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    Congratulations to Hailee Zimpel and Sophia Smith for racing their way to the State Cross Country meet!  The girls and boys teams competed at the Section meet in Cloquet on October 24th, the girls team placing 10th out of 15 teams and the boys team placing 13th out of 16 teams.  In a field of 103 runners, Zimpel finished 10th and Smith 16th, setting themselves up to head to the State Meet.  Great racing, girls!  In the boys competition, Jordan Opsahl was the first finisher for Zimmerman, placing 35th out of 111 runners...and he waited for each and every one of his teammates to cross the finish line as his show of support, something he has done throughout the season.  Jordan's example is one amidst a number of kind gestures runners have shown to their fellow teammates as well as to runners of opposing teams.  Now that's its most true and caring form!    

                             Hailee & Sophia

                                        Good luck at State, girls!!  We are Thunder proud of you!!

  •                  A TEACHER WHO WRITES

                 ZHS teacher...Mr. Hamlin, writer/author...DJ Hamlin

    If someone told me I would be writing a book I would have laughed at them...I am a teacher and a coach, not an author. It all happened by accident, but isn’t that the way most stories start?  

    My daughter Emma started attending the University of Minnesota as part of the PSEO program in our highschool.  Because she lived at home, she relied on me for transportation to the Minneapolis campus. Her schedule created a need for a ride home on Wednesday nights and so I would meet her on campus, have dinner with her, and then send her on her way to art class.  This left me with three hours to kill in Wilson library.  

    Three hours seems like a lot of time if you have nothing to do, but I filled most of this with school work.  The papers and tasks quickly ran out and, before I knew it, I found myself writing small bits of stories to keep my mind busy.

    One thing led to another and before I knew it I had about 250 pages of a novel that seemed to pour right out of my head and onto the computer keyboard.  September turned to October and then November; I found myself addicted to writing. The first novel, “The Middle Man”, was completed over a period of six months and then I immediately started on a sequel.  I couldn’t stop writing.

    After completing the second novel, I came across an idea that some of my students gave me and I ended up writing a third, stand alone novel.  This novel did not connect with the storyline of the first two. I had now written something entirely different. Historical fiction seemed to be my genre and now it became time to do something with these works.

    A struggle ensued as I made a strong but futile attempt to find an agent and ‘get published’.  It became apparent quickly that I would need to get at least one book out on the market before someone would pick me up as a writer.  The first book, “The Middle Man”, hit the shelves in July of 2019 and it blew my mind to actually see one of my works in print!  

    The struggle to get picked up and go big is still alive and well, but now I might stand a better chance with an actual work in print.  The sequel to “The Middle Man”, called “A New World”, will hopefully be on the shelves by Thanksgiving. The first edit was completed recently and a second edit/revision is now in the works.  I am excited to get this out on Amazon and see what people think.

    At present, “The Middle Man” can be ordered on Amazon either in paperback form or as an E Book.  I have four books presently ‘in the works’, one of which is actually a historical look at my alma-maters’ hockey program.  I have found writing to be a great hobby when I am not teaching or need a break for my mind. Some people run marathons, some pursue personal talents like quilting or sports.  I write.

                                                                           Dave Hamlin book


    Throughout the semester, students in Mrs. Olson’s Criminal Justice class at Zimmerman High School have the chance to learn about a number of careers in the field of Criminal Justice.  On Friday, October 25th they had the opportunity to learn about the Minnesota State Patrol.  Sgt. David Rock and CWO Todd Merwin led a joint effort in delivering a presentation to the class.

    Students learned about training and education necessary to be a MN State Trooper as well as salary and benefits from Sgt. Rock.  In addition, students were able to watch a helicopter land on the ZHS football field and visit with CWO Merwin about the duties associated with air patrol.   Recently, MN State Patrol helped extract an injured hiker from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and helped locate a missing child in a nearby community.

              helicopter    helicopter air care

  •      PLTW (Project Lead The Way) Results from Last Year...Now In!                                      ~ Shared by teacher Mr. Larson ~

    Our students had the best results in the history of the program with 82% qualifying for college credit.  Below is the number of students at each level and the achievement level descriptions.

