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  • June 2021 - Celebrating Student Achievement


         Congratulations to all honorees receiving special recognition in the categories listed!            We are Thunder proud of, and for, you!! 

    Band Students of the Year: 9th – Karl Calvert, Anna LaVigne; 10th – Carmen Boyer, Aidan Vaale; 11th – Alexander Walker, Allison Brostrom; 12th – Ryan Peters, Logan Johnson 

    Choir Students of the Year: Gabriella Hormann, Gretchen Mattson

    Art Excellence Awards: Sophia Smith, Grace Baker  

    AVID Student of the Year Award: 9th - Daniella Marquin, 10th - Merrilee Hofstede, 11th - Sam Norland, 12th - Kylie Olsen 


    Grade 9: Leadership - Ivy Tuttle; Integrity - Lindsay Schwinghamer; Positive Attitude - Emily Baker; Student of the Year - Arabelle Rohs.

    Grade 10: Leadership - Jack Abrahamson; Integrity - Wyatt Tschida; Positive Attitude - Aidan Vaale; Student of the Year - Eryn Olson.

    Grade 11: Leadership - Alexander Walker; Integrity - Joshua Anderson; Positive Attitude - Gunnar Ecklund; Student of the Year - Brielle Decker-Nordstrom.

    Grade 12: Leadership - Joe Montplaisir and Ryan Reinking; Integrity - Ryan Peters and Grace Baker; Positive Attitude - Logan Johnson and Kai Franke; Student of the Year - Bjorn Franke and Rachael Hartley. 


    10th Grade ... GPA 3.85 & Above: Davis Artisensi-Skime, Hailey Becker, Chase Berwald, Nels Byman, Kasetin Childs-Hoban, Danielle Dekok, Claire Firkus, Cole Gibeau, Caitlyn Hanlon, Natalie Hayes, Karly Hermanson, Merrilee Hofstede, Lily Jendro, Eryn Olson, Mishima Padilla, Ella Pouliot, Wyatt Tschida, Aidan Vaale

    11th Grade ... GPA 3.8 & Above: Kelsi Anderson, Gretchen Andresen, Michaela Beaver, Abigail Benson, Lauren Bondhus, Marie Braeuninger, Calan Bushinger, Anson Cannon, Kiana Helland-Boriboune, Luke Inman, Meagan Jentzsch, Austin Kitzberger, Abigail Larson, Claire Lentz, Tiffany Maschler, Addison McBroom, Nina Moll, Abigail Monson, Gavin Neubauer, Jayna Newcomb, Peyton Opsahl, Maria Paz Armada, Rachel Rotz, Josephine Rowley, Hannah Smith, Eliana Tiggelaar, Alexander Walker

    12th Grade ... GPA 3.75 & Above: Avery Berg, Ryan Bouley, Kaylee Clifton, Bjorn Franke, Kai Franke, Nils Franke, Ella Haas, Carly Hanlon, Rachael Hartley, Cole Hinton, Polly Kritzeck, Melissa Muckenhirn, Cheradin Ralph, Ryan Reinking, Scott Rickard, Adyson Roman, Lana Schultz, Miranda Schwieger, Rachel Waage, Kyla Wiley

  •          ZHS CLASS OF 2021 SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED         Thank you, sponsors!  Congratulations, ZHS senior recipients!!

    American Legion - 3/1000 - Cheradin Ralph, Joe Montplaisir, Rachel Waage

    ISD 728 Administrators - 1/500 - Carly Hanlon

    Tricia Sanford Memorial - 1/1000 - Matt Gearou

    Gymnastics Academics - 3/250 - Miranda Schwieger, Ava Wark, Kaitlyn Wehmeyer

    Golden Tassel - 1/400 - Ryan Peters

    Great River Energy - 3/333 - Avery Berg, Kaylee Clifton, BJ Hoerr

    Heather Rose Memorial - 1/500 - Jocelyn Sailor

    ISD 728 School Board - 2/1000 - Bjorn Franke, Lucie Thompson

    Jacob VanHoever Memorial - 2/500 - Ella Haas, Landon Wesloh

    Laurie Kerr Foundation - 1/2000 - Miranda Schwieger

    Officer Besser Memorial - 1/500 - Shannon Mattson

    The Bank of Elk River - 2/1000 - Crystal Li, Scott Rickard

    Connexus Energy - 3/1000 - Nils Franke, Melissa Muckenhirn, Micheal Richter

    Three Rivers Community Foundation - 3/1000 - Bjorn Franke, Rachael Hartley, name withheld

