Aquatics Information

  • Swim Lesson & Water Safety

    Our swim and water safety classes teach people how to be safe in, on or around water and teaches individuals of different ages and abilities how to swim. In a logical progression, the program covers the knowledge and skills needed for aquatic skill development. As participants develop these skills, they will become safer and better swimmers.

    • Parent/Child: Water Babies | age 6-24 months w/adult
      This class introduces your infant/toddler to the water while teaching you techniques to safely orient them to this new environment. We will focus on kicks, floats, and submersion. You can expect a lot of songs and splashing while your child explores the water. Child must be at least six months old, and parent/adult must accompany them at each class. Children should wear swim diapers. 

    • Parent/Tot: Water Acclimation | age 2-4 w/parent
      Parent/Tot: Water Acclimation teaches swimming readiness skills while building confidence in the water. Children will be introduced to flutter kicks, front and back floats, jumping in, and glides. All skills are done with parent/guardian assistance; a parent/guardian must accompany their student in the pool at each class. There are no prerequisites. Children who are not toilet trained should wear swim diapers.

    • Parent/Child: Transition | age 3+
      This class is created for students working toward independent swimming, but who are not yet comfortable leaving their parent/guardian. Adult and child will work together to develop skills crucial for learning to swim and promote safety in the water. Adults can expect to be in the water for the first few classes. As the session progresses, parents will transition to the pool deck and, finally, to the stands. Students will focus on learning to listen to an instructor without their parent in the water. There are no prerequisites for this class.

    • Little Swimmers | age 3+
      Our Little Swimmers level is the perfect introduction to the basic skills necessary for swimming. The goal is to get your student comfortable with the water, being held, and going underwater. Focus is on independent water entry/exit, rolling over, jumping to an instructor, underwater bobs, front and back floats. There are no prerequisites for this class. Parents/guardians are welcome to participate in the water with their student.

    • Level 1: Beginners | age 3
      Level 1 is designed to get students comfortable with the water, learning basic aquatic skills and safe practices in and around water. We will focus on bobs, front and back floats, front and back glides, kicks, front crawl, elementary backstroke arms, and treading water.

    • Level 2: Advanced Beginners | age 3+
      The focus of this Level 2 swim class is horizontal motion. When swimmers put their faces in the water willingly, we can start teaching motion. We will focus on front and back float, front crawl, elementary backstroke, treading water, and sitting dives. Student must have passed Level 1 to participate, or meet the following prerequisites:

      • Bob underwater 10 times
      • Front float 7 seconds
      • Front glide
      • Front kicks 5 yards with kickboard or barbell
      • Front crawl (Scoops) 3 yards
      • Back float 10 seconds
      • Back glide
      • Back kicks 5 yards with kickboard or barbell
      • Elementary backstroke arms 3 yards (using any kick)
      • Tread water 5 seconds using arms and kicks
      • Front glide 2 yards rolling into a back float
      • Back glide for 2 yards rolling into a front float

    • Level 3: Intermediate | age 4+
      Level 3 introduces rhythmic breathing and builds on the skills learned in Levels 1 and 2 to help students achieve basic water skills. Student must have passed Level 2 to participate, or meet the following prerequisites:
      • Front kicks with rhythmic breathing
      • Front float 10 seconds
      • Front crawl (freestyle) 7 to 10 yards
      • Back kicks 7 to 10 yards
      • Back float 15 seconds
      • Elementary backstroke arms 7 to 10 yards
      • Elementary backstroke 5 yards (with whip kick)
      • Tread water 10 seconds
      • Sitting dive
    • Level 4: Advanced Intermediate | age 4+
      Level 4 improves student's proficiency in swimming strokes and builds on endurance. Student must have passed Level 3, or meet the following prerequisites to participate:
      • Front float (can take breaths) 30 seconds, body straight
      • Front crawl with rhythmic breathing (freestyle) 15 yards
      • Backstroke (back crawl) 10 yards
      • Tread water 30 seconds, hips below shoulders
      • Dolphin kick 10 yards
      • Kneeling dive

    • Level 5: Swimmers | age 5+
      Level 5 is a skill-based class focusing on helping participants refine their performance of all six swimming strokes. Student must have passed Level 4 to participate.

    • Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons | all ages
      These lessons are for students who need more individual attention in order to learn to swim and/or improve their skills to pass to the next level of swim lessons. Focus will be on individual goals.


    Pool Location

    All Lessons & Pool Activities are held at VandenBerge MS

    • VandenBerge Middle School is located at 948 Proctor Road in Elk River.

    Pool Rules

    • Only swim wear may be worn in the pool.
    • Spectator seating is open during lessons and open swim.
    • Showers are required by all participants before entering the pool.
    • Use of water wings, floating toys, rafts, inner tubes, life jackets, etc. is not allowed.
    • Shoes MAY NOT be worn on pool deck by participants or spectators.
    • No food or beverages are allowed.

    Please Note: Signing up for a level above or below ability will only cause frustration for the student and class. Students who are in the incorrect level will not be allowed to participate unless space is available in an appropriate class.