ZMHS Thunder

JUNE 2019

  •           2018-19 STUDENTS RECOGNIZED

  • High School Awards

    Congratulations to all honorees receiving special recognition in the categories listed!  We are Thunder proud of, and for, you!!

    Perfect Attendance: 9th - Ayden Dittberner, Sydney Graf; 10th - Jimmy Dale DeMars, Crystal Li, Melissa Muckenhirn, Cheria Taylor-Johnson; 11th - Ashley Hoheisel; Amber Larson, Sara Maggi, Jamison Ward; 12th - Ian Carlin, Benjamin Nye, Laura Waage 

    Band Student of the Year:  9thAllison Brostrom, Connor Janowiec, 10thAshlee Wetzell, Kenneth Fenstermaker, 11thSamantha Andresen, Logan Botzek, 12thKarissa Heyer, Joshua Wetzell

    Choir Director’s Award:  Lindsey Bennett, Michael Johann

    Art Excellence Award:  Chloe Kasper, Alisa Simonovich

    AVID Student of the Year:  9th - Abby Barthel, 10th - Kameron Arieta, 11th - Alison Fore, 12th - Samantha Collette

    Character Awards 

    Grade 9:  Leadership…Breanne Plude, Integrity…Meagan Jentzsch, Positive Attitude…Ella Kostrzewski, Student of the Year…Alexander Walker             

    Grade 10:  Leadership…Bjorn Franke, Integrity…Abbey Brady, Positive Attitude…Lana Schultz, Student of the Year...Haruka Padilla

    Grade 11:  Leadership…William Pouliot, Integrity…Rachel Bickman, Positive Attitude…Abigale Larson, Student of the Year…Jamison Ward

    Grade 12 (one boy and one girl per award):  Leadership…Katelin Jacob, Brady Gibeau; Integrity...Karissa Heyer, Bradley Dinville; Positive Attitude...Josey Peterson, Patrick Keskey; Student of the Year...Chloe Kasper, Timothy Schermann

  • Zimmerman High School Scholarship Recipients

    Congratulations to the following 2019 graduates!  Thank you to the sponsors!

    American Legion - 4/1000 - Anna Beard, Joe Culbertson, Laura Waage, Allison Ziesmer

    American Red Cross Blood Drive - 1/250 - Madalyn Johnson

    Central MN Arts Board - 1500 - Chloe Kasper

    Connexus Energy - 2/1000 - Sydney Hicks, Noah Nelson

    Elk River Boys Swim Team - 1/500 - Jason Thomas

    Fairview Northland Medical Staff - 1/1000 - Sydney Hicks

    ISD 728 Administrators - 1/500 - Brady Gibeau

    Jacob VanHoever Memorial - 2/500 - Katelin Jacob, Kinsey Lage

    Laurie Kerr Foundation - 1/2000 (500/4 yr) - Caden Neubauer

    Lifetouch - 1/400 - Margo Drew

    MASBO Presidential - 1/250 - Clay Sandy (MN Association of School Business Officials)

    MN Sportsmen's Club - 1/500 - Clay Sandy

    National Merit - 10,000 - Ian Carlin

    Officer Besser Memorial - 1/1000 - Timothy Schermann

    Teaching Assistant - 2/150 - Bradley Dinville, Anna Lokhorst

    The Bank of Elk River - 1/1000 - McKenna Miller, 1/500 - Natalie Miller

    The Rose - 3/500 - Allison Larson, Emily Olinger, Clay Sandy

    Three Rivers Community Foundation - 3/1000 - Ian Carlin, Carter Giese, Miranda Muckenhirn

    Vern Frederick Memorial - 1/500 - Hope Wiley

    Wells Fargo - 2/500 - Cheresa Bouley, Alyssa Daugherty

    Woodlands National Bank - 2/125 - Kinsey Lage, Natalie Miller

    Zimmerman Civic Club - 1/1000 - Luke Hallberg

    Zimmerman Gymnastics Team - 1/250 - Makayla Dollansky

    Zimmerman/Westwood - Brady Gibeau, Alisa Simonovich, Jason Thomas

    Zimmerman Quarterback Club - 1/500 - Johnathan Steinke

    Zimmerman Youth Baseball - 2/250 - Noah Nelson, Noah Rotz

  •              AVID Seniors Earn Scholarship Money              AVID scholarships

    When contacting AVID teacher Mrs. Firkus after this incredible news was shared the morning of May 31st, she summed it up with these words:  "Just hard working kids who know that every dollar counts."  

