• Early Dismissal

    Early dismissals are discouraged. Students leaving a few minutes early often miss important last minute instructions and/or reminders. Early dismissals should occur only in rare circumstances. Please make every effort to schedule appointments outside of school hours.

    If a student needs to be released early for an appointment, family trip, etc. parents/guardians are asked to notify the school in advance. The student should bring a note to the office in the morning to receive a blue note. The parent/guardian will need to meet their student in the office to sign them out. If someone other than the parent/guardian will be picking a student up, the office will need to be notified ahead of time. This can be written in the note for early release. If a student returns to school after his/her appointment, he/she should report back to the office and signed in by his/her parent.

    End of Day Dismissal 

    Students are to use their normal, end of day route of transportation, unless otherwise requested/approved.

    Parent Pick-Up

    Students need a blue note, signed by the office or their classroom teacher to exit the front door. Staff will monitor the doors and assist parents/students with pick-up. 

    Review the parent pick up procedure video HERE.

    Parents are expected to observe the following guidelines:
    • Put student and staff safety first when driving on or near school grounds.
    • Drive vehicles to the farthest open slot around the circle to allow more parents to pick up/drop off their children.
    • Pick up and drop off students within the designated area only.
    • Be aware of students and staff members who are in the crosswalk areas at all times.
    • Do not drive through the crosswalk area when students/parents/staff are crossing.
    • Park in the lot if entering the building. (Do not park in the pick up/drop off area.)
    • We discourage parents from walking into the building to pick up their children at the end of the day; however, students must have an adult walk with them from the building to the parking lot.
    • NEW! Parking Option: Open to all parents | Required for students who take longer | Required if parents need to exit the vehicle
    In addition, we ask that parents use good judgement and abide by general traffic laws while on school grounds this includes parking in Handicap spaces when not legally prohibited to do so, leaving a vehicle parked on sidewalks or outside of designated parking spots, leaving children in unattended vehicles, etc.  


    Students may not ride a bus other than their own. Contact Vision Transportation at 763-441-4420 with any questions or concerns.

    EdVenture Club

    EdVenture Club students are to report to the cafeteria immediately. All EdVenture Club registrants must be in attendance before buses are released. If your student will be absent from EdVenture Club, please contact EdVenture Club directly. 

    After School Activities

    Students who stay after school for activities need written permission from a parent/guardian stating the name of the activity and pick-up time.