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  • October 2020


    Thank you, Senior Class leadership, for the kind gesture!

    Now...this is the way to start a day...any a glorious "day-brightening" way!!  Thanks to a 2020-21 group of senior student leaders, everyone who approached the school on the first day, September 8th...and several days that followed...was treated to the welcoming, awesome chalk art display created on the front sidewalk area of the school.  Courteous students coming toward the building walked off to the sides so as not to disturb the display.  Way to go, student leader artists and appreciative student learners!

               Sidewalk art 2020    Sidewalk art 2020                                                              Sidewalk art 2020

  •      SCHOOL PICTURE DAYS...October 7 & 8

    Keep that SMILE going after enjoying the artwork is the time of year for school photos for students!  Hybrid A and Hybrid B students will have their photos taken through their English classes during the school day.  Distance learners will have time after school hours to come for their photos.  It is highly recommended that families order photos online prior to Picture Day.  Order information has been shared, case helpful, simply google search and click on the option Order Pictures under HOME - Lifetouch Inc, then under the Ordering Before Picture Day heading, click on Go to, then on upper left side of page...Order Your School Pictures - use the ZMHS Picture Day ID: EVTB83P48, then click SHOP NOW...which takes you to the order page for any specific student.  For ALL students - Hybrid A, Hybrid B, and 100% distance learners - the Picture Day ID for Zimmerman Middle and High School is: EVTB83P48.

    Here is the photo taking schedule...

    Wednesday, October 7: 7:30am-2:00pm - Hybrid A students - during the students' English classes

                                                 2:30-4:00pm - Distance learners with last names starting A-M

    Thursday, October 8:  7:30am-2:00pm - Hybrid B students - during the students' English classes

                                                2:30-4:00pm - Distance learners with last names starting N-Z

    There will be a Picture Retakes day scheduled, but the specifics are not yet known.  You can periodically check our website school calendar for the posting of the Retakes date; it will be posted as soon as it is known. 

  • October 6th ACT Day for Seniors

    On Tuesday, October 6th, all 12th graders at Zimmerman High School will have the opportunity to take the ACT Test that was cancelled last March. Since 12th graders are taking the ACT Test on this date, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will not have school in the building this day.  To accommodate space for testing and so there is enough staff to run this test, grades 9, 10, and 11 will have a Digital Day October 6th. Middle School Hybrid B students will have school in the building just like any normal Tuesday/Hybrid B school day, and busses will run as normal for everyone.  

    12th graders will be getting more information about the ACT Test closer to October 6th.  All A-day, B-day, and Distance Learning 12th graders will test on this date. Testing will begin at 7:30 and will last until about 1:00 or so.  12th graders do not need to register to take this ACT and it will be free. We encourage all seniors to take advantage of this free opportunity, but no senior is required to test on this date.  Any senior who is not taking the test may stay home on this day; there is no need to call in for attendance.  Taking the ACT is not required for high school graduation; this test is optional. The ACT test is used for students who are planning to apply to 4-year colleges or plan to attend a 4-year college after going to a community college first. Some ways to study for the ACT:

    • Login to your MCIS account through your RapidIdentity.  Scroll over “My Portfolio” and under Test Prep click “College Entrance/GED/Asvab Tests”.  Here you have the option to take an “ACT Practice Test” and go through an “ACT Online Course.”  


  • 2021 ZHS Advanced Placement Testing Registration

    2020-21 AP Classes AP Test Date/Time/Join Code

    Human Geography (Mr. Hamlin) May 4th / 12:00 pm  / 3rd Hour: 3DMWYE..........6th Hour: KR36P6

    United States History (Mr. Doran) May 6th / 8:00 am / D9KZVY

    World History (Mr. Kraus) May 10th / 8:00 am / 32G4DE

    English Lang & Comp (Mrs. Onstad) May 12th / 8:00 am / 2KK3E4

    English Lit & Comp (Mrs. Janu) May 5th / 8:00 am / YNQPYV

    Biology (Mrs. Plude) May 14th / 8:00 am / WKE3W6

    Calculus (Mr. Lloyd) May 4th / 8:00 am / YQWMQR

    Statistics (Mrs. Niebuhr) May 13th / 12:00 pm / AGPWX6

    Chemistry (Mrs. Pratt) May 7th / 8:00 am / MD9WEP

    Registration: Deadline to Register is Friday, October 16th

    1. Sign in to and enroll in your AP classes, using the unique join code for class(es) listed above. If you don’t already have a College Board account, you should create one
    2. Complete Google registration form. 
    3. Make payment on RevTrack - will open for payment on September 21st  and will close on October 16th. 
    4. Confirm with your AP teacher that you are registered for the AP exam. 

    Exam costs $60.  If you are on free/reduced lunch, the exam fee is waived.  Be sure to answer yes on the Google Registration form question that asks if you are on free/reduced lunch.  Payment should be made on RevTrack between September 21st and October 16th. 

    For the 2020-21 school year only because of the unusual circumstances due to COVID, AP will NOT be charging cancellation fees for students who register for the test and then decide not to test.  It typically takes ISD 728 7-10 business days to refund the credit/debit card used to make payment.  Testing will happen this spring either in person or online if we are in distance learning in a similar format as this past spring. 

