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  • June 2020...featuring the Senior Class of 2020...

  •    ZHS CLASS OF 2020!!!!  SENIOR STRONG!!!!

                     Seniors 2020                                              Strong!  Kind!  Strong!  Creative!  Strong!                        Courageous!  Strong!  Respectful!  Strong!  Positive!                                             SENIOR STRONG!!

    Treat yourself to a couple special videos featuring our ZHS seniors.  Check out the youtube "Senior Video" that was put together by the seniors and the other video that was made to recognize and honor the seniors.  You can also see the names as they roll along on the marquee at the front of the school.

    Senior video

    Seniors - names on marquee

    And, did you know...ZHS was included in a Facebook Graduation Event??

    If you have Facebook, our Seniors are included at the 58 minute mark of the Graduation 2020 event!  Bravo, Zimmerman "Senior Strong" 2020 graduates!!

                            2020 seniors


    ~ A friendship without end means she WILL be pictured in the yearbook ~

    One of the most special of stories...and that of the Haley and Heather story...two friends who would be graduating together...just as they planned it.  When an accident took the life of Heather, Haley made it her mission to be sure Heather would be honored and remembered at graduation time...even if she would not be physically present.  

    Through various communication avenues, KARE 11's Land of 10,000 Stories reporter Boyd Huppert learned of a most special gesture and remembrance by ZHS senior Haley Donley regarding her most special friend Heather Doucette.  When Huppert made the decision to put a story together about Haley and Heather, one of his stops when gathering information was ZMHS. He was introduced to a few yearbooks with photos that showed Haley and Heather side by the alphabet would place them according to their last names, as well as a photo of Haley and Heather when they were voted "Bestest of Friends."

    This story is one so special that everyone should have the chance to "experience" it...and you can do so with the link, so here it is.


