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APRIL 2020


                                         Yes, that Bill Nye...the Science Guy!! 

      Bill Nye 2020   Bill Nye 2020

    AP Physics students from Mr. Doherty's class were able to speak to THE Bill Nye for a good 15 minutes by phone during their RTI time on February 6th!  What an incredible opportunity and memory for these students...and teacher Mr. Doherty!

    Mr. Doherty shared that on February 6th he had most of his AP Physics students in his classroom during Advisory/RTI.  He had planned to talk about LIGO and the discovery of Gravitational Waves with them. Einstein had predicted gravitational waves when he came out with his General Theory of Relativity in 1915. The waves were finally able to be detected 100 years 2015.
    As his students entered his classroom, Mr. Doherty received a tweet on his phone that Bill Nye was live on his Science Rules podcast. He was discussing Einstein with co-host Dr. Sylvester James Gates and they were taking questions from callers. Mr. Doherty asked his students if they wanted to call in and, before they knew it, they were live on speaker phone with Bill Nye!
    Mr. Doherty said the whole podcast is good but the best part is from 24 minutes to about 28 minutes. Nye and Gates actually talked to the class for about 15 minutes, but not all of that made it to the final cut for the podcast.  Mr. Doherty said it was a super cool and memorable experience for him and the entire class!

    You can check out the Science Rules podcast link included here to learn about Einstein with Bill Nye and Dr. Sylvester James Gates. If you want to just skip to the best part, Mr. Doherty suggests you listen to 24-27:45 to hear his AP Physics class ...and him chatting with his hero.

  •                                             Wisdom

    WISDOM - Engage in active listening, and keep an open mind; there is always so much more to learn.

  •          SPEAKING OF WISDOM...MR. CURTIS HAS SOME!!               FUN...MATH...SCIENCE...DESIGN...all coming together for the purpose of GIVING!!

    On March 26th, Mr. Curtis shared an email with staff about how he is spending some of his time while he is also working remotely from home.  As his email shares..."My contribution today is a video in which I briefly show the process of completing a 3D print! In my free time, I am currently working on making face shields to donate to local medical centers in case of a shortage. I can print 2 at a time with my 3D printer and they cost about 50 cents to make."  He goes on to say that the accompanying video can be used to show kids how applying their math, science, and design skills can transfer to real world use, even if you are an amateur (which he calls himself).  Anyone reading this and/or viewing the video who wants any other videos of the software (screencast?), the math used to figure out the print settings, or the printer itself, is welcome to contact Mr. Curtis via email: He says he has lots of time at home these days!
    Here is the link to the video:                                                                                                                
    Very impressive, Mr. Curtis!  Thanks for helping to expand our minds and our learning and our opportunities to help others!

  •                  You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.                              ~ Deepak K. Chopra ~             

    Do an activity that feeds your soul.

  •               ZHS ARTWORKS and AWARDS 
    North Hennepin Community College hosts an annual art show in February that includes works from surrounding high schools.  Each school that participates has one of its student artists recognized with an Artistic Merit award.  For this year, that honor went to ZHS senior Hannah Nelson for her oil painting titled "Little Swimmer" (Hannah, shown on the right in the color photo, is holding this painting that is readily identifiable because of its title).  Hannah is also holding her multimedia piece created with acrylic paint and yarn, titled "Donut Delight."  Pictured to Hannah's left is Lissa Anderson with her acrylic painting works titled "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" and "Is This His Doing?"
    At the same show, junior Lylli Hakola won the People's Choice award (voted as the "favorite" by everyone who attended the show while it was open) for her charcoal drawing titled "Oscar and Lylli" (pictured below).   Lylli's charcoal drawing is one she completed as part of a series of three.  
    An extra bonus..."Oscar and Lylliwas also chosen to be made into a permanent piece that will be on display at the District Office for the 2020-2021 school year!
    Congratulations, awesome student artists...and teachers Ms. Zahn and Mrs. Kryduba!!
                                             NHCC art show 2020                                                                            NHCC art show 2020
    Scholastic Art awards are also given out at this time of year.  ZHS senior Hannah Nelson is shown holding her "Grandpa Gordy" painting that won the Silver Key award.  Hannah also received honorable mention for two artworks (pictured), one titled "Fruit Loops" and the other titled "Luminous."  Congratulations, Hannah!
                                                     Hannah Nelson     
                    HNelson 2020    HNelson 2020

  • Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. 