    If you have any AP testing registration questions, see, call, or email Mr. Kish.

    Room 225...Email: Extension: 2825

  •                                              Perseverance

  • From the Health Office...Covid-19 Updates 

    Please evaluate your child daily for Covid symptoms before sending them to school by using the School Self-Screening Checklist

    Common key terms related to Covid:

    Close contact:  Close contact means being within 6 feet of another person for 15 minutes or more.  In the context of Covid-19, a close contact exposure means that a person either lives with or was within 6 feet or more of someone with lab-confirmed Covid-19 for 15 minutes or longer while the person was infectious (regardless of whether either person wore a cloth face covering or face shield).

    Isolation:  Isolation is an infection prevention tool for a person who has tested positive for Covid-19, and requires the person to stay away from others, even those living in the same home.  For Covid-19, the isolation period is at least 10 days from the start of symptoms or test date if the person does not have symptoms, 24 hours without fever, and improvement of symptoms.

    Quarantine:  Quarantine is an infection prevention tool for a person who was in close contact with someone who has or is suspected to have Covid-19, and requires the person to stay away from others for 14 days.  The quarantine period does not change with a negative test result since an infection could still develop after getting tested.  Quarantine lasts for 14 days because Covid-19 has an incubation period that is between two to 14 days long.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q:  If my child has 2 of the less common symptoms listed on the School Self-Screening Checklist and my child has to be home for 10 days, do their siblings also need to stay home?

    A:  Yes, siblings need to stay home for 14 days or until your ill child receives a negative Covid test or an alternative diagnosis.


    Q:  If my child is diagnosed with Strep but they are also tested for Covid, can they return to school?

    A:  No, if they are tested for Covid, they have to receive a negative test result before they can return to school.


    Q:  If my child is a close contact of a confirmed positive Covid case, do they need to stay home?

    A:  Yes, that child needs to stay home for 14 days, but that child’s siblings do not have to stay home.


    ISD 728 provides parents with convenient online payment options for adding money to pay assigned school fees or paying for Community Education courses.

    Please note: Online payment is the preferred method of payment. All of the schools have transitioned to an online payments process with a “NO CHECK” policy. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Questions should be directed to your students’ school office.

    Options include:

    • Course fees
    • Field trips
    • Activity and athletic participation fees
    • Event admissions
    • Projects
    • Yearbooks
    • Donations
    • Various products

    Please note: You must have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal login before you can make online payments.

    How to Pay Fees and View Balances in Campus Portal

    • Log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal using your personal parent email address username and password.
    • Choose Fees to view current year assigned fees, payments or credits for the student.
    • Choose School Store for purchases or donations available in school.
    • Click the Switch Student button to choose a student (if more you have more than one child in-district). 

    Additional Information

    For more information on Parent Portal, please visit

  • Thunder Athletic/Activities General Information
    Information regarding athletic events:
    Zimmerman High School participates in the Granite Ridge Conference.  For current up to date schedules please go to the Granite Ridge website.
    Click into Zimmerman High School to view our schedules.  You will now see some football and volleyball events included!
    Admission to Zimmerman Events
    Admission for students is $5.00 per event OR purchase a student pass for $20.00 for the year.  
    Adults $7.00 per event
    Student/Fan Spectators 
    In order to ensure our athletes' seasons can continue on, please be sure to practice Social Distancing when you are attending any athletic events.  Some schools have restricted ticket sales to immediate family only.  Zimmerman High School wants to do everything possible to continue having everyone support our athletes.  Please continue to follow Social Distance guidelines when attending athletic events and sit six feet apart from non-household members.  
    Athletes and School Attendance
    The athletic office is still monitoring student athlete/activities attendance.  Please remember students who are marked with a Unexcused Absence in any classes cannot practice or play that day.  It is the students responsibility to work with the teacher who marked them absent and also the attendance office to clear absences.  
    Academic/Behavioral Concerns with Athletes
    If you have athletes that are struggling with academics and/or behaviors please contact the Head Coach for additional support.  Our Head Coaches contact information can be found at our Zimmerman High School website.
    Want to make some extra $$
    Currently we have a shortage of officials.  If you are interested in becoming an official please let me know.  We need officials at all levels.  Currently we have lower level games that need officials.  Right now we are specifically looking for lower level soccer officials for a few events.  $60.00 per lower level game.  Must have graduated from high school and know the rules of soccer. 

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    **There will be no district calendar for the 2020-21 school year, so, as much as possible, events throughout the year will be posted in this newsletter and on our website calendar.   

  •           *PARENT                    REMINDER*

    Please, at this time, help us keep everyone safe by limiting deliveries of student items to the highest degree possible.  Please do not drop off fast food meals for your student or anything that is other than of utmost need/importance.  Be sure any item is clearly labeled with student first and last name BEFORE you arrive at the school.  When buzzed in, you can plan to leave the item/s in the box just inside the outer door...which is where the student will be directed for pick-up.  Please connect with your student as much as is possible so he/she knows to come and get the item/s from that area.  Thank you so much for your understanding, consideration, and cooperation with this necessary approach.

    Senior photos for the high school yearbook are due by December 15th. They should be submitted online.  An email was sent out to all seniors, explaining how to go about the online submitting of their photos.
    Senior baby ad information will be sent out via email very soon.

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