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    The purpose of the Technology and Media Literacy program is to provide a standards-based, integrated, guaranteed and viable curriculum for our elementary-age students.

    Standards- Based:  Our curriculum is aligned with state and national standards.  At the state level, the  Our K-5 curriculum is aligned with state and national standards.  At the state level, the  ITEM  (Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota) At the national level, the committee used the ISTE standards (International Society for Technology in Education) as a framework to develop a scope and sequence which identifies specific outcomes to be introduced, practiced, mastered, and reinforced at each grade level. Standards and outcomes are grouped into the strands listed below.

    1. Creativity and Innovation

    2. Communication and Collaboration

    3. Research and Information Fluency

    4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

    5. Digital Citizenship - Please click the link for more information about our Digital Citizenship curriculum.

    6. Technology Operations and Concepts

    7. Media Literacy

    Integrated:  The Technology and Media Literacy curriculum was collaboratively designed by classroom teachers and media specialists in an effort to begin integrating technology and media literacy skills into existing curriculum standards.  Moving forward, the media specialists and technology instructors will continue working with teachers to further embed technology and media literacy. This collaborative process helps to ensure students have the opportunity to use technology to further their understanding of key concepts taught in the classroom while also allowing  for opportunities to apply newly learned technology and media literacy skills in other subject areas.

    Our curriculum was easily adapted into the other learning models.   

    Guaranteed:  Every student will acquire a set of basic skills to prepare them to be lifelong learners. Students will be assessed on their mastery of the identified standards at their specific grade level. Rubrics will be used to define the age appropriate level of mastery for each outcome. 

    Viable:   By focusing on a limited number of standards and providing the time needed for each to be covered in depth, we enable students to learn at higher levels.  In addition, the Technology and Media Literacy curriculum is vertically aligned so that concepts introduced in the primary grades are built upon as students progress into the intermediate grades.  The skills will be introduced, practiced, mastered and reinforced as the student progress through the curriculum.


    Book Check-Out Policy

    All K-5 Students are expected to return library books on time. There are no fines for overdue books, but the student may not check out any new book until overdue books are returned or if the book is lost, paid for.

    When a student checks out a book it is his/her responsibility to return the book in the same condition it was checked out in. Fines will be charged for lost or damaged materials.

    Please help take care of our books!

    If you have any questions please contact:

    Kathleen Lewin

    Media & Technology Specialist Teacher

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    Media Assistant
    Roxanne Harstad