    Jaida is a senior in our band program who has played clarinet for the past 6 years.  She loves to listen to about any genre of music from soul pop, to hard rock, to classical/instrumental music.  She was inspired to play clarinet by listening to music and wanting to learn how to play songs from everyday music she would hear on the radio.  Her favorite band piece we performed is Redemption, and her favorite concert was two years ago when the 2018 class was graduating.  
    After high school she plans to move down to Iowa and go to Kirkwood Community College, and then on to the University of Iowa to major in something related to English, and expand to either psychology, anthropology, or journalism.  Her advice to younger musicians is to just keep practicing; it makes music so much easier. Find friends that will help you out in your section and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Jaida has been an important part of our band climate and we wish her the very best!
    Kenzie is a senior in our band program who has contributed much throughout her 6 years of playing the flute.  She loves Disney movies and listening to whatever songs come up no matter the genre.  She does find playing the flute therapeutic and relaxing, it makes her feel free.  Her favorite piece of music has been “Ignition” from the GRC Honor Band concert.  Her favorite concert was last years end of the year band concert when a senior thought Curtis was a student teacher.
    She plans to take a year off and figure out what she wants to do.  Her advice to younger students is to take advantage of your time in high school while you can. Go to pep bands, participate in all of the class activities, do it all even if you don’t think you want to.  Put your best self forward with every performance.  “Zimmerman HS has the best band program out there, cherish the time you get with all those amazing people before the opportunity to do so is gone.”  She has been the student of the month numerous years, section leader, and has been selected to the Granite Ridge All Conference Honor Band.  Kenzie has been a major influence in our band program and she will be missed greatly when she graduates.
    Sydney has been a vital part of our clarinet section for all of the 6 years she has been playing. Her favorite movie is “Eddie the Eagle” and she enjoys listening to anything from show tunes to metal music.  In addition to her primary instrument of clarinet, she also enjoys playing the flute.  She joined band because both of her brothers were in it and it seemed only natural that she would follow the family tradition, along with her mom who also played the clarinet.  She wanted to learn flute because one of her best friends played it and she was able to do so on her grandma’s old flute.  
    Her favorite band piece was going to be our upcoming “Phantom of the Opera” and her most memorable concert was our last one where we about made Smith cry playing “On An American Spiritual”.  After graduation, Sydney plans on getting her Bachelor of Science in Biology specializing in Zoology at the U of M, and eventually work her way up to her Masters degree and working in a zoo.  She tells young band students that “you may think you are the worst of everyone in your section, but I assure you, someone else is making the same mistake. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help because that’s what makes you a better player”.  She does remind us all that, although we’re all frustrated with what’s going on right now “ruining” our senior year, think about how we’ll be remembered as the class going down in history because of this virus, and we’ll all be telling our kids about this someday.  Sydney will always be remembered here for all that she’s contributed to our fantastic band program.
                             2020 Band       2020 Band       2020 Band
    Hunter is a senior who's been an important part of our band program playing the trumpet for the past 7 years.  His favorite movie is "Avengers: Endgame", and he enjoys listening to contemporary R+B music in his off time.  When he's not playing his trumpet he also enjoys playing his ukelele.  He joined band because he's always loved music and wanted to be able to make music.  "When seeing all the professionals play great music, I wanted to do the same; it's just relaxing sitting down and playing the trumpet".  His favorite band piece of music is our recent "American Overture", and his most memorable concert was performing at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  
    Other than music in school he enjoys participating in trap shooting.  His future plans involve going to school for mechanical engineering.  His advice to younger musicians is that "music can take you places so don't give up if things get hard, just practice more".  He was kind enough to say "I'd like to thank Smith for an excellent 7 years!"  Hunter will go places, and we know he'll be a great success based on the tremendous success he's brought to our band program!
    Connor Rolfe has been a very important part of our band program as a percussionist here at ZHS.  He has played percussion for the past 7 years and is an important leader in our Wind Symphony.  He loves both Star Wars and Hip-Hop.  He says he loves to play percussion "because he loves to hit and bang things!"  His favorite piece he has performed was Mvt. 4 from last year's marching band show "because I was drumming while laying on two gigantic dice."  His most memorable performance was performing down in Florida.
    Connor has been actively involved in the 728 Cadets Marching Band program for many years where he was named most improved in 2015, and was nominated to the Minnesota Percussion Association Leadership team.  He plans to go to the University of North Dakota for Aviation.  He tells young musicians to "always make sure you are having fun!"  He did say "thanks for 4 years of a relaxed, yet focused, band experience where I was able to meet tons of new friends during my time here!"  We all know Connor will be flying high with his future in Aviation just like he has during our time together here at ZHS.
    Aleah has been a strong leader in our band program ever since the beginning.  She plays Bari Sax in the Wind Symphony and the Jazz Band, as well as Pit Orchestra, and Pep Band.  Her favorite movie is "Remember The Titans", and she loves to listen to jazz!  In addition to all the saxophones, she also plays the guitar, ukelele, and sings.
    "My family is incredibly musical and I’ve always wanted to be the best I can be through them.  Music is my true passion and I don’t know where I would be without it.  I can truly say that without music I don’t think I would be who I am today - 'the happy sunshine Aleah isn’t the happy sunshine Aleah without music'"!  "Music is what grows you, and truly what inspires me to be better daily.  My band teachers never stop encouraging me and they always want me to do more."