    We are THUNDEROUSLY PROUD of you, AVID seniors and AVID program teachers!!

  • Middle School Awards

    Congratulations to all honorees!

    Attendance Awards:

    6th grade - Samuel Acker, Madison Hall, Clair Patenaude, Cali Stevenson, Jonah Strege

    7th grade - Braiden Benjamin, Lillian Dahlin, Kaisa Hogan, Ryan Mann, Avian Moquin, Serena Moua, Alexander Rindels

    8th grade - Amelia Acker, Kelsey Bibeau, Owen Harding, Riley Kihlman, Alex Lietha, Milo Waldie

    Outstanding Academic Achievement:

    6th grade - Madalynn Becker, Jordyn Berwald, Gwen Brouhard, Joshua Carlson, Morgan Creswell, Kylee Eno, Isabella Felegy, Cole Frederickson, Kyle Frederickson, Olivia Glidden, Paige Heidelberger, Hadley Hupalo, Grace Katter, Summer Kraabel, Daisy Kuss, Spencer Lee, Joslyn Nelson, Jayna Oksendahl, Seth Olson, Yutaka Padilla, Lindsay Peters, Michael Pittman, Owen Schauer, Logan Schwinghamer, Zander Spitzmueller, Brianna Stanina, Jonah Strege, Zoe Taylor-Johnson, Madysen Turney, Sophia Veselovskiy, Gavin Zenzen

    7th grade - Nora Anderson, Jessica Andresen, Breckin Arenkiel, Emily Baker, Gabrielle Behl, Emily Christophersen, Beau Dipprey, Kendra Erickson, Hunter Fiedler, Sydney Frisch, Alida Gallay, Pressly Haas, Cienna Hooker, Makenzie Kitzberger, Sarah Larson, Kara Moll, Emma Murphy, Landon Neubauer, Rachelle Ohotto, Kallie Richards, Brianna Richel, Alexander Rindels, Tucsen Roman, Marissa Rotz, Tucker Schaefer, Lindsay Schwinghamer, Liliana Simon, Samantha Spindler, Isabelle Valencia, Lainie Wehmhoff, Kamryn Wesloh

    8th grade - Rebekah Anderson, Hailey Becker, Chase Berwald, Kelsey Bibeau, Carmen Boyer, Rayna Cabak, Brianna Carlson, Cora Conrad, Danielle Dekok, Jenna Findell, Claire Firkus, Cole Gibeau, Caitlyn Hanlon, Ashlynn Hauth, Karly Hermanson, Caitlin Herrmann, Lily Jendro, Talia Kuss, Kaylee Leider, Eryn Olson, Mishima Padilla, Ella Pouliot, Wyatt Tschida, Aidan Vaale, Christine Waage, Treyton Wibeto, Hailee Zimpel

    Band Students of the Year:  6th - Madysen Turney & Ivy Borkoski, 7th - Karl Calvert & Ivy Tuttle, 8th - Amelia Acker & Brianna Carlson

    Choir Students of the Year:   6th - Aiden Gursky & Hadley Hupalo, 7th - Sarah Larson & Joseph Enge, 8th - Gretchen Mattson & William Kruft

    Art Students of the Year:   6th - Avery Helm & Atticus Harding, 7th - Teresa Zortman & Kade Wilkins, 8th - Ashley Gruwell & Dmytro Ponomarenko

    AVID Award:  6th - Derrick Robley & Jersey Bauer, 7th - Sarah Leaser & Daniella Marquin, 8th - Merrilee Hofstede & Owen Harding

    Character Awards

    Positive Attitude:  6th - Hadley Hupalo & Rayla Trembath, 7th - Ivy Tuttle & Kaleb Bibeau, 8th - Gavin Lahn & Keona Escalona 

    Integrity:  6th - Owen Schauer & Madysen Turney, 7th - Nora Anderson & Hunter Fiedler, 8th - Wyatt Tschida & Isabelle Fischer 

    Leadership:  6th - Jonah Strege & Isabella Felegy, 7th - Sarah Larson & Alida Gallay, 8th - Jack Abrahamson & Claire Firkus 

    Student of the Year:  6th - Logan Schwinghamer & Lindsay Peters, 7th - Pressly Haas & Alexander Rindels, 8th Caitlyn Hanlon & Eryn Olson 

  •      Zimmerman Middle School Composer...Conductor...         7th GRADER LAINIE WEHMHOFF!!!!!!!!!!  

