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    Welcome Back All Students, Families, and Staff!  

    We’ve had a fantastic start to the 2020-2021 school year!  Thank you for your support as we start this year that looks very different than what we are used to.

    For more information on events and happenings you can follow our Facebook Twin Lakes Elementary PTO page (click on link) TLES PTO Facebook Page and their website (click on link) TLES PTO Website.

    Please take the time to read this month’s newsletter thoroughly.  It contains updates, reminders, and procedure information as we head into a very busy next few months. 

    Thank you for sharing your child(ren) with us and we look forward to partnering with you to continue on with another Safe, Fun and Successful Twin Lakes School year.

    It’s great to be an Otter!



  • School News & Events

    Student Masks

    Every student was given one mask. We have limited extra disposable masks. Please remind your student to bring one to and from school to wear when leaving and entering the building. 

    Water Bottles, Lotion & Chapstick
    Please remember to send a water bottle with students each day, labeled with student's first and last name. We also recommend that you send unscented hand lotion and chapstick as we are limiting visits to the health office. Extra hand washing and mask-wearing lends to dry hands and faces. Please help keep your student hydrated! 

    Recess Attire

    Children will go outside for noon recess in suitable weather.  Please help your child(ren) with appropriate dress for outside.  This includes boots, scarves, jackets, mittens/gloves, and other clothing that is suitable to the season and the weather for that particular day.

    Our general guideline for inside recess during the winter is zero degree temperature or 10 degrees below zero wind chill.  Weather conditions will vary from building to building and sometimes from one minute to the next, therefore, the building principal (or designee) will ultimately be responsible for determining outside or inside recess. 

    Please mark all of your children's clothes with their full name

    School Store 

    We will not be having School Store at this time due to Covid restrictions.

     October is National Bullying Prevention Month!

    Together we can create a world without bullying.  To show our unity and support, Twin Lakes will be participating in the following events:

    Monday 10/5 - World Bullying Prevention Day

    Classroom lessons:

    • Sarah, Doris and Marie will be doing a lesson on bullying and inclusion with classes during October
    • Unity Day is Wednesday October 21!

    • Please wear ORANGE to send a message of UNITY; pants, shirts, shoes, scarves, jewelry … the more the better!
    • Click HERE for more information on Unity Day

    Fun Resources for Kids:Kids Against Bullying-
    Cyberbullying Infographic Good tips for kids on what to do if they see it online


     From the Health Office...
    Covid-19 Updates 

    Please evaluate your child daily for Covid symptoms before sending them to school by using the School Self-Screening Checklist.


    Common key terms related to Covid: 

    Close contact:  Close contact means being within 6 feet of another person for 15 minutes or more.  In the context of Covid-19, a close contact exposure means that a person either lives with or was within 6 feet or less of someone with lab-confirmed Covid-19 for 15 minutes or longer while the person was infectious (regardless of whether either person wore a face covering or face shield). 

    Isolation:  Isolation is an infection prevention tool for a person who has tested positive for Covid-19, and requires the person to stay away from others, even those living in the same home.  For Covid-19, the isolation period is at least 10 days from the start of symptoms or test date if the person does not have symptoms, 24 hours without fever, and improvement of symptoms. 

    Quarantine:  Quarantine is an infection prevention tool for a person who was in close contact with someone who has or is suspected to have Covid-19, and requires the person to stay away from others for 14 days.  The quarantine period does not change with a negative test result since an infection could still develop after getting tested.  Quarantine lasts for 14 days because Covid-19 has an incubation period that is between two to 14 days long.


    Frequently Asked Questions: 

     Q:  If my child has 2 of the less common symptoms listed on the School Self-Screening Checklist and my child has to be home for 10 days, do their siblings also need to stay home?

    A:  Yes, siblings need to stay home for 14 days or until your ill child receives a negative Covid test or an alternative diagnosis.


    Q:  If my child is diagnosed with Strep but they are also tested for Covid, can they return to school?

    A:  No, if they are tested for Covid, they have to receive a negative test result before they can return to school.


     Q:  If my child is a close contact of a confirmed positive Covid case, do they need to stay home?

    A:  Yes, that child needs to stay home for 14 days, but that child’s siblings do not have to stay home.


    Thank you to all who have donated clothing to the health office.

    The Health Office is still in need of extra small and small girls pants.



    If your child will be absent, arrive late or leaving early, please call the school attendance line (763)241-3555 before 9 a.m.  You may call 24 hours a day and leave a message.  Attendance is taken each school day at 9:15 AM.  Students who are not present in the classroom at that time are marked absent. 

    Procedures for Early Pick Up & After School Pick Up

    Early Pick Up Procedures

    If you need to pick your student up early during the school day or at the end of the school day, you must send a note with your child in the morning. Early release notes must include student name, teacher, time of pickup and reason for the early release. 

    If you were unable to send a note to school with your student, please call the office.  As a courtesy, we ask for requests to be made earlier than 3:00pm unless an emergency.  

    • (NEW FOR 2020-21):

      Parent Pick Up Procedure:

      • Parent pick up begins at 3:45 P.M.
      • Vehicles will come through the circle with Red Twin Lakes tag showing the # and park where we can get 5-6 cars around the circle.
      • We will always keep parents pulling up as far as possible for pick up.  Parents NEED to stay in their car.
      • We will only load vehicles from the lane closest to the building.
      • Students should line up behind the appropriate cone according to the tag on the bag while waiting to be picked up.
      • We will monitor students to make sure that they do not run to a vehicle.
      • Most vehicles will have a Twin Lakes Red tag.  If not, we will have to ask them who s/he is picking up.  Those students will have a blue note and be standing by that designated cone.
      • A staff person will call out the student’s name for pick up - make sure that the vehicles are parked.
      • If we ever have any concerns about the person picking up a student, please ask them to park their vehicle and go to our main office to verify the information.  


      **Dropping off or picking up students behind the building in the staff parking lot is NOT allowed! 



    Conferences will be held November 23 – 24th and will be held virtually, via Google Meet. Sign up will begin early November and notice will be sent to all families when available. 

    All families, including distant learning families, will sign up with their homeroom teacher through the Twin Lakes Conference Schedules (a link for sign up will be emailed to you). If you have a homeroom teacher who is physically located at another school, you will still sign up through Twin Lakes.


    First Day of School 2020/2021

    Mr. Collins read Our Class is a Family to the students on WTLN during our Back-to-School kick-off.  Our Class is a Family is our theme for the year. 

    "Family isn't always your relatives.  It's the ones who accept you for who you are.  The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter" 


    A Special Greeting to All of our Distance Learners from Mrs. Schultz

    Click here for video



  • Events Calendar 



    Wed Oct 14 Picture Day

    Thur Oct 17 No School (MEA) 

    Fri Oct 18 No School (MEA) 

    Wed Oct 21st Wear Orange-Unity Day


    Wed Nov 11th Veterans Day

    Fri Nov 13th No School

    Wed Nov 18th Picture Retakes

    Thur Nov 19th End of 1st Trimester

    Fri Nov 20th No School

    Mon Nov 23rd No School-Conferences

    Tue Nov 24th No School-Conferences

    Wed Nov 25th No School

    Thur Nov 26th No School

    Fri Nov 27th No School


Contact Us!

  • TLES Office  763-274-7242

    24 hour Attendance Line  763-241-3555 


    Daniel Collins 

    Senior Secretary 

    Sheila Nelson 

    Attendance Secretary

    Kelli Duerr 

    Health Services Secretary

    Sarah Fonseca 

    Vision Transportation


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