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  •          SPOTLIGHT AWARDS for Freaky Friday MUSICAL

    As has been true for numerous years, representatives from the Hennepin Theatre Trust Spotlight Education Program came to ZMHS to evaluate the many components of the fall musical...for 2019, the production of Freaky Friday.  ZHS cast and crew can be proud of the many honors awarded this musical.  Individual honors were awarded as follows: Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role honors went to Nicole Weekley and Bailey Benner; Joey Kirk and Cole Carbert earned Honorable Mention in a Supporting Role; a Technical Leadership trio received Honorable Mention for their roles as Deck Captain-Melissa Muckenhirn, Lighting Designer-Tanner Johnson, and Set Designer-Madi Naatz.  An Evaluator Shout-Out was also given to Connie Neumiller and Hailee Peterson for their performances.  The overall performance received an honorable mention rating, as did these groups: Ensemble Performance, Acting Performance, Student Orchestra, Overall Technical Team, and the Light & Sound Crew.

    Congratulations to everyone involved for making this a GREAT show!!


  •          ONE-ACT PLAY The Odessey PERFORMANCE January 16!

    Next up for Drama is the One-Act Play.  Come and see the single public performance of The Odyssey on Thursday, January 16th, at 7pm in the auditorium...and admission is FREE!  The One-Act is a shorter play and is mostly a piece performed in competition with other schools.  

    Here is a synopsis of The Odyssey: "The Odyssey is the story not only of Odysseus' journey home from the Trojan War but of his son Telemachus' path to find out who he truly is. As Odysseus encounters the one-eyed Cyclops, Telemachus struggles to keep their home safe from greedy suitors. As Odysseus battles raging seas and the sly Circe, Telemachus himself sets sail to find his father. And on their parallel journeys, Odysseus and Telemachus encounter monsters and seas so treacherous that they are challenged to their limits. Will they survive to return home? If they do, what kind of heroes will they have become? This Odyssey imagines a somewhat different ending from Homer's epic. But the questions to be faced are the same set out in the ancient story. How do we protect our homes? What makes something or someone a monster? How do we deal with the monsters we encounter overseas? What does it mean to be a hero, to grow up, to be civilized? How does each one of us, despite our age, fears or background, confront the obstacles that life places in our path and find our way through?"

    Enjoy a short evening out by coming to see this One-Act January 16th at 7pm...and you don't even need to bring your pocketbook!! 

  •      Carter McEachern Selected for MN Football Showcase

    Carter was selected to play in the 2019 Minnesota Football Showcase on December 7th at US Bank Stadium.  Known most prominently in Thunder country as quarterback and wearing #1 on his jersey, Carter was listed as playing defensive back on the North Roster and traded his #1 jersey for #32 for the showcase.  

                                                      Carter McEachern

    And what did Carter do during the week leading up to the Saturday, December 7th game?  He played in the varsity basketball game vs. Chisago Lakes that went into not 1, not 2, but 3 overtimes before the Thunder came away with a 110-102 win!  In that game, Carter contributed 46 points...along with some scrambling and good defense!  Congratulations, Carter!!  Go Thunder!


    Due to some unforeseen circumstances and computer glitches, some people planning to donate blood at the November drive were unable to do so.  Coordinator/teacher Ms. Zahn decided the drive needed to feel more complete for all involved, so she set up a 2nd date so more donors could give the gift of life by completing their donation.  The date seemed fitting to do just that...December 20th, just before break and at a time when the spirit of giving was so prominent.  Blood drive workers assisted a 2nd time with the same friendly faces and helpfulness as they brought for Round 1.  Drive worker/student Eryn Mattson created the colorful, cheery sign to warmly welcome those coming to donate.  In the end, another gallon and a half of blood was donated, enough to save another 22 lives!!  A wonderful gift given by those involved, a wonderful gift received by any who so need the blood!  Special thanks to Ms. Zahn for her extra efforts in making sure this drive was as strong as it could be...even if it took 2 rounds!