    Her favorite songs have been "The Incredibles", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Strange Humors", and "Radioactive".  Her favorite performance was her sophomore year when she got to join both her brother Nathaniel, and Andrea Ruether on bari to play "The Incredibles."  In addition to all of her musical activities she is involved with painting sets for drama, and very involved with her church.  She plans to go to Anoka Ramsey to get her generals done and then become a music teacher of some kind.
    "Something you may not know about me is that I have been harmonizing with my voice and singing ever since I was a little girl and I constantly sing with different people. I adore my family.  They truly inspire me to be a better person daily, and I don’t know what I would do without them - the support system I have at home is mind blowing."  What we do know about you Aleah is that you will be a very successful musician wherever your path may lead!
                             2020 Band       2020 Band       2020 Band  
    Since starting to play the french horn 8 years ago, Kaylee has been a prominent and highly respected member of our band program.  Even back during her earliest years, Kaylee was one to stand up every concert and play a solo for the audience.  Her favorite movie is "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl", and her favorite music to listen to is "Panic! At the Disco".  She also plays the trumpet as well as the mellophone, and gives private trumpet lessons.
    "My inspiration nowadays to play music is the feeling of creating something. I'm the happiest when I'm performing and I love performing with others. Music isn't easy...and I welcome the challenges learning music brings. I'm interested in exploring other instruments, hence the trumpet and mellophone. I am excited to see what I can accomplish through music outside of high school!"
    Her favorite band piece to perform was the "Pirates of the Caribbean" piece or "And In the End It Was Earth."  "My most memorable band performance was performing in Florida at the Disney clinic when we recorded for the Lion King. I met some amazing people, and was amazed at how well we played a piece in just an hour or two!"
    "I'm not a sports person but I'm involved in lots of band things! I'm in the 728 Cadets, River Valley Sound, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Band Buddies and, Tri-M." "I plan to go to college (hopefully Luther) and pursue a degree in music education."  I've been part of the Granite Ridge All-Conference Honor Band since my sophomore year. I've written my first piece (an arrangement of High-Hopes), and "helped" my friends write theirs. Mostly that means I say what I like or don't like. I've been awarded a substantial music scholarship at my dream college. I've gotten to play and march at some big competitions; there is nothing like the feeling of a crowd cheering. I've been fortunate enough to be picked for solos in class."
    "I'd like to say thank you to Mr. Smith and Mr. Curtis for giving me the stepping stones to keep making music for years after I graduate high school."  I'd like to say thank you to Kaylee for all the joy, inspiration, and leadership you have brought to all of us for a lot of great years!
    Sammy has been the life and soul of our band program since the very outset.  She has been the leader of our alto saxophone section since the beginning, seven years ago.  She doesn't really have a favorite movie but LOVES "Grey's Anatomy", and listens to Alternative Music.  She has at one time or other played many of the other saxophones in band including the alto, tenor, and soprano, while she has performed in every possible aspect of our band program.
    "I originally wanted to play the alto saxophone, but my friends were all playing the flute and so I switched to that instrument. When we got the opportunity to try the instruments out at Westwood, I completely botched the flute and chose the alto saxophone and it was honestly the best decision I could have made! My inspiration to play an instrument came from watching the middle and high school Jazz Bands play at Westwood Elementary. I wanted to be like them! I play an instrument now because it gives me a moment of peace in times of high stress (school in a nutshell.) Band is a release and makes my goosebumps thrive when we all play in tune or create immense emotion. It's THOSE moments that keep me playing, and I look forward to auditioning for the U of M Wind Symphony next fall."
    Sammy's favorite piece of music we performed has been "Ireland: Of Legend and Lore", and her favorite performances were "definitely Sophomore Year! The selection of music that year was GODLY. I loved it."  When not playing music she is very active with the archery program at school.
    Sammy plans on majoring in Biology at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and from there go to Ohio State University to their College of Optometry to obtain her D.O. license to be an Optometrist (eye doctor!!!)
    "Never ever underestimate how much band can mean to you. From playing pyramids together to completing a master song, being in band leaves a wonderful feeling that no other class can ever top. Music is something that everyone can connect with, and it is special in its own way; always try to move classes around to do band. You will never regret it, ever!"
    "As a musician, I have received 6 superior ratings at Solo Ensemble Contests, had been awarded Band Student of the Year my Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year! Personally, I got my first ever solo in "Ireland: Of Legend and Lore" my sophomore year as a 1st Chair Alto Saxophone and I was really really proud of myself."  I've also had over 5,000 followers in Minecraft my 6th grade year - feeling pretty popular!
    Sammy will go far.  She has the bright enthusiasm that has always been a lifeline to the rest of us, and we can all "see" great things in Sammy's future!
    Blake has been a driving force in our trombone section since starting band 7 years ago.  He enjoys watching "Happy Gilmore", and listens to a lot of jazz.  Blake's siblings inspired him to play an instrument, and he started playing the trombone to challenge himself to try something new.   His favorite band piece is "The Great Race", and his most memorable band piece was being featured on "Charade" in jazz band.  Along with band, Blake is involved with both archery and golf.  He "plans on attending college at Iowa Lakes to get my generals done, then move on to a 4 year degree while I find what I want to do."
    When thinking about younger band students "my biggest advice is to challenge yourself, and to participate in everything! I didn’t do that my senior year and I regret it!"  Blake has been in the Granite Ridge All-Conference Honor Band for 2 years,  in wind symphony for all 4 years of high school, and has been awarded band student of the year twice in band. He has also earned a superior performance award for all of his ensembles.  Blake is going to find great success in his future based on all the great success he has shown as a positive influence in the ZHS band program for all these years.
                             2020 Band       2020 Band       2020 Band

