• Attendance Line

    If your student is going to be absent from school for the entire day, or if they will miss any part of the day due to an appointment, this information needs to be conveyed to the attendance office.

    Rogers High School Attendance Line:  763-274-3140 Extension 1604

    District Attendance Line Phone Number:  763-241-3555

    When leaving a message on the Attendance Line, please provide:  1) the name of the student, 2) their grade, 3)  the reason for the absence and, 4)  caller information.

    • You may send a note with students when they come late to school.  
    • Remind students to stop at the Attendance Window and check in/out.  
    • Parents are not allowed to enter the building to sign their student in/out.  This is not necessary if they have already contacted Attendance via phone/sent a note/email.