    ~ Oprah Winfrey ~

  •              STATE WRESTLING...the REST OF THE STORY
    When the March newsletter was posted, State Wrestling was just in the beginning stages...and ZHS wrestlers Joe and Joe...Gardas and Montplaisir...were also just getting started in their Class AA matches.  Joe Montplaisir, wrestling in the 120-pound bracket, had lost his first match by a single point, and Joe Gardas, wrestling in the 145-pound bracket, had just won his first match.  Included here is the "route" each took on their State journey... 
    Joe Montplaisir wrestled in the 120-pound bracket.  He lost his first match by a single point.  He was placed in the consolation bracket and, from there, he was using his muscle and talents on the wrestling mat a few more times.  Likely one of the most satisfying moments for Joe was earning a 5th place State finish by winning his match against the opponent who was victorious over Joe by that one point in the first round.  Then again, Joe also reached the 100-wins mark on February 29th.  Only Joe could tell you which tops the list as most satisfying!!...or maybe it's a tie!!  Nice work, Joe!
    Champ. Round 1 - Hsa Khee Lar (Marshall) 25-14 won by decision over Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) 39-5 (Dec 6-5)
    Cons. Round 1 - Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) 39-5 won by major decision over Jonathan Harvey (Lake City) 21-6 (MD 10-0)
    Cons. Round 2 - Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) 39-5 won by fall over Parker Adkins (Princeton) 31-10 (Fall 0:54)
    5th Place Match - Joe Montplaisir (Zimmerman) 39-5 won by decision over Hsa Khee Lar (Marshall) 25-14 (Dec 7-3)
    As mentioned in the March letter, Joe Gardas, wrestling in the 145-pound bracket, won his first match at State.  He lost his second match and was placed in the consolation round, where he lost his first match, meaning the end of his matches for this year.  Congrats on a great year, Joe!
    Champ. Round 1 - Joe Gardas (Zimmerman) 38-6 won by decision over Cale Steuber (Fairmont-Martin County West) 30-11 (Dec 12-8)
    Quarterfinal - Connor Tulenchik (Pequot Lks-Pine River-Backus) 47-5 won by decision over Joe Gardas (Zimmerman) 38-6 (Dec 9-2)
    Cons. Round 1 - Carson Tschudi (Delano) 32-7 won by decision over Joe Gardas (Zimmerman) 38-6 (Dec 5-2)  
                        State wrestling 2020         State wrestling 2020                                                                       Joe Gardas 2020  
                       JMontplaisir 2020  JMontplaisir 2020               JMontplaisir    State wrestling 2020

  •   What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.

    ~ Anne Frank ~

  •              2019-20 MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT AWARDS  

    Outstanding Academic Achievement 

    6th grade - Elyse Anderson, Celia Bakke, Zoey Bayless, Hailey Beck, Alyson Becker, Madyson Becker, Lauren Beltrand, Tyler Blazevic, Elle Bouten, Madeline Calvert, Lyla Conrad, Jozelynn Dupre, Lauren Duvall, Ella Fedie, Madison Fisher, Alaina Forland, Becca Gebhard, Jakobey Giffen, Jestin Glidden, Keira Gulickson, Kylee Hayes, Maxwell Holm, Taylor Inman, Oliver Jenc, Lacie Kalisch, Gabrielle Kratee, Emily Leshchik, Jessika Levos, Mason Olene, Alyssa Richel, Reese Riddel, Rayna Rotz, Mackenzie Sevcik, Mason Spence, Evan Sutherland, Madelyn Wagner, Grady Wendt, Tyson Westby, Bode Zahler 

