Attendance & Learning Model Policies

  • Face to Face Learning Model:

    High School students selecting face to face learning do not have the option to "learn from home".  Students are required to be in attendance Monday through Thursday (Virtually on Fridays).  If a face to face student is going to be absent due to illness, appointment, or plans to take a vacation, parents/guardians must report it to the Attendance office.  All absences will be coded as AE (Absence Excused) or AU (Absence Unexcused) per our Student Handbook guidelines.  Please call the RHS attenance line at 763-274-3140 Ext. 1604 or email us at if your student is going to be absent or leave school early.

    Temporary Distance Learning:

    This learning model is reserved for students on quarantine.  School staff will communicate with students, parents and guardians to help navigate the temporary learning model change, as well as a return date.


    Distance Learning Attendance Check-In:

    (How to “Check-In” Video) — This is *NEW*!

    • Students are expected to check in to each class period daily using Campus Portal.
    • At 6:00 p.m. (on school days), students and parents will receive a notification via email if students did not complete their daily check-in and they will be marked as absent —  students will still have until midnight to "CHECK IN" but it will take one day for the absence to clear itself. 
    • Students who do not complete their check-in before midnight will be marked as absent. 
    • If the student actually participated in learning activities that day, the student (or parent) should contact the teacher to have the absence removed from the attendance record.
    • *NEW* Other than verifying a missed “CHECK IN”, work completion/interaction will no longer be used for attendance purposes. 
    • Students who are too unwell to participate in school should be excused by a parent/ guardian through the attendance office.