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  • January 2021


    Grab-n-Go Meals have provided a vitally important service to families across the district.  According to information shared by teacher Miss LeBlanc, ZMHS kitchen personnel had, at the start, been seeing 40...60...maybe 80 people pick up meals on a daily basis.  So, when it was decided that 5-day meal packs would be offered, kitchen workers went big and made around 350 5-day packs for the first pick up date.  As it turned out, over 700 5-day meal packs went out that day, meaning the kitchen staff was cranking out all those extra packs as people were waiting.  Can you imagine having this kind of workload double within the same day...where workers just keep on filling orders for everyone who stops until the end of the session??  Absolutely amazing work was done by kitchen staff!  Shown here are some of the many workers doing some of the many tasks to get everything ready for families. 
            kitchen Dec 2020   kitchen Dec 2020            kitchen Dec 2020   kitchen Dec 2020                                 kitchen Dec 2020   kitchen Dec 2020                  kitchen Dec 2020   kitchen Dec 2020
    Some teachers who were at the school teaching their classes offered the following observations about what they witnessed firsthand when seeing the kitchen personnel in action on December 3rd:  "I walked over and picked up the 5-day lunch pack for my son during my lunch here at school today and they were all amazing! They were all working so hard and fast with a long line of parents out the door and they just kept smiling through the craziness and doing their best to feed kids! Thank you all for all you do!!" - Ms. McAlpine; "Ditto!  I saw the same thing, Jolynn." - Mrs. Rademacher; "Agreed, I also picked up for my kiddos, and have been, and those ladies go above and beyond!!!!!" - Michelle Hagberg; "Yes, they did an amazing job! Some of those ladies are here before 5am. The response to the 5-Day pickup was overwhelming compared to the daily pick ups they've had previously and they handled it great." - Patty Kingsley
    On December 10th, more praise for the incredible work done by kitchen personnel: "Hats off to all of the amazing people in our lunchroom and many assistants who helped create lunches for 1000 students. (That means 10,000 meals, 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches for each student.) They were prepped and ready to go, very organized! They served everyone with a smile and did such a wonderful job!!!!!!!!  If you get a chance to see any of these hardworking people, please be sure to thank them!!!!!" - Miss LeBlanc.  Some additional responses from staff: "That is awesome!  Thanks for all you do!" - Mr. Palashewski; "Super impressive!" - Mr. Smith; "Oh My Goodness!!!! Nice JOB!!!!!!!!" - Christina Marsh.
    December 17th was a BIG 2-session 5-day meal pack Grab-n-Go day, so the preparation was also BIG!!  Some families came at the usual 10:30-12:30 time, others came for this day's 2nd session from 3-6pm.  From Miss LeBlanc..."You should have seen it this week and today! Our staff prepared for 1600 5-day meal packs. That is 16,000 meals!!!!!!! They have been working hard all week and today (the 17th) they came with bells on to distribute the meals. Quite literally they had bells on, holiday sweaters, elf dresses, it was wonderful!!!!! Kudos for another amazing week of helping our families. Families are grateful for the food and for the ease of the meal prep for their kids who are at home doing their schooling and helping to care for their siblings. A million thank yous to our wonderful staff and all of their hard work!" 
    Shown below are samplings of what went into the process: the newly-emptied boxes that "used to" house product used for the meal packs; the bins and carts full to the brim...and beyond, ready for placement in meal packs...and the arrival of families who would be the blessed recipients of the packs.  Check out the last photo!  Those buns are individually wrapped!!  Amazing!!!...and sealed with goodness of the best kind!!  Heroes, all, the kitchen crew +++ who took this on, worked diligently for many, many hours and days, and made a real difference for Zimmerman (and other district) families!  Bravo, all!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
                   Grab Go Dec 2020    Grab Go Dec 2020    Grab Go Dec 2020                                                                             Grab Go Dec 2020    Grab Go Dec 2020    Grab Go Dec 2020
    The Grab-n-Go service will continue in January, some of it in a modified way as the transition of learning models occurs for some.  You can see the January information and schedule included here (it is also on the District website homepage).  


    The presence of Covid-19 and the resulting learning model changes did not stop creativity, ingenuity, collaboration, and its finest! for the Band and Choir programs.  Treat yourself to the enjoyment of the listening and sharing that is provided by our talented student musicians and their teachers (Band - Mr. Smith and Mr. Curtis, Choir - Mr. Waznik).  While shorter in duration and certainly different in location and style, hats off to all involved for putting together these "concerts" to help us celebrate the holiday season...a season and memory to last a lifetime because of...and in spite of...Covid!!  Enjoy!! Mr. Smith's words: "Merry Christmas from the Zimmerman HS Bands!  We have been working very hard to prepare a Christmas concert since back when we were in hybrid.  Once we were moved into distance learning our kids never gave up, and worked extra hard to put on this 'virtual' Christmas concert.  The kids sound amazing!!  This was a lot of extra work and dedication from our kids, and it shows their commitment to making music even during these very difficult times.   A big shout out to Shannon (Mr. Curtis) whose assistance with the high school bands is invaluable - he also did all the video production for these videos!  We hope you enjoy our bit of holiday cheer that we send your way and have a very Merry Christmas!" 

