program are done in June, with a June 1st deadline for all applications.