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  • Supply List

    As a general rule there is no one set supply list that all students can follow as supplies are quite class specific. However, we at RHS can offer you a few guidelines:

    1. Every student will need basic supplies such as pens, pencils, highlighters, spiral notebook and folder for each class.
    2. Upper level math courses will use a graphing calculator (such as the TI-84), while Algebra students can use any standard model (such as the TI-34).

    Teachers will discuss required class specific supplies during the first week of school.


    District Calculator Program

    ISD 728 is offering a TI 84 Plus Silver calculator “rent to own” program for students. The goal of this program is to equip students with calculators and it will allow students to purchase a TI 84 Plus Silver calculator using a payment system.


    • The total cost of the calculator is $108.00, with an initial down payment of $20.
    • Payment installments are made electronically through Rev-Trak with use of a credit card.  
    • Payments are tracked and can be viewed through the Campus system by logging into the Parent Portal.
    • The total sum of $108.00 must be paid prior to the last day of school.


    Common Questions

    Do I have to purchase through ISD 728 or can I purchase at another store ( Wal-Mart,  Target, etc)?

    You can purchase your calculator wherever it works best for you


    If I lose or damage the calculator before total payment is made, do I still have to pay the total $108.00?

    Yes, total payment of $108.00 is due by the last day of school, regardless of the condition of the calculator


    What if I cannot/do not pay off the calculator by the last day of school?

    All unpaid school fees, including the calculator, are turned over to collections by the District Office.