    In sharing about the remarkable instrumental music work done by middle school student, Lainie Wehmhoff, middle school band director Mr. Curtis offered through an email to ZMHS staff, "I wanted to share this with you because it's a first for me and it's pretty impressive. 7th grader Lainie Wehmhoff wrote a piano song completely by herself last spring. This fall she worked after school with Tim...Mr. Smith, the high school band director...and me to turn it into a full band song. She made all the creative decisions about who plays what and where. We helped her write some interesting background parts and put it all in the right format for band." 
    Lainie's band (grade 7) performed this WORLD PREMIERE on Monday, May 13th, and Lainie conducted in concert! She put in a lot of work and it has been such a cool experience for all involved!  Linked is a quick video that provides a snip-it of Lainie's piece:


  •             TRAP TEAM WINS "TOP TEN SHOOTERS" TITLE!!                                                                     Trap Team 2019

    The trap team had the "District Shoot" on Saturday, May 18th, right here in Zimmerman at the Minnesota Sportsmen's Club. Zimmerman's top ten shooters participated and won the "Top Ten Shooters" title for the district! The athletes are... front row left to right: Hunter Fladung, Mason Riddel, Hunter Dvorak, Carter Haas, and Josie Rowley; back row left to right: Tony Dinville, Brad Dinville, Ian Carlin, Jake Murphy, and Clay Sandy.  Congratulations, everyone!


  • Zimmerman Girls Softball Team Hosted their First Section Play-off Game...and came away with a win!! 

                                           girls softball 2019

    As the 4th seed, Zimmerman girls were able to play on their home field when facing 5th seed Willmar on May 21st.  Due to pending storms, the teams adjusted their schedules to allow an earlier game start of 2:00pm.  The Thunder were able to hold off the Willmar Cardinals to win the game by a score of 3-2.  The Thunder then headed to Becker to play the #1 seeded Bulldogs on May 23rd.  Becker lived up to their #1 ranking in the section and won the game.  That meant the Thunder would play again soon after the finish of the first game.  The 2nd game vs. Dassel-Cokato ended in victory for the Thunder ladies...and the opportunity to continue their section play.  Next stop - Sauk Rapids-Rice High School (neutral field) to face Monticello on May 28.  While the season came to an end...the vast majority of the team will, as the photo reads, "Live to play another day" year.  And, hopefully, the 3 seniors - Maddy Johnson, Solvej Lund, and Hope Wiley - will continue playing the game, be it competitively or a more relaxed version.  Congratulations on a great year, everyone!!

    One of the most impressive parts of the season is how the girls came together as a cohesive unit to face any shown here...

                                                             softball 2019     

  •                Nice Season for MS Softball

    MS softball players finished with a 5-1 season, playing their last game on May 23rd, according to Coach Doran.  May the softball successes continue!!  Congratulations, girls!!  Go Thunder!!

                                     MS softball 2019


    ZHS had 2 representatives in the Elite Track Meet held at Hamline University!  Seeded in the top 16 in the State for their given events, Zimmerman's junior Carter McEachern and senior Cheresa Bouley were invited to compete in the triple jump and 1600-meter run, respectively.

                                                   Cheresa Elite at Hamline

    Cheresa, pictured in the center of the photo, placed 10th with a time of 5:15.54 in the 1600 m run, topping her 15th-seed qualifying time of 5:17.76 and setting a new personal record. She said her performance helped give her more confidence moving forward as she works towards making the state track tournament for the first time. 

    “I felt good about my performance. I PR’ed again and finished higher than what I was seeded, which was the goal,” Bouley said. “I gained confidence by competing at this level. I hope that I’ll be able to make it to State.”