    7th grade - Madalynn Becker, Jordyn Berwald, Gwen Brouhard. Joshua Carlson. Morgan Creswell, Isabella Felegy, Cole Frederickson, Kyle Frederickson, Olivia Glidden, Wyatt Grangroth, Zander Hall, Riley Hanson, Hadley Hupalo, Grace Katter, Alexus Knack, Summer KraabelSpencer Lee, Seth OlsonLindsay Peters, Lauren Quaintance, Logan Schwinghamer, Jonah Strege, Zoe Taylor-Johnson. Madysen Turney 

    8th grade - Madelynn Anderson. Nora Anderson, Breckin Arenkiel, Emily Baker, Gabrielle Behl, Karl Calvert, Kendra Erickson, Hunter Fiedler, Sydney Frisch, Alida Gallay, Anika Grant, Pressly Haas, Adria Jenson, Sarah Larson, Rubee MacDonald, Kara Moll, Emma Murphy, Landon Neubauer, Rachelle Ohotto, Brianna Richel, Alexander Rindels, Maegan Rogers, Marissa Rotz, Tucker Schaefer, Lindsay Schwinghamer, Liliana Simon, Samantha Spindler, Isabelle Valencia, Lainie Wehmhoff

    Band Students of the Year:  6th - Madeline Calvert & Grady Wendt; 7th - Summer Kraabel & Ezra Zahler; 8th - Alida Gallay & Karl Calvert

    Choir Students of the Year:  6th - Evelyn Rinehart & Elijah Wilson; 7th - Madyson Smith & Aiden Gursky; 8th - Cienna Hooker & Lillian Dahlin

    Art Students of the Year:  6th - Becca Gebhard & Oliver Jenc; 7th - Riley Hanson & Logan Schwinghamer; 8th - Emily Baker & Tucker Schaefer 

    AVID Award:  6th - Addison Lahn & Mason Spence; 7th - Avery Helm & Ezra Zahler; 8th - Adria Jenson & Grace Ecklund

    Character Awards

    Positive Attitude:  6th - Olivia Gardas & De-Chia Chang; 7th - Lindsay Peters & Clair Patenaude; 8th - Emily Baker & Ben Kirk

    Integrity:  6th - Madeline Calvert & Madison Fisher; 7th - Morgan Creswell & Logan Schwinghamer; 8th - Rubee MacDonald & Landen Racho

    Leadership:  6th - Mackenzie Sevcik & Elle Bouten; 7th - Ivy Borkoski & Josh Carlson; 8th - Nora Anderson & Jayden Mann

    Thunder Award:  6th - Lariah Aasen & Bridget Wilhelms; 7th - Addie Swenson & Gabe Ebel; 8th - Drake Nelson 

    Student of the Year:  6th - Hailey Beck & Emily Leshchik; 7th - Isabella Felegy; 8th - Pressly Haas & Tuc Roman

  • To live a life fulfilled, reflect on the things you have with gratitude.

    ~ Jaren L. Davis ~       

    LIVE LIFE - Have gratitude for every experience and person that has helped you grow.

  • Congratulations to the following HS Student of the Week honorees:

    3/2:   Nils Franke-gr 11-AP Blended World History-Mr. Kraus

              Blake Lahn-gr 10-English-Mrs. Janu

              Caleb Dertinger-gr 9-Woods-Mr. Ostercamp

    3/9:  Corinne Hemmer-gr 12-English-Mrs. Pintok

              Matt Rotz-gr 12-Economics-Mr. Hamlin

              Joe Fox-gr 11-AVID-Mrs. Firkus

  • The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all.

    ~ Josiyah Martin ~

  • Congratulations to the following MS Student of the Week honorees:


    Grade 6: Avery Rippel-Mrs. Manthey

    Grade 7: Olivia Glidden-Mr. Larson

    Grade 8: Drake Nelson-Mrs. Garcia


    Grade 6: Sevyne Nelson-Mrs. Kryduba

    Grade 7: Jordyn Berwald-Mrs. Kraus

    Grade 8: Joe Bomstad-Harrell-Mrs. Fougner

  • I will follow the upward road today; I will keep my face to the light.  I will think high thoughts as I go my way; I will do what I know is right.  I will look for the flowers by the side of the road; I will laugh and love and be strong.  I will try to lighten another’s load this day as I fare along. 

    ~ Mary S. Edgar ~ 

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