    Woodlands National Bank - 2/125 - Bjorn Franke, Anikka Miller

    Zimmerman Civic (or Community) Club - 1/500 - Landon Wesloh

    Zimmerman Elementary - 3/500 - Kai Franke, Carly Hanlon, Sophie Smith

    Zimmerman Quarterback Club - 2/750 - Landon Wesloh, Ryan Bouley

    Zimmerman Youth Baseball - 2/375 - Ryan Bouley, Kai Franke

  • Paramount 2021 HS Art Competition & Exhibition Awards

    The results are in...and ZHS had 2 artists who received awards!  

    Senior Grace Baker's "Hearts" stoneware received a 4th Place 3D Award...and $100.00.

    Sophomore Ashley Gruwell's "Serenity" acrylic on masonite received a 1st Place Emerging Artist Award, given by the AAUW (American Association of University Women).  Ashley received $250.00 as part of the award.

    Congratulations to Grace and Ashley and to all of the student artists who represented ZHS so well!  We are Thunder proud of all of you!!

     Baker "Hearts"   Gruwell "Serenity" 2021



    Treat yourself to a look at the artworks created by talented ZHS student artists and shared at the Granite Ridge Art Show! Simply click on the provided link below.  You will note that a large number of ZHS student artists received awards for their artworks, including Honorable Mention (Brielle Decker-Nordstrom, Logan Johnson, Ashley Gruwell [2], Rebekah Anderson, Lylli Hakola; Excellence (Kat Lawliss, Anson Cannon, Ryan Reinking) and Superior (Brielle Decker-Nordstrom) ratings; and All-Conference honors (All-Conference 2nd Place - Grace Baker, Thomas Katter, Alex Schablitsky), All-Conference 1st Place (Lindsay Schwinghamer), All-Conference 2nd Place Overall (Lylli Hakola [2]).  And...the Granite Ridge Conference Visual Arts PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award for 2021...chosen by the students...goes to ZHS junior Brielle Decker-Nordstrom for her colored pencil on paper artwork entitled "A Less Murderous Hornet" (last slide on show).  Congratulations to all student artists who entered artworks in the show and to their inspiring and excellent teachers and mentors, Mrs. Kryduba and Ms. Zahn!  Enjoy the show!! 

      2021 GR Art Show


    Congratulations to these students who have shown excellence in the classroom and in athletics and/or arts.  Athena recipient (best overall female athlete) - senior Miranda SchwiegerEXCEL AWARD - juniors Abigail Larson and Gavin NeubauerAAA AWARD - seniors Ella Haas and BJ Hoerr!  THUNDER PROUD...we are...of ALL of you!!!                                

                                                       Miranda 2021 Athena 

               Abigail 2021 EXCEL  Gavin EXCEL 2021

               Ella AAA 2021  BJ Hoerr AAA 2021  


    Congratulations to senior Ella Haas, selected as an Athlete of the Week by the Star Tribune!  As shared by Coach Zahn, "Ella has been an offensive powerhouse and led us defensively from the shortstop position this season, so it's a well-deserved honor!"

                                                    Ella Haas  2021

    And...Ella was also selected for the All Star Series to wrap up her high school career! This team will feature the top senior softball players in the state. Way to go, Ella!

                                                    Ella Haas

  • CHOIR HONOR for Sophomore Gretchen Mattson 

    Congratulations to Gretchen Mattson for her selection a Minnesota All-State Choirs alternate!  We are Thunder proud of, and for you, Gretchen!!  Shown here is Gretchen, working with accompanist and caring mentor Ms. McDonald.


  •          ZMHS TRAP SHOOTERS having some great rounds         ...shared by Coach Lori Dinville 

    On May 11, two shooters scored a perfect round of 25!! Nice work, Alex Schablitsky and Beth Kuker!! This is Alex's second time shooting a 25 this season...and he is new to the team this year!!

