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MARCH 2019

Message from the Principal

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     Happy March!

    I hope you are doing well. This has been quite a winter with the cold weather and record breaking February snowfall. I’m sure that some of the kids enjoyed the extra days off, but they may feel differently later this spring when they realize they now have to go to school on June 7th and 10th. If there are additional make-up days due to cancellations between now and the end of the year, our district administration will provide their recommendations of options for how we could address the cancellation/s for the school board’s approval. For next year, along with many other schools in the state, we have been working on plans to provide valuable educational activities that our students could complete outside of school on days that are cancelled due to weather. The 2017 Legislature has amended the Length of School Year; Hours of Instruction (Minn. Stat. § 120A.41) to include the option of a school utilizing e-Learning days:

    • Due to inclement weather.
    • Up to five days in one school year.
    • Counted as an instructional day and included as hours of instruction.

    For more information: March 2019 Memorandum: Program plan for e-Learning days - MDE  Let’s hope for warmer weather and no more snow!

    Rocket Pride

    I would like to thank all of our parents, students, and staff for their contributions in making the climate at RES great. Our staff and I often hear positive comments about how well mannered and kind our students are from our substitutes, presentors, and visitors. It truly takes all of us working together to make our school an inviting and welcoming place.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with parents and/or guardians during our conferences on March 13th - 15th. This is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to share how well students are doing and talk about the plans for the remainder of this school year.

    MCA Testing

    The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) for reading and math will be administered to students 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students between April 22 - April 25.  In addition, 5th grade students will be taking the Science MCA test between May 6 - May 10. The MCA results are an important part of how we continue to improve what we do. We use the MCA results to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our curriculum and instruction.Please avoid scheduling any appointments and/or family trips during the testing dates.

    Grade Level




    3rd Grade

    April 22 - April 25

    April 29 - May 3


    4th Grade

    April 22 - April 25

    April 29 - May 3


    5th Grade

    April 22 - April 25

    April 29 - May 3

    May 6 - May 10

     2018-19 MCA School Specific Testing Dates

    Student Class Placement Form for 2019-20 School Year

    Every year we offer the opportunity to families to provide feedback to help us determine where your child will be most successful for the next year. We use this feedback along with teacher feedback, test scores and other pertinent information to try to set your child up for success. If you feel there is information you would like to share regarding your child's placement for next year, please complete the 2019-20 Parent Input Class Placement Form (also located on the main page of our website under Quick Links). If you would rather print the form, use this link: Printable 2019-20 Parent Input Class Placement Form. Printed forms may be returned to the office. Please complete the online form or turn in the printable form to our main office by April 12, 2019.

    Phil Schreifels 
    Rogers Elementary STEM Magnet School


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