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Course Registration for 2020-2021 School Year

  • Registration Process
    Please make your selections carefully as the data from registrations will be used to create classes, plan the master schedule, and hire/assign teachers for the 2020/2021 school year.  Arranging a schedule for a school is very difficult and not everyone will receive the classes he/she chooses. Therefore, students must choose some alternate classes that he/she would enjoy taking.  AN ALTERNATE CLASS WILL BE SCHEDULED IF THE ORIGINAL CLASS CHOSEN DOES NOT FIT INTO THEIR SCHEDULE, IS FULL OR NOT AVAILABLE.

    1. Please carefully read the 2020/2021 Course Registration Guide
    2. When selecting your courses:
      • Consider general requirements for graduation.
      • Review the course descriptions located in the 2020/2021 Course Description Guide.
      • View the course sequence charts for English, Math, Industrial Technology, Physical Education, Science, Social and Visual Arts under "Resources".  This may help direct you with the right course to take.
      • Decide which courses you want to take in high school based on your post high school plans.
      • Discuss plans with your parents.
      • Consult with teachers, counselors, and employers.
      • Use information that you have available about yourself such as test results, interest inventories and past grades.
      • Check entrance requirements for colleges and other post-secondary programs before you select courses.
    3. Obtain teacher permission, if needed.
    4. Complete the grade-level Registration Planning Worksheet.
    5. Enter courses from your Registration Planning Worksheet online through Parent Portal (Before you begin, view the 20/21 Online Registration Instructions located on the right side of this page.  Make sure you are signing in with the student's UserName and Password.)  Selected courses on the screen are automatically saved -- you will not be asked to save it -- and you don't need to turn anything into the Guidance Office.

    Are You New To The District?

    1. Enroll your student by completing the online registration. 
      • Access the Online Registration System to request a personalized registration link be sent to your email address (required).
      • Once received, use the link to begin the registration process.
      • After submission, your application will be routed to your child's school office and you will be contacted with the next step to take.
    2. Fill out the correct grade-level Registration Planning Worksheet located on the right side of this page and mail, fax or email to the RHS Guidance Office.  (The option of registering courses online is not available to students new to the district.)
      • Rogers High School, Attn:  Guidance Office, 21000 141st Ave., Rogers, MN  55374
      • Fax:  763-274-3146
      • Email:
    3. Bus Transportation:  ISD 728 contracts with Vision of Elk River to provide transportation services for ISD 728 students.  When to notify Vision Transportation (763-441-4420 or 763-428-7696):
      • New students:  Please complete the transportation information on each student when completing the Online Registration.
      • Grades 9-10:  If transportation is needed from a location other than the student's home residence. 
      • Grades 11-12:  Register if busing is needed (it is not automatically scheduled for these grade levels).

ERHS Contact Us!

  • Phone: 763-241-3424
    Fax: 763-241-3440