    A few weeks prior, Carter Haas had a perfect score.  And, on May 18th, the Trap Team had another GREAT night!! Many team members had their best night ever, and shooters Luke Carlson and Carter Haas scored a perfect spite of the wind!  

  •                   MIDDLE SCHOOL AWARDS

    Congratulations to all honorees!

    Attendance Awards

    6th grade - Samuel Acker, Madison Hall, Clair Patenaude, Cali Stevenson, Jonah Strege

    7th grade - Braiden Benjamin, Lillian Dahlin, Kaisa Hogan, Ryan Mann, Avian Moquin, Serena Moua, Alexander Rindels

    8th grade - Amelia Acker, Kelsey Bibeau, Owen Harding, Riley Kihlman, Alex Lietha, Milo Waldie

    Outstanding Academic Achievement

    6th grade - Reyanna Arenos, Xander Boriboune, Lauren Braun, Gabrielle DeMars, Connor Hagen, Rylan Hanson, Victoria Hemmerich, Lily Johnson, Joseph Larson. Lucas Lemke, Preston Marquette, Kaylee Martinez, Andrew McLean, Andrew Rindels, Christina Rotz, Ian Rustad, Lauren Sendzik, Henry Tschida, Brooke Wendorf, Avery Yonak 

    7th grade - Elyse Anderson, Zoey Bayless, Hailey Beck, Madeline Calvert, Lyla Conrad, Jozelynn Dupre, Keira Gulickson, Oliver Jenc, Emily Leshchik, Mackenzie Sevcik, Evan Sutherland, Grady Wendt  

    8th grade - Gianni Artisensi-Skime, Gwen Brouhard, Hannah Bulera, Gracie Crooks, Isabella Felegy, Cole Frederickson, Kyle Frederickson, Wyatt Grangroth, Riley Hanson, Hadley Hupalo, Asher Kraabel, Joslyn Nelson, Seth Olson, Yutaka Padilla, Clair Patenaude, Lindsay Peters, Logan Schwinghamer               

    Band Students of the Year:  6th - Quinn Strege & Andrew Rindels; 7th - Madeline Calvert & Mackenzie Sevcik; 8th - Asher Kraabel & Joslyn Nelson

    Choir Students of the Year:   6th - Ava Wiitala & Lucas Lemke; 7th - Emily Leshchik & Dalton Bryner; 8th - Jaiden Dingman & Belle Bishop

    Art Students of the Year:   6th - Quinn Strege & Christina Rotz; 7th - Grady Wendt & Alyssa Richel; 8th - Kaiya Booth & Lauren Quaintance

    AVID Award:  6th - Connor Christopherson; 7th - Rhiley Murphy; 8th - Alayna Mathison

    Character Awards

    Positive Attitude:  6th - Henry Hoffman & Tori Hemmerich; 7th - Vanessa Calva & Kiera Jendro; 8th - Gabe Ebel & Hadley Hupalo

    Integrity:  6th - Mikeal Miller & Reyanna Arenos; 7th - Taylor Inman & Elijah Wilson; 8th - Seth Olson & Joslyn Nelson 

    Leadership:  6th - Gabi DeMars & Lucas Lemke; 7th - Grady Wendt & Evan Sutherland; 8th - Gianni Artisensi-Skime & Riley Hanson 

    Thunder Award:  6th - Paige Alberg; 7th - Drake Carlson; 8th - Josie Wendt

    Student of the Year:  6th - Lily Johnson & Quinn Strege; 7th - Keira Gulickson & Mackenzie Sevcik; 8th - Logan Schwinghamer & Lindsay Peters

  • Another Crazy Day in May 2021

    As shared by teacher Mrs. Gohman..."'A cold rainy day didn't stop Mrs. Gohman's class from taking a break."  Students Devyn Carlson, Sterling Wold, Rylan Casey, Henry Hoffman and Preston Martin made the best of the day...including getting in their mask break.  Creative and fun!  Way to go, students!!

                                             Gohman 2021

  • From the Health Office…. 

    Beat the Rush - Get your Student’s

    Sports Physicals and Immunizations

    runner for nurse article

    In preparing for the 2021-2022 school year, it is important to complete the appropriate medical information for your child as soon as possible.  Immunization and sport physical dates that the school has received for your child are posted on Parent Portal. Immunization requirements reflect the current school year only which are posted on July 1st of each school year.  