  • 2020 Senior Visual Art Showcase MUST-SEE!

                                         shared by Art teacher Mrs. Kryduba

    Take a look at all the incredible work our graduating senior artists have done!  What an accomplishment! The works by these senior student artists ranges from 2019 artworks that were not finished in time to be included in the 2019 spring art show to the time students have been working through distance learning.  Thanks to Art teachers Mrs. Kryduba and Ms. Zahn for their excellence in teaching and guiding these awesome student artists!

      2020 Senior Art Showcase

    For the full effect, click on "Present" in the upper right corner of the showcase title page. Go at your own pace by clicking through the amazing works.  By hovering over the bottom left area of the screen, you can click on and proceed through each artwork and any additional information provided for that piece of art.  Or, you can simply click on the left side slides to view the pieces one at a time. Enjoy!!


                             shared by Art teacher Ms. Zahn

    It’s not every year that I graduate a group like this one.  I’ve got five seniors who have traveled a long way with me.  Our journey was interfused with countless critiques, frustrated late night emails, delayed deadlines, and the push to revisit, revamp, and revise initial project ideas.  However, what has been born from the journey are some absolutely amazing paintings.  This group of students has produced some of the most thought-provoking, visually engaging, and aesthetically beautiful work that ZHS has seen in a long time.  Their names are Lissa Anderson, Lo Anderson, Payton Knight, Hannah Nelson, Addie Tiggelaar.

    I would love for you all to see the body of work these students have created over the last four years.  They have taken many other art courses (I sometimes feel like every time I turn around, one of them was in my face), but they have all chosen to put their most focused efforts into Painting.  Most recently they have been Independent Study students, which means they are truly designing their own artistic path and creating at a very high level.  Even in their final semester of high school, while being quarantined in their homes, they continued to push their own artistic boundaries.  I am excited to show the Zimmerman community the final pieces of their high school career (see works from each as part of the 2020 Senior Art Showcase shared in the article prior to this one), but I am also saddened we couldn’t spend our final weeks together in the art room.  My solace comes in knowing the lasting impact these students have made on the art department.  I am looking forward to following each of their artistic paths after high school.  It definitely promises to be an interesting and worthwhile journey.

    Shown here are the 5 artists (in the order as listed above), each holding a favorite artwork.  Can we say AWESOME?!?!?

           ZHS artist     ZHS artist

        ZHS artist     ZHS artist

                                                ZHS artist


    Normally student artists and artworks celebrated by the district are recognized at a school board meeting.  This year students are being honored virtually.  Those artworks selected by the district are displayed in the district office for the year.
    Each school level has 2 students selected for this honor, so ZMHS is represented by 2 middle school and 2 high school artists.  For middle school, artists chosen were Landon Monteleone, grade 8, and Becca Gebhard, grade 6.  Chosen for high school were senior Cole Carbert and junior Lylli Hakola.  Congratulations to these middle and high school artists!  See all the honored artists and their selected works by simply clicking on the provided link.

  • “Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.”

    ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr. ~


    ...and it did! Virtual form! 

