Student Registration

  • Note: You will need Adobe Reader or another .pdf viewer to open and print these files. 


    New Student Enrollment Checklist:
    Use this checklist to ensure you have completed the forms and collected the documents necessary for enrolling your student.

    Registration Form: This is the main form that should be used when a student of any age is first enrolled in District 728. Please turn this form in to the school’s main office.

    Application for Educational Benefits Form:
    This application for the Free/Reduced Lunch program is mailed out to all households prior to the start of the school year. If you do not receive the mailing, you may download it here. 

    Emergency & Health Information:
    This form needs to be filled out for every student at the beginning of each school year, and turned in to the school’s main office.

    Health and Medical Examination Form:
    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that students have a physical examination upon entering Kindergarten, 4th Grade, 7th Grade, and 10th grade.

    Pupil Immunization Record Form:
    Minnesota Statues Section 121A.15 requires children enrolled in a Minnesota school to be immunized against certain diseases, allowing for specified exceptions. This form provides the school with the information required by law. It needs to be completed prior to Kindergarten and 7th grade.

    District 728 Parent Permission Sign-Off Form:
    This comprehensive form provides parents with the opportunity to give permission for several items of importance. The form will be given to all new students, as well as any student entering Kindergarten, 6th Grade, and 9th Grade.

    Student Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement Form:
    This form will be given to all new students, as well as any student entering Kindergarten, 6th Grade, and 9th Grade. By signing this form, the student accepts and agrees to abide by the rules set forth by the Elk River Area School District in the Internet Safety Agreement Policy. 



    Transportation Handbook:
    Each year, every student should read and review these bus guidelines, even if the student won’t be taking the bus daily.

    Transportation Form Guidelines:
    Please review these guidelines to ensure safe transportation for all eligible students, and fill out the appropriate form (below.)

    Student Transportation Information Form:
    This form should be completed each year for each student, even if the student won’t be taking the bus daily (mark appropriate alternate transportation on form.)



    In-District Student Transfer Request Form:
    This form is to be completed by parents who wish to request a change in their student’s school assignment (grades K-12) within the school district.

    School District Enrollment Options Program Form:

    Minnesota's public school students all have the opportunity to apply to attend public schools outside the school district in which they reside. Open enrollment is a school choice option available at no cost to the student.



    In accordance with Minnesota State Law, the Elk River Area School District is required to ensure that all school-aged children living within the district’s boundaries are being educated. The District’s primary role is to provide the necessary information and forms to each Home School to ensure compliance and documentation.

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