Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

  • Morning and Afternoon Curbside Student Drop Off Procedure 2023-2024


    Morning Drop Off/After School Pick Up: Your child's safety is vital to us. Please carefully review the arrival and dismissal procedures. Students should be dropped off and picked up at the south side of the building using the car lane. Students should enter through either Door C. Parents must remain in their vehicles during student drop off and pick up. Parents are not permitted to park and walk their child to the school's entrance at drop-off time, nor can they park and walk to the front entrance to receive their child(ren). 


    Car Lane Procedures: For all car lane drivers to maintain the safety of everyone and expedite the car lane process, please follow these expectations:


    Morning Arrival

    • Please have your child exit your vehicle curbside for safety.   
    • Please follow the car lane through the loop and follow all directions from the staff and safety patrol.
    • Ensure your student is ready to exit the vehicle when it is your turn to drop off. 
    • Parents, please remain in your vehicle.  If your child needs assistance, please pull into a parking spot to unbuckle them before entering the car lane loop. 
    • Make sure to say your goodbyes before your turn to drop off.


    Afternoon Pickup

    • Please have your child enter your vehicle curbside for safety.
    • Have your  Hassan 23/24 car lane tag clearly visible on the rearview mirror so that staff can enter your family’s number into the dismissal spreadsheet.  
    • Students are released to the gym (parent pick-up/car lane). Each parent is given a Hassan 23/24 car lane tag with a number identifying them and their child. Parents follow the loop.  Students will be dismissed through Door C (the gym hallway door). A staff member types in the numbers from the parent’s car lane tag and the number is displayed in the gym.  The staff members will have the student walk outside to be picked up by the parent.
    • If you do not have your  Hassan 23/24 car lane tag displayed, you will be asked to kindly pull forward while we confirm your pickup with an office staff member.

    NOTICE:  The carpool lane diagram can be found here.

    Please be patient during the first few school days as everyone adjusts to our new routine. The process will run even more smoothly as our staff gets to know you and your vehicle. Since most of our car lane users are returning families, we will be able to identify new families/vehicles more quickly. As always, please follow the instructions from our Safety Patrol and refrain from texting while in the car lane. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and safe driving. The safety of everyone is very important to us. 


    Hassan Car Lane Tag

    • If you plan to use the car lane for pick-up at the end of the school day, you must have a Hassan 23/24 car lane tag. To request a car lane tag, please complete this form