    Please note: Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) and Meningococcal vaccines are required for beginning 7th grade, and a Meningococcal booster is required for 12th graders.

    For requirements and appropriate forms to be completed by your medical provider, please refer to the Health Services webpage.

  • ISD 728 CTE MAY NEWSLETTER    CTE newsletter

    Shared by District CTE...Career & Technical Education...Coordinator Amy Lord

    This year has been challenging for everyone. The pandemic has changed the world of work and the world of education.  ISD 728 continues to find creative ways to provide alternative options for students who are exploring careers. Here is a great example:

    Job Shadowing Day for Juniors was not the same this year.  Rogers High School started this event several years ago, and it was adopted by Elk River last year with plans to start next year at Zimmerman. This year Rogers’ juniors completed a project in their English class. They watched theWhat’s Next After High School video, completed an interest assessment on the RoadTrip Nation app or watched a video about Construction Careers and reflected on their results with several assignments and activities. This was obviously not as valuable as students going out and job shadowing with our local employers, but it did provide them the chance to better understand their interests and future opportunities. In addition to connecting students to their interests, empowering them to explore those interests is critical to giving students ownership of their education. As a way to assist with the exploration component, students and parents were provided resources to set up and complete an optional in-person job shadowing experience on their own time.  

    Student Success Story      

    CTE Teachers and Work Based Learning Coordinators provide hope and resources. Below is an email exchange with a mother and her son who is a senior and a manufacturing intern.

    Jared and Gwen, 

    I had a great conversation with Jared and wanted to pass on a little information.  Jared indicated he might like to go into Architecture.  Below is a Public (Cheaper) & Private (More Expensive) program that can offer tours.   

    Anoka Tech is offering IN-PERSON tours, Just call (763) 433-1100 Video about the program

    Dunwoody is private with an on-campus open house.                         - Tim Hahn

    Mr. Hahn- Thank you so much for encouraging Jared on his path.  Before your first email I thought he was not going to go to college.  Now it seems that architecture is where his interest lies.  He is interested in the Anoka Technical College program.  We are going to check it out.  Again thank you for all your help.                             - Gwen

    *Dunwoody is having a Career Exploration Event June 15, 2021 for high school students, w/ Free Food Trucks.

    Requests & Events    

    Are you hiring? 

    We have a solution and would love to work together to see how we can keep our talented students in our communities.

    I get phone calls and emails almost daily in May and June from employers asking how to attract and hire seniors after graduation. This year is no different.  Honestly, I think I have seen an increase, as employers are struggling to find motivated, hardworking employees.  Often seniors have a plan in place by May/June and it is too late to recruit them. We would recommend that you look at our sophomores and juniors.

    Summer employment is a great place to start and you need to work with us NOW before students have left for summer vacation. In the fall, we can then work with you to develop internships for these students to stay on part-time, earn high school credits and continue to build employability and technical skills on the job.

    This is a great way to develop successful internship programs and your future workforce. Please email me at if you are interested in Summer Help and CTE Internships.

    Providing opportunities for students to explore and try out careers and learn from industry professionals can have a profound effect on those students’ lives. They not only help students recognize otherwise unknown career options but also help them make informed education and career decisions. 

    Recognition & Thank You!

    Thank you to all the employers and MUCA  for the Trades Show and Tell

    It was a great experience for almost 200 students, parents, and career-seeking adults that were able to talk to local employers, union training centers and colleges about careers and futures in the trades. They had great hands-on activities, from operating equipment to moving huge tires around, simulators, laying bricks and more. Great information was also shared about wages, benefits, education requirements, and training and hiring opportunities.

    Thank you Nelson Nursery for supporting Zimmerman High School’s Welding Class

    Stop out at Nelson Nursery and check out all the great creations you can purchase.  All profits will go back into the CTE Welding Program at ZHS, an example of starting small with a student-led business to support future students and programs in the trades.

    Please email  if you would like to be added or removed from this distribution list.