      BD December 2019   BD December 2019   BD December 2019

                               BD December 2019   BD December 2019  

  •            IN THE SPIRIT OF GIVING...ZMHS STUDENTS STEPPED UP                                               ...and the NUMBERS ARE IN!!

    Giving in its true sense includes helping people in your own community.  That is exactly what students did as they "battled for bragging rights" while collecting money to help those in need during this year's holiday time.  Students brought in silver and gold coins to earn positive points while trying to "take away" points from other classes by putting dollar bills in their collection containers. 

    And the numbers are in!!  Points earned by high school classes: 1st-Bloom...with 23,575 (even after a $50 bill bomb was put in the container!), 2nd-Hamlin...with 21,735, 3rd-LeBlanc...with 18,920, 4th-Palashewski...with 14,355, 5th-McDonald...with 13,815.  

    Middle school classes: 1st-Niebuhr...with 28,940 (highest point total overall!!), 2nd-Breyen...with 5,835 (who encouraged kids to bomb her jar as well, so there were lots of bills in her classroom's bucket!), 3rd-Zahn...with 3,880, 4th-Ellingson...with 3,455.
    The final total in money collected came to $1,852.26!    

    Thank you, students, for making a difference, for caring about fmilies in this community and helping bring joy to their holiday season!                                      


              Middle school students participated in a door decorating contest...and the results are in!

                       1st place: Mrs. Fougner’s class...with a door decorated in a California theme

                       2nd place:  Mrs. Plude’s class...with a door-decorated theme about Nevada

                       3rd place: Mrs. Kryduba’s class...with a door decorated in a Hawaii theme

                                              The doors look phenomenal!  Great job, everyone!

         MS door decorating   MS door decorating   MS door decorating

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  •                              HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS                                                              Grades 9-12 Ordering Details

              You MUST order by January 31st to guarantee that you get a yearbook.                                            *The earlier you order, the bigger the discount!*

    All orders must be placed through the Jostens yearbook website:

    Nov 23 – Jan 31(Guaranteed)......................................................$52

    Last Chance: Feb 1 – May 15 (if books are still available).......$57

    *The prices are reflected when you place your order online. 

    *If you want your name on the front cover it is an extra $6. This option is available until February 2nd. If you choose to have your name imprinted, there is a maximum of 26 letters and/or spaces.

  •                           ORDER YOUR MIDDLE SCHOOL

                                         YEARBOOK  NOW!!

    Middle School yearbooks are available for purchase right now!  Simply go to the Jostens website to order:  Buy while the price is lowest!!   

                                                      December 28-January 31.......$30.00
                                              Deadline to order a yearbook is January 31st!! 

  • Congratulations to the following HS Student of the Week honorees:

    12/2:  Jayna Newcomb-gr 10-Health-Mr. Bartlett

               Josie Rowley-gr 10-Medical Interventions-Mr. Larson

               Danielle Dekok-gr 9-Principles of BioMedical Science-Mr. Larson

    12/9:  Thomas Wiley-gr 12-Economics-Mr. Hamlin

               Belle Hamlin-gr 10-English-Mrs. Pintok

               Bailey Emery-gr 12-Media-Mrs. Yanke

    12/16: Alex Walker-gr 10-Culinary Arts I/Pro Start-Mrs. Thomas

                Jonathan Warner-gr 10-Mrs. Flaherty

                Eric Ahner-gr 12-Consumer Math-Mrs. Pintok

  • Congratulations to the following MS Student of the Week honorees:


    Grade 6: Rayna Rotz-Mrs. Plude

    Grade 7: Jesiah McBride Hibbard-Mrs. Fougner

    Grade 8: Melanie Peterson-Ms. Zahn


    Grade 6: Kiara Jendro-Mr. Curtis

    Grade 7: Gabe Ebel-Mrs. Garcia

    Grade 8: Sydney Frisch-Mrs. Beaver


    Grade 6: Ben Larson-Mr. Opsahl

    Grade 7: Hadley Hupalo-Mr. Burch

    Grade 8: Nora Anderson-Mrs. Kraus

  • “The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

     ~ Christopher McCandless ~ 

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