Overview of College Credit Options at RHS

  • RHS offers many college credit opportunities.

    Some of these courses are offered without having to leave the building, such as Advanced Placement (AP) and Concurrent College Courses. Other opportunities include taking PSEO courses at local colleges, either in person or online. 


    Advanced Placement (AP)

    ● AP Art History
    ● AP Biology
    ● AP Calculus AB
    ● AP Calculus BC
    ● AP Chemistry
    ● AP Computer Science
    ● AP English Language & Composition 11
    ● AP English Literature & Composition 12

    ● AP Human Geography
    ● AP Macroeconomics
    ● AP Music Theory
    ● AP Physics
    ● AP Statistics
    ● AP U.S. Government & Politics
    ● AP U.S. History
    ● AP World History


    Concurrent College Courses

    Pine Technical & Community College:
    ● College Intermediate Spanish I
    ● College Intermediate Spanish II
    ● College Psychology
    ● College Sociology
    ● College Physics
    ● College Pre-Calc
    ● College Algebra

    University of MN - Twin Cities:
    ● Human Phys/Tech/Devices - CIS

    Saint Cloud State University:
    ● Elementary French - S2S
    ● Intermediate French - S2S
    ● Elementary German - S2S
    ● Intermediate German - S2S

    PSEO is another opportunity to earn college credits by attending a participating college either in person or online.  

    PSEO - Post Secondary Enrollment Option

    ● What type of student does well in this class?  Motivated, independent, resourceful, persistent, self-advocate
    ● Requirements for enrolling in the PSEO?   Do you meet the eligibility requirements? MN State Colleges/Universities
    ● RHS GPA = Unweighted Grading
    ● How do students earn college credit?   Pass the course. Earned grade will be on student’s permanent college record.
    ● How do the credits transfer to colleges?   Student requests college transcript from PSEO institution