  • Congratulations to the following HS Student of the Week honorees:

      5/3: Kaylee Clifton-gr 12-Senior Composition-Mrs. Janu

              Craig Fiala-gr 11-Physics-Mr. Doherty

              Thomas Byman-gr 9-Strength & Speed-Mr. Christensen 

    5/10: Mackenzie Haley-gr 12-Advisory-Mrs. Nordby

              Cal Bushinger-gr 11-Wind Symphony-Mr. Smith

              Abby Benson-gr 11-CIS Psychology & AP World History-Mr. Kraus

    5/17:  Carly Hanlon-gr 12-Contemporary Issues Through Literature-Ms. Bickman

               Aiden Pardino-gr 11-Algebra 2-Mr. Lloyd

               Nels Byman-gr 10-Construction-Mr. Ostercamp

    5/24:  Tylor Plaster-gr 11-Jewelry III/Digital Art-Mrs. Kryduba

               Louise "Lou" Kritzeck-gr 10-U.S. History-Mr. Doran 

               Isabelle Valencia-gr 9-Principles of Biomedical Science-gr 9-Ms. Bjork      

      6/1:  Maria Paz Armada-gr 11-Chemistry-Mrs. Pratt

               Tiffany Maschler-gr 11-College Spanish-Mr. Palashewski

               Rubee MacDonald-gr 9-Human Geography-Mrs. Olson    

  • Congratulations to the following MS Student of the Week honorees:


    Grade 6: Xander Boriboune-Mr. Zierden

    Grade 7: Madeline Calvert-Mr. Opsahl

    Grade 8: Rebecca Moriarty-Ms. Ellingson


    Grade 6: Lincoln Hullermann-Mr. Waznik

    Grade 7: Lyla Conrad-Mrs. Breyen

    Grade 8: Santiago Garcia-Mrs. Driessen


    Grade 6: Lauren Braun-Mrs. Kryduba

    Grade 7: Madilyn Tucker-Mrs. Cooley

    Grade 8: Taylor Stelten-Mr. Curtis


    Grade 6: Jarek Loija-Mrs. Rademacher

    Grade 7: Nathaniel Belair-Mrs. Kalk

    Grade 8: Wyatt Olsby-Ms. Garcia


    Grade 6: Rylan Hanson-Mr. Burch

    Grade 7: Vanessa Calva-Mrs. Niebuhr

    Grade 8: Elliana Lura-Ms. McAlpine

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    6/3-Last day for Seniors

    6/9-2021 ZHS Graduation-5:00

    6/9-Grad Party 7pm-midnight

    6/9-Last student day gr 6-11  

  •   MS Quarter 3 Honor Rolls

    A Honor Roll:

    Grade 6: William Aiken, Gage Arbic, Reyanna Arenos, Cash Baron, Averie Barr, Brianna Bester, Xander Boriboune, Miles Borkoski, Lauren Braun, Brooklyn Carlson, Connor Christophersen, Lucille Collin, Robert Crooks, Gabrielle DeMars, Teagan Earley, Marli Esler, Evelyn Fedie, Aidan Fiedler, Olivia Fredensborg, Cara Gebhard, Grace Hagberg, Connor Hagen, Brady Hanson, Rylan Hanson, Victoria Hemmerich, Henry Hoffman, Grace Hunter, Jake Jacobson, Lane Johnson, Lily Johnson, Anna Kahler, Gavin Kloski, Savannah Krueger, Joseph Larson, Lucas Lemke, Brandon Li, Ava Linn, Jarek Loija, Bradley Mann, Riley Mann, Preston Marquette, Kaylee Martinez, Andrew McLean, Luke Menz, Mikeal Miller, Christopher Moriarty, Mason Morrell, Riley Patenaude, Ava Rahn, Belle Reinholz, Andrew Rindels, Christina Rotz, Ian Rustad, Soren Rustad, Grant Schauer, Lauren Sendzik, Quinn Strege, Gabriel Swenson, James Thurber, Henry Tschida, Brooke Wendorf, Taylor Wenisch, Anthony Whiting, Avah Wiitala, Trinity Wilkins, Avery Yonak, Tristan Ziebol