        Dracula: a Comic Thriller...Starring Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson


    Because of the school closing, the ZHS Drama Department was not able to present their spring show in the normal way.  Some of the cast and crew still wanted to perform the show so a number of the students got together virtually to present the show Dracula: a Comic Thriller Starring Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson online from their homes. It has been an interesting process doing the show through Google Meet since none of the cast and crew could physically meet together.  In scenes where there is to be physical interaction, the students have to pretend that the other characters are there. Also, technology didn't always cooperate and students' audio would cut out or the video would freeze.  Students were responsible for their own costumes and props since they were not able to come to the school.  The students involved also had to take on multiple roles because not everyone in the original cast was able to participate.  Hats off to all of the cast and crew for their hard work, creativity, and patience in putting this together!  Kudos also to theater technician Mike Smith for editing the final product.  The virtual presentation was presented the weekend of May 29 - 30.  This was a special way to end our theater season, especially for the seniors involved in the spring show - Hailee Peterson, Tanner Johnson, Ricki Terry, Abigale Larson, Cole Carbert, Dustin Dittberner, and Connie Neumiller.  To cap off the season, we had an awards ceremony by video with a slide show of the year's productions, presentation of awards, and special recognition to all of the seniors involved in the drama department in place of our annual awards banquet.


    Congratulations to all honorees receiving special recognition in the categories listed!  We are Thunder proud of, and for, you!! 

    Band Students of the Year: 9th - Shailyn Solle, Carmen Boyer; 10th - Abby Gau, Connor Janowiec; 11th - Ashlee Wetzell, Logan Johnson; 12th - Sammy Andresen, Kaylee Turney 

    Choir Students of the Year (Choir Director's Award): Madi Naatz (12th), Connie Neumiller (12th)

    Art Students of the Year (Art Excellence Award): Payton Knight (12th), Hannah Nelson (12th), Cole Carbert (12th)

    Character Awards 

    Grade 9:  Leadership…Natalie Thompson, Integrity…Danielle Dekok, Positive Attitude…Ella Davis, Student of the Year...Mishima Padilla

    Grade 10:  Leadership…Joseph Gardas, Integrity…Anson Cannon, Positive Attitude…Trevor Jones, Student of the Year...Kiana Helland-Boriboune

    Grade 11:  Leadership…Cole Hinton, Integrity…Adyson Roman, Positive Attitude…Polly Kritzeck, Student of the Year…Miranda Schwieger

    Grade 12 (one boy and one girl per award):  Leadership…Joseph Manthey, Kayden Baldridge; Integrity...Cole Carbert, Gabby Weber; Positive Attitude...Miguel Ebel, Jordana Rost; Student of the Year...Jamison Ward, Sammy Andresen 

  • Senior Parker Schelske Named Scholarship Recipient 

    Congratulations to ZHS senior Parker Schelske, a recipient of a 2020 Minnesota Football Coaches Association Scholarship! Activities Director Mr. Hilyar shares that Parker receiving this scholarship is "well deserved for his on and off the field talents and dedication to service in our community."   



    The following students were selected as MFCA scholarship recipients for 2020. Each student will receive a $500 scholarship from the Minnesota Football Coaches Association.

    Tom Mahoney Scholarship Winner: Blake Wendland - Waseca

    Don Swanson Scholarship Winner: Elliot Ische - Minnetonka

    Les Dreschsel Scholarship Winner: Parker Schelske - Zimmerman

    David Nigon Scholarship Winner: Noah Link - Champlin Park

    Al Siegle Scholarship Winner: Justin Azure - Waseca

    Andy Nelson Scholarship Winner: Parker Boe - Triton

    Steve Silianoff Scholarship Winner: Matthew Muetzel - Mahtomedi

    Dave Hylla Scholarship Winner: Jake Breitbach – Robbinsdale Armstrong


    While there was no official Track and Field season in 2020, a number of seniors helped us get to know them a little better by sharing their track journey...and some extra tidbits, too! Take a'll learn some things while enjoying what is shared!  Those included are: Girls - Addie Tiggelaar, Annika Neitzer, Corina Sandy, Gabby Weber, Maddy Feigum, Eryn Mattson, Talia Richards, Rachel Bickman; boys - Carter McEachern, Cooper Nelson, Daniel Nicosia, Gavin Ericson, Jamison Ward, Joey Manthey, Jordan Opsahl, Owen Nitz, Parker Nelson, Tim Vorobyev, Trevor Wellman, Parker Schelske.  Thank you, Coach Cassandra Olson, for all your efforts so these stories could be shared!

