Online Payments


    • ISD 728 provides parents with convenient online payment options for adding money to meal accounts, paying assigned school fees or paying for Community Education courses.

      School fees with RevTrak

      RevTrak allows parents to pay for items with credit or debit cards instead of sending cash or checks. Some examples of these items are:

      • course feesrevtrak
      • field trips
      • athletic fees
      • event admissions
      • projects
      • yearbooks
      • donations
      • various products.


      In addition, anyone can make purchases or donations on the Webstore listed under the respective school.

      How to Pay a Fee

      Visit the RevTrak website at

      1. Enter the email address for your RevTrak account and your RevTrak password. (Or Create a new RevTrak account)

      2. Select School Fees for fees assigned to your student or select Elementary or Secondary to browse for other fees.

        If you selected School Fees, enter your Campus Parent Portal Username and one of your students birthdate.  When you sign into RevTrak in the future, your RevTrak account will be linked to your Campus Parent Portal Username with the new, single 
        sign-on feature.

      3. Add items to your cart and proceed to check out.

      Donations and additional items for sale can be found listed under the respective school. For these items, click Elementary or Secondary Schools. Locate the school to view additional items. Items for sale in this area are accessible to all. A Campus Parent Portal Username is not required.

      Questions should be directed to your students’ school office or through the “Contact Us” form on RevTrak.

      Please note: That this is the preferred method of payment. All of the schools have transitioned to the RevTrak system. Just like many other companies, our schools will begin to transition to a “NO CHECK” policy. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we make this transition.

      Meal Accounts withPayPAMS Lunchroom

      PayPAMS allows parents to prepay school meal account balances online or by phone with credit or debit cards. Parents can also schedule automatic payments based on account balance, view cafeteria purchases online, and receive e-mail notification of balance status.

      Go to to begin using PayPAMS or click here for more information. 


      Community Education/ Early Childhood fees

      RegistryInsight allows community members to register and pay for select courses with credit or debit cards.

      Visit to begin.


      Viewing assigned fees & balances in Infinite Campus

      • Log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal using your personal username and password.
      • Click Fees to view current year fees, payments or credits for the student.
      • Click the Switch Student button to choose a student (if more you have more than one child in-district).