During the beginning of the school year, staff will be sharing details with your children about Salk STRIDE. (Students Taking Responsibility in Demonstrating Excellence).  


    Through this program we explicitly teach all students the behaviors that we want them to demonstrate.  We talk at length about being ready, responsible and respectful in all settings of the school building.  In addition, students receive ongoing positive encouragement from staff members by earning STRIDE Tickets.  These tickets can be collected by students to “cash in” at our school store during lunch on Fridays.  Some examples of the items that can be earned with STRIDE tickets are front of the lunch line passes, two minutes out early from class on Friday, special seating in the lunchroom with friends, or the opportunity to go to the gym during lunch.  


    We will continue to seek ideas from students for rewards they would like to earn.  We want our focus to be on recognizing individual students and groups as a whole for doing what is right within the building and for contributing to a positive learning environment. Please see the overall STRIDE behavior expectations matrix in the student’s handbook located in the front of the planner.