The School Social Workers work directly with students and their families, providing pro-active educational support, as well as individual, small  group and classroom services, to help students overcome barriers to learning.  

    • Enhances students’ social and emotional skills
    • Teaches problem solving, conflict resolution and emotion management skills
    • Helps students cope with family changes and losses
    • Provides support for mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression
    • Empowers students to respect oneself and others
    • Connects families with community resources
    • Provides support during crises 

    In addition, the School Social Worker is the Section 504 Plan Team Leader and participates on the Special Education Team.


    As part of the Support Services Team, the School Counselor works to create a safe and caring learning climate for all students.  The School Counselor helps all students achieve academic success by providing the social, emotional and academic support students need to focus on learning.  

    • Collaborates with teachers to present core curriculum lessons on topics such as bullying prevention and social skills
    • Meets with students to address attendance or other barriers to success in school
    • Provides brief individual and small group counseling services for students 
    • Assists with individual student academic program planning
    • Provides support during crises 


    Provides mental health services including individual, group, and family therapy in addition to crisis intervention. In addition, consults with school personnel in order to support the academic achievement of students within the context of his or her social and emotional well being.

    • Helps students cope with family changes and losses
    • Provides mental health therapy using interventions that are trauma informed
    • Provides support for mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD
    • Offers in-home family therapy and support
    • Provides support during a crisis


    The School Psychologist participates in planning and implementing special education assessments and re-assessments to determine student eligibility for special education services.  

    • Provides pre-referral consultation to educational staff by recommending interventions for students with academic or behavioral concerns
    • Consults with staff on programming for students with disabilities and ensures compliance with state and federal guidelines 
    • Serves as a consultant  to administration, educational staff, and parents regarding issues and policies impacting the psychological well-being of the student
    • Provides support during crises