• Welcome to the Zimmerman High School Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Services website.  Athletic training services are provided to Zimmerman High School through the Institute for Athletic Medicine and Fairview Health Services. Amelia Carlson is the trainer here at Zimmerman High School.


    Amelia Carlson, MS, ATC Athletic Trainer,

    Zimmerman High School

    Email: acarls42@fairview.org

    ATR Phone: (763) 241-3505, ext. 2829


    Preseason training room hours will be 8:00am - 2:30pm.
    A couple of things to note - 
    • The training room is a small space; in compliance with CDC guidelines, only 2 students at a time will be allowed in the training room to account for physical distancing. 
    • To allow for contact tracing of student athletes, there will be a sign in sheet that all athletes who visit the training room must sign. 
    • Additionally, in regards to the ice machine, student athletes will not be allow to use the ice for personal water bottles or grab their own ice bags. Ice bags will be provided by the trainer to athletes to limit the risk of the ice becoming contaminated and to limit contact with the ice machine.


    Please CLICK HERE for Amelia's bio, general information, and in-season training room schedule



    Additional MSHSL Resources on Concussions can be found here: https://legacy.mshsl.org/mshsl/publications.asp#1