  • many many memories!

    Despite the school year and activities being turned sideways...or upside down, seniors made their mark in a number of ways.  Included here are some highlights.

    Two different times in the year, "Royalty reigned!"  In the fall, Addie Tiggelaar and Parker Nelson were crowned Homecoming Queen and King.  During winter Snow Week, Gabby Weber and Josh Palashewski were crowned Queen and King!

           Hcoming K/Q 2019   Homecoming

    Honored for their efforts and accomplishments were seniors Sammy Andresen and Jamison Ward as the ZHS AAA (Academics, Athletics, Arts) award recipients, Corina Sandy as the ZHS Athena (best female athlete) Award recipient, and Jamison Ward also earned a National Merit Letter of Commendation honor as a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist.  Knowledge Bowl was senior dominated, with Jamison, Joey Manthey, Jacob Olson, and Ryan Peters (the lone non-senior...but will be one in the fall!) contributing to the team.

             AAA 2020   Athena 2020                                                     Jamison Ward        KB 2020

    Seniors showed their compassion and giving nature through blood donation and working as volunteers.  Teri Sackie, Annika Neitzer, and Sydney Curtis are pictured on the left; Jolie Putnam, Maddy Feigum, Corina Sandy, and Eryn Mattson are shown at right, ready to assist donors as they arrived.

                     BD donors   BD fall 2019            

    Music is alive and well at ZMHS!  Driven by the efforts of several seniors, a Music Honor Society chapter that includes band and choir students was formed at ZHS, with officers including seniors Kaylee Turney, Aleah Boyer, and Sammy Andresen.  Several seniors were selected to be part of the Granite Ridge All-Conference Honor Band, including Mackenzie Vigstol, Sammy Andresen, Kaylee Turney, Aleah Boyer, and Logan Botzek.

              Music Honor Society   GR Honor Band 2020

    Did someone say in musical?!?!?  Freaky Friday was an awesome show that featured several seniors.  Shown on the left, in red, is senior Bailey Benner (with her excellent underclassman "next year's senior" Nicole Weekley as her counterpart).  Pictured right is Bailey and senior Cole Carbert...with senior Connie Neumiller shown at far right.

    Some sports accomplishments:  Carter McEachern, ZHS football quarterback, was invited to be part of the State Football Showcase with other top players from around the state.  When it came to basketball season, Carter broke the record for the most points scored in school history!  Shown here is Carter's record breaking shot!  Also an excellent track athlete, Carter wasn't able to have his senior season of competition but, as a junior, he broke another school record at a home Track meet on April 23, 2019 by "traveling" 43 feet, 3.75 inches in the triple jump!  A remarkable 3-sport athlete, Carter will head to play football for the St. Thomas Tommies next year.

                     Carter FB    Carter record break shot                                                                       

    Senior Emily Dalrymple competed as a gymnast for the Elk River/Zimmerman team.  A dynamo on floor exercise, Emily helped the team capture the 5AA Section Championship and earn their way to the State Competition!


    The ZHS Dance Team also earned themselves another trip to the State Dance Competition when they took 3rd place in the Section in High Kick! Seniors Addie Tiggelaar, Ella Dipprey, and Rachel Bickman considered it a highlight in their year!

                                                Dance Team

    What better support than fans cheering and the pep band playing?!?  Go Thunder!!!

           Hcoming 2019   Hcoming 2019                                               Hcoming 2019    Hcoming 2019                                                                  Hcoming 2019  


  • June 2020 newsletter      

  • Congratulations to the following HS Student of the Week Honorees:

    5/4:  Lo Anderson - gr 12 - Painting III - Ms. Zahn
             Cole Orgon - gr 9 - Spanish I - Mr. Palashewski
             Kaylin Wilson - gr 12 - Mrs. Manthey
             Lily Jendro - gr 9 - PLTW Biomed - Ms. Bjork
             Matthew Gearou - gr 11 - Algebra 2 - Mr. Lloyd
             Ethan Roensch - gr 9 - Social Transition - Mrs. Melsha-Senderhauf

