Elementary Conferences

  • At this time our plan is to proceed with conferences via phone. 

    At Prairie View Elementary and Middle School, we value our time with parents during conferences. It is a time to check in and see how your child is progressing in school both academically and socially/emotionally. It also provides an opportunity for you to share anything you may be noticing at home, including study habits, health concerns, or anything that may have a direct influence on their schoolwork. 

    Our practice is one parent/teacher conference slot per child. If parents are separated/divorced or having difficulties, we ask you to set those difficulties aside and focus on your child.  We are under time constraints during conferences and ask that you are on time for your child’s scheduled conference. If you find that you will need a longer conversation, please work with the teacher to set up another time to meet outside of the conference session to further discuss concerns. 

    Parents will be able to schedule conferences for K-5th grade students using the same online link below. We will be offering drop in time conferences for 6-8th grade students rather than scheduled conferences. (Please see communication via email to parents of middle school students). Conferences will be offered on the following dates/times:  

    Wednesday, March 25      5:00-8:00 PM

    Thursday, March 26          1:00-8:00 PM

    Friday, March 27              9:00 AM-3:00 PM

    We would like to make the process of signing up for conferences easy!  Please know that an e-mail will be sent to all parents/guardians today so that they are able to simply click a link to begin.  However, the process is detailed below. To schedule your preferred time for parent-teacher conferences simply follow these steps:

    1.     Go to https://www.myconferencetime.com/prairieview
    2.     Click on the name of your child’s teacher
    3.     Select the desired date/time for your conference by clicking on “Sign Up”
    4.     Submit the requested information

    If you have several children attending our school, click on “Register for Multiple Conferences” and follow the prompts to schedule your children for conferences. After you schedule a conference online, the date and time are reserved for you.  If you enter your e-mail correctly, you will receive an e-mail confirmation for your conference. Please sign up for conferences by Monday, March 20th.

    If you are unable to sign up for a conference date/time online, please contact Bridget Anderson at 763-274-6270. Thank you for your support of your child’s education.


    Prairie View Staff