    McEachern held his seeding position, placing 11th in the triple jump (41 feet, 1 inch).  “It meant a lot; it made me realize that I could compete with some of the best. It’s something I’ll never forget and it was a very good learning moment for me,” said McEachern, who hit a school record triple jump of 43 feet, 3.75 inches to qualify. “I didn’t have the performance I’d hoped for, but I had fun and I got to take notes from some of the best.”

    Other Track & Field news... 

    Brandon Schnellman broke the pole vault record by clearing the 12'6" height at the Princeton Invitational on May 2nd where Cheresa Bouley also broke the 3200 record with a time of 11:36.52.  Congrats, seniors!   

    At the Section 5AA True Team meet May 7th, the boys placed fifth out of 10 teams, and the girls took eighth. Top boys' finishers included the 4x100-meter relay team (fourth), Kyle Briggs (6th in 300 hurdles), Bryan Hoerr (2nd in triple jump), Carter McEachern (3rd in triple jump), Brandon Schnellman (2nd in pole vault), Cade Bondhus (3rd in pole vault), Parker Schelske (3rd in shot put) and Trevor Wellman (5th in shot put). Top girls' finishers included Hailee Zimpel (7th in the 1600), Sophia Smith (9th in the 1600). Cheresa Bouley (3rd in the 800), Emily Baker (10th in the 3200), Kylie Olsen (8th in the long jump), Kaitlyn Wehmeyer (9th in the pole vault), and Gabby Weber (7th in shot put). 

    Records seem meant to be broken...and personal records, too.  At the conference meet in Foley May 14th, senior Cade Bondhus broke the pole vault record one more time when he cleared the 13'3" height!  Nice work, Cade!  Others finishing in the top 3 in their events were: Kyle Briggs (3rd in 110m hurdles, 3rd in 300m hurdles), Joey Manthey (3rd in 100m dash), Cheresa Bouley (1st in 1600, 1st in girls 3200m run), Jordan Opsahl (3rd in boys 3200m run), Hailee Zimpel (3rd in 400m dash), Kaitlyn Wehmeyer (3rd in girls pole vault), Carter McEachern (1st in long jump, 1st in triple jump), Brandon Hoerr (2nd in triple jump, 3rd in boys shot put), Gabby Weber (3rd in girls shot put).  The boys' 4x200 relay and 4x100 relay teams both finished 3rd in their respective races.  Great efforts, everyone!  

    And, now...Cheresa is going to STATE! She won the Section title in the 1600m run on Saturday, June 1st, with a time of 5:13.86, breaking her own school record. She will be running at the State Meet on Saturday, June 8th!  What an accomplishment!!  Congratulations, Cheresa!!  

  •      WOW!!  ZMS Track Dominates District!!

    When Zimmerman Middle School track athletes competed against other district schools on May 23rd, Zimmerman came out on a long shot!  As shared by Coach Mrs. Houle, the girls finished with over double the points of their closest competitors, and boys had nearly three times the points of the 2nd place team.  The girls shown in the photo look to be celebrating some great efforts...even a superhero type pose!!  Congratulations, athletes!! Great work!!  Thunder rules!!!

                                       MS track 2019                          

                                                   MS track 2019



    Parents are invited to attend.


    Lunch A (10:45-11:15): 6th grade and 7th grade with last names starting with A-L

    Lunch B (11:15-11:45): 7th grade with last names M-Z and 8th grade



    Report to Advisory at 7:30am

    ITEMS TO RETURN – Chromebook, cover, and charger

    Possible charges for items lost or damaged:

    Lost Chromebook – up to $300

    Lost Charger - $15

    Lost Cover - $15

    Repairs with protection plan - $15 1st claim, $25 2ndclaim, $50 3rd claim +

    Repairs without protection plan – pay full cost of repair/replacement



    All yearbooks will be handed out on Friday, June 7th during Advisory (AFTER chromebooks are collected), which will start at 7:30am. We will be signing yearbooks in the cafeteria until the track and field day events start at 9:30am. We will continue signing on Monday morning before the buses depart for field trips. Students will report to 1st hour on Monday, then will be dismissed to the cafeteria.

    Extra books have been ordered. The price is $30. They will be sold until they are gone.