    Grade 7: Elyse Anderson, Lilian Anderson, Zoey Bayless, Hailey Beck, Alyson Becker, Madyson Becker, Lauren Beltrand, Tyler Blazevic, Elle Bouten, Vanessa Calva, Madeline Calvert, Lyla Conrad, Jozelynn Dupree, Lauren Duvall, Kira Escalona, Madison Fisher, Hailey Fuller, Becca Gebhard, Jestin Glidden, Olivia Grant, Keira Gulickson, Brayden Hanlon, Kylee Hayes, Maxwell Holm, Lucille Hunter, Taylor Inman, Oliver Jenc, Lacie Kalisch, Gabrielle Kratee, Emily Leshchik, Jessika Levos, Austen Luke, Makenna Morrell, Rhiley Murphy, Mason Olene, Reese Riddel, Mackenzie Sevcik, Ethan Stay, Lucas Stoltman, Evan Sutherland, Madilyn Tucker, Nya Wagenbach, Grady Wendt, Wyatt Wick, Hailey Wilkinson

    Grade 8: Gianni Artisensi-Skime, Lily Benjamin, Jordyn Berwald, Ivy Borkoski, Gwen Brouhard, Hannah Bulera, Ava Crawford, Gracie Crooks, Brooke Duerr, Isabella Felegy, Cole Frederickson, Kyle Frederickson, Olivia Glidden, Wyatt Grangroth, Riley Hanson, Hadley Hupalo, Torren Johnson, Grace Katter, Asher Kraabel, Hallie Kraft, Alayna Mathison, Olivia McLean, Erin Moll, Aubryana Montroy, Rebecca Moriarty, Natalie Moshier, Seth Olson, Clair Patenaude, Lindsay Peters, Michael Pittman, Lauren Quaintance, Ava Riebe, Logan Schwinghamer, Brianna Stanina, Jonah Strege, Rayla Trembath, Madysen Turney, Hannah Wasner, Ashton Wells, Josephine Wendt, Gavin Zenzen

    B Honor Roll: 

    Grade 6: Paige Alberg, Jadyn Beavens, Brooke Beltrand, Virginia Buck, Devyn Carlson, Aydan Coons, Jameson Cox, Ella Crawford, Grant Edberg, Savannah Fennell, Josie Hart, Trinity Hauger, Alyssa Hinkley, Callie Hinton, William Jansen, Landon Jensen, Skyler Jenzen, Caleb Kenton, Blaze Knight, Shyanne Kosek, Kiera Kotz, Andrew Lindgren, Lucas Lindgren, Preston Martin, Ariana Martinez, Julianna McChesney, Stuart Moll, Bailee Montroy, Benjamin Nguyen, Alayna Palmer, Camieo Pearce, Jacob Pietz, Megan Pittman, Kaylee Roth, Gavin Siemsen, Alec Soley, Reese Stehlin, Haley Van Allen, Gabriel Wiczek, Zackary Winslow, Trigg Zincke

    Grade 7: Deegan Anderson, Roman Becker, Nathan Buermann, Jase Christensen, Eva DuPont, Gracie Fischbach, Sofia Fredensborg, Wyatt Gibson, Mason Golla, Charlie Gram, Jackson Helm, Cuda Hofstede, Julia Ihnen, Kiara Jendro, Gracie Johnson, Nikolai Ohotto, Andrea Rahn, Danielle Rauschendorfer, Hailey Rekkedal, Alyssa Richel, Rayna Rotz, Mason Spence, Tristan Stoner, Emma Tidrick, Madelyn Wagner, Logan Wells, Bridget Wilhelms, Bode Zahler

    Grade 8: Chelsea Beaver, Madalynn Becker, Morgan Berg, Thomas Buck, Joshua Carlson, Gabriel Ebel, Aiden Ekker, Kylee Eno, Nathan Esler, Obadiah Gerald, Jackson Gow, Atticus Harding, Carter Hartfiel, Avery Helm, Daisy Kuss, Olivia Lentz, Jesse Lindstrom, Elliana Lura, Jillian Mello, Kira Miller, Jayna Oksendahl, Owen Oudekerk, Madison Roush, Andraya Sailor, Olivia Stellmach, Catlin Stevens, Calvin Tangen, Gavin Thompson, Corbin Vaale, Tysen Weber, Brayden Zimpel

           Congratulations, everyone!!  Great work!

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