    ZHS Wind Symphony - Ukrainian Bell Carol
    ZHS Concert Band - Here Comes Santa Claus
  Mr. Waznik's words: "Night Of Silence has been the traditional winter concert closer for years, combining singers from 6-12.  I'm glad that we've been able to keep the tradition alive in some small way in such a different year."  And, you won't want to miss the AWESOME cards that accompany the wonderful voices!

  • DOWNING is Section 7A Girls Soccer Coach of the Year!

    Congratulations to Jeff Downing who was named Coach of the Year for Girls Soccer in Section 7A!

                                      View image on Twitter

    Coach Downing shown above, doing what he does consistently - checking in with players, encouraging, informing, in the midst rather than one set apart.  Given the outpouring of praise and congratulatory responses from staff at the school when they learned of this news, it is obvious how much everyone respects and appreciates what coach and teacher Mr. Downing does on the field and in the classroom.  A "Thunderiffic" honor for a tremendously caring and dedicated  Way to go, Coach Downing!  

  •     AAA and EXCEL and Awards Announced

    Congratulations to our ZHS AAA award nominees Ella Haas and BJ Hoerr! This award recognizes and honors high school seniors who have excelled Academically/in the classroom, on the Athletic field, and in the fine Arts.  The purpose of the AAA award is: To recognize and honor high school seniors who have excelled in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the fine arts; to elevate academic standards and create greater awareness of League-sponsored activities and their values; and to provide member schools of the League with the opportunity to participate in a statewide program that supports, promotes and recognizes academic and extra-curricular achievements.  

                                              EHaas           EXCEL BJ Hoerr  

    Congratulations to ZHS ExCEL award nominees Abigail Larson and Gavin Neubauer!  The ExCEL award is sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League and is defined as: Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership. This award is a unique recognition program designed exclusively for Minnesota high school juniors who are active in school activities, who show leadership qualities and who are model citizens.

                                              HLarson          GNeubauer       

    We are THUNDER PROUD of all of you!!!



                                                            CTE 2020

  • From the Health Office...

    Covid-19 Updates  

    Continue to report positive Covid Cases:  We continue to need to have you report all positive Covid-19 cases to your school’s health office or on this link.  We will need to have the positive documentation on record for when we return to school and activities.  Please note: Once you have had a positive Covid-19 test, you do not need to be quarantined if you are a close contact of a COVID-19 positive case for 90 days (3 months) after you are released from isolation.   

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q:  Why do we need to quarantine if we feel good and have tested negative? 

    A:  COVID-19 spreads easily from person to person, so that is why health experts recommend avoiding large crowds and busy places, and staying at least 6 feet away from people you don't live with. When the Minnesota Department of Health guidelines require quarantine for someone, it is because the person has been exposed to the virus. In this situation, the person could be infected and could spread the virus, even though they feel well. 

                                                Jan health letter

    Q:  If my family hasn’t gotten flu shots this year, should we still get one?

    A:  Yes, getting a flu shot this year is particularly important because, like Covid-19, influenza is a respiratory virus and we want to do everything we can to minimize having two respiratory outbreaks circulating simultaneously in our populations.

    Anytime you get together with people who do not live with you, even in someone’s home, the risk of getting Covid-19 goes up for everyone.

    Stay safe this Holiday Season!

  •  MS Coloring and Ugliest Sweater Contests

    Trinity Wilkins - coloring contest   Aubrey Lorge   Olivia McLean - coloring contest             Grade 6: Trinity Wilkins             Grade 7: Aubrey Lorge             Grade 8: Olivia McLean

    Mason Morrell - sweater contest 2020   Sofia Fredensborg - sweater contest   Andraya Sailor - sweater contest            Grade 6: Mason Morrell        Grade 7: Sofia Fredensborg        Grade 8: Andraya Sailor

    Seeing these "works" of completely different kinds, some staff members responded.  Here are some of their comments... 