    Thursday, June 6 – 7th grade to Como Park/Zoo

    Monday, June 10 – 8th grade to Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

    Monday, June 10 – 6th grade to Otsego Waterpark, Holiday Inn


  •                                     MAY THUNDER BUCK WINNERS! 

    Keeping "The Thunder Way" always in mind, ZMHS includes the key focus areas of being Ready, Respectful and Responsible. Students are awarded “Thunder Bucks” by faculty and staff when they display positive behaviors in school.  They can then enter their earned Thunder Bucks into weekly drawings for fun items that have been collected or donated.
                                                    Thunder Bucks May 2019
    Thunder Bucks winners announced on May 10th, pictured left to right, are: Patrick Burgess-7th-candy bar and pop; Owen Shauer-6th-Buffalo Wild Wings gift pack; Joey Brostrom-6th-candy bar and pop; Richie Bray-9th-$20 Subway gift card; Dakota Jackson-11th-DQ cake.  Not pictured: Anna Beard-12-$50 Target gift card; Shailyn Solle-8th-$20 bowling alley gift card; Daniel Hartigan-6th-candy bar and pop. 
    The last Thunder Bucks winners for this school year have been announced and include, left to right: Karl Calvert-7th-DQ cake; Jayden Harris-9th-medium Domino's pizza; Ashley Strom-7th-DQ cake; Rubee MacDonald-7th-$25 Applebee's gift card; Jolie Bornetun-10th-$20 Subway gift card; Blake Johnson-11th-$100 Casey's gift card; Luke Inman-9th-$200 Target gift card.  Not pictured: Ivy Borkowski-7th-DQ cake. 
                                                    TB June 2019
                                       Congratulations, everyone...this month and all year long!!

  • Congratulations to the following HS Student of the Week honorees:

    5/6:   Anna Deitz-gr 10-English-Ms. Lee

              DeLaney Carlson-gr 9-Geometry-Miss LeBlanc

              Alex Denning-gr 9-Physical Science-Mr. Larson

    5/13:  Gabby Weber-gr 11-Elementary German II-S2S-Mr. Bloom

               Aaren Vrana-gr 11-Algebra II-Mr. Pouliot

               Lana Schultz-gr 10-US History-Mr. Doran                

    5/20:  Ian Carlin-gr 12-College Spanish-Mr. Palashewski

               Rachel Ruether-gr 10-Physical Science-Mr. Doherty

               Gunnar Ecklund-gr 9-English-Ms. Bickman

    5/28:  Seth Bickford-gr 10-Clay I-Mrs. Kryduba

               Joshua Wisness-gr 10-Military History-Mr. Kraus

               Avery Hollan-gr 9-Human Geography-Mrs. Olson

    6/3:  Ryan Peters-gr 10-High School Band-Mr. Smith

              Lilienne Ihla-gr 10-English-Mrs. Janu

              Kayla Zinken-gr 9-Drawing I-Ms. Zahn

  • Congratulations to the following MS Student of the Week honorees:


    Grade 6: Jordyn Berwald-Mrs. Houle

    Grade 7: Addison Marquette-Mrs. Plude

    Grade 8: Nathan Haugland-Ms. McAlpine


    Grade 6: Isabelle Bishop-Mrs. Yanke

    Grade 7: Samantha Enfield-Mrs. Yanke

    Grade 8: Caitlyn Hanlon-Ms. Zahn


    Grade 6: Grace Katter-Mrs. Kraus

    Grade 7: Kara Moll-Mrs. Kraus

    Grade 8: Autumn Murphy-Mr. Lynk Downing


    Grade 6: Kylee Eno-Mr. Matt Johnson (for Mrs. Plude)

    Grade 7: Drew Carlson-Ms. Bjork

    Grade 8: Danielle Dekok-Ms. Bronken


    Grade 6: Lindsay Peters-Mr. Zierden

    Grade 7: Rachelle Ohotto-Ms. McAlpine

    Grade 8: Gretchen Mattson-Mr. Waznik

  • “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

    ~ John R. Wooden ~

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  •     2019 GRADUATES!!             IMPORTANT!!  


    Friday, May 31st 

    Seniors last day of school.