    5/11:  Mariah Burris - gr 11 - English/Speech - Mrs. Onstad
               Ella Williams - gr 10 - Medical Interventions - Mr. Larson
               Haley Walker - gr 9 - Prob & Stats - Mrs. Davis
               Gretchen Mattson - gr 9 - Clay I - Mrs. Kryduba
               Kelsey Bibeau - gr 9 - Human Geography - Mrs. Olson
               Calan Bushinger - gr 10 - U.S. History - Mr. Doran
    5/18: Brock Snow - gr 11 - Exponential Algebra - Mrs. Beaver
              Lana Schultz - gr 11 - Strength & Speed - Mr. Christensen
              Brooks Howard - gr 9 - PreAP Physical Science - Mrs. Pratt
              Cheradin Ralph - gr 11 - AP Physics - Mr. Doherty
              Bailey Giffen - gr 12 - Proctor - Mr. Downing
              Morgan Olson - gr 12 - Health - Mr. Bartlett
    5/26: Teri Sackie/Nicole Pearce (tie)-both gr 12 - both German II - Bloom
              Blake Johnson - gr 12 - Wind Symphony - Mr. Smith
              Gavyn Popejoy - gr 10 - English - Mrs. Janu
              Amber Larson - gr 12 - Economics - Mr. Hamlin
              Brielle Decker-Nordstrom - gr 10 - Geometry - Ms. McDonald
              Carter McEachern - gr 12 - Creative Writing - Ms. Bickman
    6/1: Chloe Belanger - gr 9 - Digital Photography - Mr. Ostercamp
     Madyson Fischer - gr 10 - U.S. History - Mr. Levos
     Cody Nelson - gr 10 - English - Mrs. Lien 
     Ekaterina Miller - gr 10 - Biology - Mr. Wihlm
     Peyton Giffen - gr 10 - Geometry - Miss LeBlanc
     Lars Forsell - gr 10 - Social Transition - Mrs. Fougner

  • Congratulations to the following MS Student of the Week honorees: 

    5/4:  Grade 6 - Kylee Hayes - Mr. Burch AND Lucas Stoltman - Mr. Downing

             Grade 7 - Madysen Turney - Mrs. Niebuhr AND Shane Rowley - Mrs. Pintok
             Grade 8 - Dillon Rolfe - Mrs. Fisher AND Brady Kluge - Ms. Ellingson 
    5/11:  Grade 6 - Lariah Aasen - Mrs. Garcia AND Cara Oberfeld - Mr. Zierden
                Grade 7 - Addison Swenson - Mrs. Cooley AND Carter Hartfiel - Mrs. Swanson
                Grade 8 - Liliana Simon - Mr. Curtis AND Mason McPheeters - Mrs. Burda
    5/18:  Grade 6 - Elle Bouten - Ms. Solliday AND Madilyn Tucker - Mrs. Houle

                Grade 7 - Hadley Hupalo & Josie Wendt - Miss LeBlanc (tie) AND Clair Patenaude - Mrs.                                     Breyen
                Grade 8 - Jace Bouten - Ms. Driessen AND Kallie Richards - Mr. Opsahl
    5/26:  Grade 6 - Raymond Simons - Mrs. Thomas AND Lauren Duvall & Max Holm (tie) - Mrs.                                       Rademacher
                Grade 7 - Seth Olson - Mrs. Plude AND Rhya Rost - Mr. Waznik
                Grade 8 - Kade Wilkins - Ms. McAlpine AND Abby Hanson - Ms. Ellingson
    6/1:  Grade 6 - Emily Leshchik - Mrs. Haukos AND Hailey Beck - Mrs. Cooley
              Grade 7 - Nate Teal - Ms. Solliday AND Ava Crawford - Ms. Zahn
              Grade 8 - Layla Maloney - Mrs. Manthey AND Kamryn Wesloh - Mr. Burch

  • “It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it. ”

    ~ Vince Lombardi ~

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  • Shout-Out to Grade 8 Students

    Any staff who worked with 8th grade students in some way were invited to share a one-word description that reminded them of the 8th grade class...before they head on to high school next fall.  Watch the video to see what staff shared with these students.

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