    "Those were some beautiful stockings and 'beautiful?' sweaters!"...Mrs. Pratt

    "I wish I had a 1/4 of coloring talent these kids have."  And..."Nice sweaters!"  🙄🙃...Mary Thompson
    "How fun!  Incredible coloring!  Incredibly ugly sweaters!"...Mr. Palashewski
    "Great contest.  The coloring is amazing.  Of course, the sweaters crack me up, especially knowing the kids wearing them."...Mrs. Rademacher

  •                     Distance Learning Materials Pick Up and                                                            Assignments Drop Off

    The front entry area of the school is set up so students can pick up class assignments and materials as well as drop off completed assignments and projects. Students/parents may stop by according to this weekly schedule until January 28, 2021: Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri during regular school hours (7:30am-2:10pm) and each Wed from 11am-6pm. Reminder: All who enter do so by using the well-marked intercom by the main entrance doors.

    IMPORTANT: ALL (students/parents/guardians) must be wearing masks when entering the building. The entry is an "inside the building" area so masks are required for everyone.  Keeping people safe is of highest importance for families and employees alike!

    Parents/guardians and students...for the safety of all, please make alternative arrangements for picking up student materials if you or anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID, is quarantined and/or has tested positive for COVID.  Use the email address provided in the information below to reach out; an alternative way will be figured out regarding delivery of materials. 

    Here is how the front entry area is set up:

    A white DROP OFF bin for students to turn in most items/assignments is located just inside the FIRST main entrance door, to your right as you enter the building when buzzed in.  (The exception to this is Mrs. Kryduba's Art classes: MS - use labeled bin between grade 6 and grade 7 tables; HS - use labeled table on east wall side in front of display cases.) Students...BE SURE ALL ITEMS HAVE YOUR FULL NAME AND TEACHER NAMES ON THEM!

    Those who notify a day ahead can have materials ready when they arrive to pick them up. Email Lori Olson at and include: student first & last name, grade, class/teacher names for materials being picked up, and the desired pick up date. The items will then be gathered, labeled with the student name, and placed on a table located just inside the inner door on the opposite (east) end but accessible from the same entrance area as the DROP OFF. This approach is the most efficient for picking up items and will not require going any farther into the entry area.  Chromebook exchange will be done using this table as well: Please set the chromebook being returned on the table and place the name tag from your replacement chromebook on top of the returned device, then take the replacement chromebook with you.

    Set-up in the inner entry area:

    HS materials are on tables against the east wall, mostly according to subject, and some miscellaneous items to be picked up.  HS art supplies to take and projects to turn in are also located on the east side...on the labeled table beyond the benches (and in front of the 2 display cases).

    MS materials are on individual grade-level tables in the middle/center area, and some miscellaneous items to be picked up.  A labeled bin for returning Kryduba art supplies is located between the grade 6 and grade 7 tables.

    ALL students - area just beyond MS tables -> Media Center cart & book return bin, Distance Learning daily checklist forms, school picture packages (original and retakes), some yearbooks (names on front of books) and certificates/awards from 2019-20 not yet picked up, 2020-21 Student of the Week certificates, other miscellaneous as needed.

    NOTE: Media Center approach: Use the information from the video link below to keep finding and reading the great books from the school Media Center!  Here is the video on How to Check out a Media Book 

    THUNDER BUCKS BOX - Those who have earned Thunder Bucks and have ordered their rewards through products offered by the school store can pick up their item/s from the blue box sitting on one of the red benches in the entry area.  All items are individually labeled with the student recipient's name.  Good job, students!

  •           The THUNDER BUCKS BOX is Here                                with your Earned Rewards!                   


  • Congratulations to the following HS Student of the Week honorees:

    12/7: Anna Deitz-gr 12-Government-Mrs. Olson

              Sebastian Carcione-gr 12-Life Transition-Mrs. Spear

              Alexander Schablitsky-gr 10-Welding Fabrications I-Mr. Opsahl

    12/14: Carter Kluge-gr 11-English-Mrs. Lien

                Brooks Howard-gr 10-Health-Mr. Bartlett

                Eryn Olson-gr 10-Principles of Biomedical Science-Ms. Bjork

    12/21: Kat Lawliss-gr 11-Painting II-Ms. Zahn

                Melina Schoening-gr 11-Mrs. Manthey

                Ryder Wagner Peterson-gr 9-Physical Science-Mr. Larson

  • Congratulations to the following MS Student of the Week honorees:


    Grade 6: Jameson Cox-Mr. Curtis

    Grade 7: Oliver "Ollie" Jenc-Mrs. Kryduba

    Grade 8: Rylan Bushinger-Mrs. Driessen


    Grade 6: Paige Alberg-Mrs. Gohman

    Grade 7: Lariah Aasen-Mrs. Fisher

    Grade 8: Kira Miller-Ms. Solliday


    Grade 6: Tori Hemmerich-Mrs. Nelson

    Grade 7: Hailey Beck-Mrs. Kryduba

    Grade 8: Chad Williams-Ms. Anderson

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