• Spring 2021/Semester 2 Process for a Parking Permit (Updated 2/08/2021):

    Elk River High School has decided to waive all parking permit fees for this school year.  If you had paid previsously, you should have received a refund. If you had a fee owed, it should now be voided/removed.

    If you will be coming back to school (either Hybrid or Face-to-Face model determined by the district) from 2/16/21 - June 10, 2021 or any time between, please fill out this application (if you have not already applied this school year) and pick up a parking permit in the main office; these are usually ready within 1-2 school days.

    If you are parking for the day or forget your parking permit, please register the vehicle in the main office for free. All parking lot rules will be as stated previously and as written in the application.  Call the school office if you have any questions.

    FALL of 2020 Process for a Parking permits (UPDATED 08/31/2020):

    1. Students can park for FREE for the first few weeks of school but are required to register their vehicle using this form: ERHS Parking Permit Link for 2020-2021. One application/permit per student.

    2. By registering for a permit, you are agreeing to paying the current ISD728 permit price:

    *Due to the unique school year, as well as an upcoming software update, students will apply and pay $45 for parking fees later this fall.

    • $90/all year  $45/year
    • $50/semester $45/year - no semester only option for 20/21SY.

    The parking FEE will be assessed after October 5, 2020.  The parking permit fee, whether early/late arrival, PSEO, or part-time, is $45.00.

    3. Parking is available in the main ERHS parking lot off of School Street. Student may not park in the areas designated for Visitors or the Elk River Ice Arena. All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    4. Please make sure students and parents are reading through the policy, terms and conditions and parking violation consequences. All students who park in the school lot MUST display a valid parking permit, once issued. 

    5. IF your student needs a DAILY PARKING PASS - they may park in the student lot (not visitor or ice arena) and come into the office with their vehicle information (make, model and license plate information) and sign up on the clipboard in the Main Office and pay the daily fee of $2.  When cars are checked during the day for permits, the list is used and cars included will not be ticketed.

    6. Permits will be distributed during lunches the first week of school. All obligations must be clear to receive your permit. Please check Parent Portal for fees.

    For additional busing information, please contact: 
    Vision Transportation - 


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