    Monday, June 3rd  

    7:00AM Senior Breakfast-Cafeteria (optional)            

    7:30AM Graduation Rehearsal-Varsity Gym (required) 

    Graduates will receive their allotted number of tickets for the ceremony during the rehearsal time. 

    After rehearsal, there will be a little break so graduates can get their caps and gowns on, and gather in the front entry at about 8:40. Some pictures will be taken, and then graduates will walk across the street at 8:55 to parade through ZES at 9:00.  After that, seniors are free to go.        

    Wednesday, June 5th...GRADUATION!

    6:00 PM Seniors should enter through the main doors and gather in the Middle School gym. 

    6:15 PM Varsity Gym doors will be open for guests; those entering must have a ticket.  Those who do not have a ticket for the Varsity Gym are welcome to view the ceremony on a large screen in the Cafetorium; no ticket is necessary.

    7:00 PM Graduation Ceremony begins.

    New this year...any of the Graduation Ceremonies for District 728 schools can be watched LIVE...from the comfort of home!!  Simply use this website: at 7pm on June 5th and watch the ZHS ceremony LIVE!

    After the ceremony, friends and family are invited to briefly greet the graduates in the Middle School gymnasium; turned-in tickets will be available as souvenirs.  Seniors will pick up their diplomas and those attending the All-Night Graduation Party will get directly on the bus. The bus will return at approximately 5:00 AM on Thursday, June 6th. 

  • Upcoming a glance:

    May 31...Last day for Seniors

    June 3...Senior Breakfast & Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal

    June 5...2019 Graduation Ceremony

    June 6...Grade 7 to Como Zoo/Park

    June 7...MS yearbooks distributed

    June 7...MS Track & Field Day

    June 10...Last day grades 6-11

    June 10...Grade 8 to Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

    June 10...Grade 6 to Otsego Waterpark

  • From the Health Office…

    End of the Year Reminders

    Medications:  If your child currently has a supply of medications in the school Health Office, they will be sent home before the end of the school year.  If you would like to pick them up, please notify Health Services. No medications will be kept in the Health Office over the summer and will be properly disposed of if they are not picked up.

    Immunizations:   Please remember that all children are due for immunizations before 7th grade.  It is the law that children are up to date on their immunizations, allowing for certain specified exemptions, to participate in school or after school activities.  The Meningococcal booster is recommended at 16 years of age. This will be a requirement for 2020-21 Seniors, so keep this in mind as you take your children in for physicals.  This vaccine also currently is a requirement for most college Freshmen. For more information on immunizations, please visit our Health Services website.

    Health Issues:  The School Health Offices are closed over the summer.  If your child is diagnosed with a new Health Condition that we need to be aware of in the fall, please leave a message at your child’s Health Office or contact the Manager of Health Services at 763-241-3433.

    Have a safe and wonderful summer, and know that we truly love caring for your children and look forward to next year! Here are some tips for keeping your children safe this summer.

  •   From the Health Office

                     6th grade reminder                             for Immunizations


    • In preparing for the 2019-2020 school year, it is important to complete the appropriate medical information for your child as soon as possible.  Immunization and sport physical dates that the school has received for your child are posted on Parent Portal. Immunization requirements reflect the current school year only which are posted on July 1st of each school year. For requirements and appropriate forms to be completed by your medical provider, please refer to the Health Services webpage.  

Middle School A/B Day Schedule

  • Mondays and Thursdays are always "A" days, Tuesdays and Fridays are always "B" days, and Wednesdays alternate "A" and "B" days most of the time. You will, however, notice that there are months where there are more "A" day Wednesdays.  The calendar for the entire school year is considered when assigning A/B days so the best balance can be achieved for having the same number of "A" days and "B" days in the given school year.  For 2018-19, the Wednesday schedule is as follows: 6/5-B.

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  • Volunteers

    Contact Lori Olson at if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions. 


    Drop-off Items

    Please label the bag or item/s with the student's name prior to drop-off. Please also know that we cannot guarantee an item will get to a student immediately.  As much as possible, help your student/s organize and get things in order the night before or in the morning before leaving for school.  Having all materials needed when arriving at school will help the student feel prepared for the day and will help limit disruption to classrooms.  Thank you for your consideration and efforts regarding this matter.