Prairie View Back to School News

  • Whether in person or virtually, we look forward to seeing students and staff return to the classroom. Below is important information for families to review before returning to school. Please take time to read, understand, and talk to your students about how this school year will look different. 

    In addition to all of the information sent by the District linked HERE, please pay special attention to the following topics to best prepare for back to school.


    Parent Portal

    Login to Parent Portal to view your elementary student's class assignment and your middle school student's schedule. In addition, please review and update your household’s information at for bussing, family and emergency contact information.  

    For step-by-step instructions visit To learn more about using Parent Portal please visit the guide available here.

    Elementary Class Placements

    Elementary students can view classroom assignments beginning Tuesday, September 1st at 3pm..

    Middle School Schedules

    Middle school class schedules will be live on parent portal on Thursday, September 3rd at 12pm.

    Kindergarten Week 1

    Our school staff has communicated with our Kindergarten families regarding modification to the first week of school.

    6th Grade Orientation Plan

    6th grade students will participate in orientation activities during their first day of school. 
    Group B Students: September 8th
    Group A Students: September 9th
    Students will follow their normal class schedule as it is posted on Campus Portal. All 6th grade students should go directly to their Advisory class upon arrival. Orientation activities will be built into their core classes. 

    Medication Drop Off

    We are requesting that families drop all Health Action Plans and medications off at Prairie View before all the excitement of the first day of school, ensuring that all daily and emergency medications are available to our students when they need them. 

    There will be a collection station for all action plans and medications located at the front door of Prairie View:

    Tuesday, September 1st 7:00am-3:00pm
    Wednesday, September 2nd 7:00am-3:00pm and 5:00pm-6:30pm
    Thursday, September 3rd 7:00am-3:00pm and 5:00pm-6:30pm
    Friday, September 4th 7:00am-3:00pm

    Ensure that all action plans or doctor's orders are current (dated within one calendar year), medications must not be expired (we can not administer expired medications at school) and in their original packaging with the pharmacy label intact.  For over the counter medications, all items need to be clearly labeled with your students name.

    Please complete all required information when filling out the details on the labeled bag (that will be provided at the collection station) when you are dropping off any supplies to ensure all medication is safely collected.  This information will include:

    • NUMBER OF TABLETS (if dropping of daily medication) 

    If you are looking for Action Plans, you can find them here Action Plans

    Virtual Open House

    Elementary Open House will take place virtually from 5-6:30pm on Wednesday, September 2nd.

    Middle School Open House will take place virtually from 5-6:30pm on Thursday, September 3rd.

    In lieu of holding a physical open house, a digital document will be shared with families at noon on their respective dates. This document will include all of the information which is normally shared during an open house as well as our procedural changes due to COVID-19.

    In addition,  families will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual open house small group via Google Meet with their child's elementary classroom teacher or middle school advisory teacher. These meetings will be in 15 minute increments between 5:00-6:30 PM on the respective nights and assigned by last names; however, we will offer flexibility to accommodate family needs. We will share the available time slots in our open house communication. 

    Stay tuned for information regarding opportunities for families to connect with special education, EL and specialist teachers.

    School Supplies

    Elementary and midldle school teachers will communicate with families during virtual open house about expectations for school supplies. For those who ordered First Day School Supply Kits, they will be waiting for students in their classrooms the first day of school. Pick up times will be scheduled for those registered for Distance Learning. More information on expectations will also be included in our open house communication. 


    Please know that we have not yet recieved middle school yearbooks. We are working with Lifetouch to get all yearbooks to students as soon as possible.