Special Education

  • Our Special Education Team of teachers and related specialists provide instruction and support to students with disabilities. We work with students who meet Minnesota State Criteria for Special Education and have a current Individual Education Plan (IEP). 


    Within this site, parents and teachers can learn more about the special education process and specific disability areas and criteria, as well as access on-line resources and interactive games for at home practice. 


    If you have additional questions and would like to speak to a team member, please contact us at 763-241-3400. Thanks for taking a minute to learn more about us and what we do!


    Click here to view the District Special Education and Service Page

Disability/Service Team Members

  • Special Education Coordinator

    Dan Gregory : 763-241-3400 x1251

    Autism Spectrum Disability (ASD)

    Jorita Pederson: 763-241-3400 x6063
    Cammie Blauert: 763-241-3400 x6020

    Developmental Cognitive Disability (DCD)

    Jorita Pederson: 763-241-3400 x6063

    Emotional/Behavioral Disability (E/BD)

    Shawn Ennis: 763-241-3400 x6081

    Specific Learning Disability (SLD) or (LD)

    Cammie Blauert: 763-241-3400 x6020
    Tammy Knutson: 763-241-3400 x6084
    April Larsen: 763-241-3400 x6028

    Speech or Language Impairments

    Dr. Elaine Maher:763-241-3400 x6085

    School Social Work

    Doris Dockendorf: 
    763-241-3400 x6034

    Marie Hudalla: 763-241-3400 x6088

    School Psychologist

    Laura Bloom: 763-241-3400 x6087

    Special Education Evaluator

    Jamie Marcks: 763-241-3400 x6017