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    Families play a critical role in their child’s education, regardless of grade level. Online learning requires students to self-motivate and regulate their time. As developing minds, students rely on support from their school and families in order to develop these skills for success. Online728 has provided useful resources for all families to support their online learner. Here you will find tools to navigate through Schoology and Seesaw to monitor student progress. Additionally, you’ll find links to a checklist for success in online learning, planning for success, and more tools to assist in helping your student to succeed in Online728.  

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    Online728 provides a number of resources to help you plug in and stay connected to the technology you’ll need to complete your online courses.

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    If you need technical help, you may reach us by calling [763-241-3400 x1300] during office hours 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or visit www.isd728.org/LetsChat

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