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    For the 2021-2022 school year Online728 will be offering a full online option for students in grades 6-8. For the past 7 years Online728 has offered online programming for students in grades 9-12.  Each year the program has experienced growth in enrollment and we are excited to expand programming for middle school students next year.

    Our Online728 Middle School program will utilize ISD 728 teachers and curriculum aligned to Minnesota Academic Standards. Participation in the Online728 Middle School program allows students to experience many of the same curriculum opportunities with the ability to connect with teachers live using Google Meetings.

    Online728 courses are different from the 100% Distance Learning option currently available this school year. Online728 courses are uniquely designed just for those learners who are enrolled in the online program. This format allows instructors to provide more personalized instruction and better support learners. The Online728 Middle School program personalizes the learning process and provides an alternative to the traditional classroom model.

    Online728 Middle School creates an online learning environment that:


    • Individualized student learning through the use of digital curriculum and personalized instructor support.
    • Instruction that allows students to follow their own pace, plan, and path along their educational journey.
    • High-quality curriculum aligned to Minnesota academic standards.


    • Access to curriculum 24:7 through Schoology.  
    • Flexibility in their personal and academic schedules.
    • Ability to connect with teachers during online office hours.
    • Access to in-person support that can be scheduled with the online teacher.


    • Instructors are licensed ISD 728 teachers and have received specialized training to assess and communicate effectively in an online environment. 
    • Google Meetings will be utilized for personalized questions or full class instruction. 
    • All students receive a Chromebook with access to ISD 728 technical support. 

    Is Online Learning Right for You?
    is online learning right for you Being an online learner means you have the flexibility to complete coursework anywhere and at your own pace. This also requires you to manage your own time and make sure you are completing assignments. The most common reason why students do not do well in an online course is because they do not develop a plan for successful time management and task completion. Below are a few questions to aske yourself if choosing to become an online learner.

    Am I self-motivated and self-disciplined?
    You are the primary person responsible for your own success. If you are not motivated to and disciplined to complete work, attend Google Meet sessions, or reach out for help, you will fall behind in your class. Once you get behind, it can be difficult to catch up. Online learners need to be diligent and keep themselves on task!

    Am I willing to ask for help?
    Talk with your family about ways they can help you to stay on-track in your coursework. Online learners need to be able to use their voice to ask for help from family or teachers when they feel stuck.

    Am I an effective communicator?
    Are you comfortable with email and Google Meets? Communication in an online setting is different from face-to-face as you cannot walk up to the teacher’s desk to ask for help. Online learners need to be comfortable using email to communicate with teachers about where they are stuck or to request a meeting. Additionally, online learners will often use Google Meet to interact with teachers and should feel comfortable with the program.

    Can I make time for school if I’m not there?
    Plan a regular weekly schedule for working on your coursework and stick to it! Some parts of the schedule will be set by your teacher (i.e. Google Meet sessions, teacher office hours, and due dates) but some of the day will be up to you when you access your coursework. Online learners make a school routine that meets the requirements of the teacher and the flexibility of their learning style.

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