• Safety Procedures

    Pick Up/Drop Off

    We are requesting that all parents observe the following expectations:

    • Put student and staff safety first when driving on or near school grounds.
    • Drive vehicles to the farthest open slot around the circle to allow more parents to
      pick up/drop off their children.
    • Pick up and drop off students within the designated area only.
    • Be aware of students and staff members who are in the crosswalk areas at all
    • Do not drive through the crosswalk area when students/parents/staff are crossing.
    • Park in the lot if entering the building. (Do not park in the pick up/drop off area.)
      We discourage parents from walking into the building to pick up their children at the end of the day; however, students must have an adult walk with them from the building to the parking lot.
    • Observe all posted traffic signs and traffic laws.

     Preview YouTube video PVEMS Traffic Safety

    PVEMS Traffic Safety

    Visitors are welcome! During the school day, all visitors entering the school will only be able to do so through the main entrance via a secured video intercom system. If the main door is locked, please use the intercom system to request access to the building.

    All visitors must sign-in at the main office and secure a sticker, which must be worn while in the building. Please remember to sign out when leaving the building.

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    PVEMS Building Safety

    We will conduct the following safety drills during the school year:

    • Fire (5 drills- The first drill is announced and occurs during the first week of school.)
    • Lock-down (5 drills- The first drill is announced and occurs during the first week of school.)
    • Severe Weather (1 drill- in the spring)
    • Bus (2 drills- one in the fall and one in the spring)