                                                                           Novice = 0
                                                                           Practiced = 13
                                                                           Accomplished = 40
                                                                           Distinguished = 21
PLTW results

  •        7th Graders Investigate Zimmerman’s Pond Water!                                    ...shared by Science teacher Mrs. Plude       

    ZMHS 7th graders used microscopes to learn what species of microorganisms live in the ponds around Zimmerman. After locating living organisms on the microscope slides, they used Pond Water Species posters to identify which species each had found. 

    The students loved learning about microorganisms using the microscopes! They also loved that I almost fell in while collecting them near my house.

          Plude microscopes   Plude microscopes   Plude microscopes   
          Plude microscopes   Plude microscopes   Plude microscopes


    A week's worth of dress-up days and lunch time royalty competitions ended with multiple Friday activities before and during the football game.  Homecoming Friday began in a most special way when football players lined the entry area to greet any and all students, staff, parents, "extras" who came through the doors; it was a "kindness greeting" of the best kind!  At the end-of-day pepfest, all royalty members were introduced and King Parker Nelson and Queen Addie Tiggelaar were crowned.  Emcees Gabby Weber and Joey Manthey kept things moving...and safe by explaining "rules of the road" for the scooter competition.  Seniors performed a dance for which they spent many early morning practices to get ready.  As game time got closer, pep band members brought excitement to the atmosphere, as did cheering students in the stands.  Football players focused on the task at hand...making plays, scoring points and supporting one another.  Half time brought some younger dancers onto the field to perform the routine they learned from high school Dance Team members, including Queen Addie.  The group of royalty was introduced to those at the game, now dressed more for the outdoors and casual environment OR in uniform to continue the game after the half.  A fun week had a great ending, as the Thunder defeated the St. Cloud Cathedral Crusaders by a score of 40-0.   

    All royalty (left to right): Freshmen Ashley Sendzik & Jacob Lambres; sophomores Ella Kostrzewski & Rylan Rivers; seniors Jesse Bowers & Taylor Burke, Kendall Schottenbauer & Brett Howard, King Parker Nelson & Queen Addie Tiggelaar, Carter McEachern & Aly Olerich; juniors Bjorn Franke & Ella Haas.  

                       H-coming royalty 2019                                       Hcoming 2019  Hcoming K/Q 2019  

                      MC's Hcoming 2019  Hcoming 2019                                                                       Hcoming 2019  

                     Hcoming 2019  Hcoming 2019                                                                     Hcoming 2019  

              Hcoming 2019   Hcoming 2019                                                            Hcoming 2019                                        

          Hcoming 2019     Hcoming 2019     

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  •                              HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS                                                              Grades 9-12 Ordering Details

              You MUST order by January 31st to guarantee that you get a yearbook.                                            *The earlier you order, the bigger the discount!*

    All orders must be placed through the Jostens yearbook website:

    Nov 2 - Jan 31 (Guaranteed)........................................................$48

    Nov 23 – Jan 31(Guaranteed)......................................................$52

    Last Chance: Feb 1 – May 15 (if books are still available).......$57

    *The prices are reflected when you place your order online. 

    *If you want your name on the front cover it is an extra $6. This option is available until February 2nd. If you choose to have your name imprinted, there is a maximum of 26 letters and/or spaces.

  •                           ORDER YOUR MIDDLE SCHOOL

                                         YEARBOOK  NOW!!

    Middle School yearbooks are available for purchase right now!  Simply go to the Jostens website to order:  Buy while the price is lowest!!   

                                                      October 26-December 27......$25.00
                                                      December 28-January 31.......$30.00
                                              Deadline to order a yearbook is January 31st!! 

  • Congratulations to the following HS Student of the Week honorees:

    9/30:  Brent Netland-gr 11-Physics-Mr. Doherty

               Abby Benson-gr 10-AP U.S. History-Mr. Doran

               Jack Abrahamson-gr 9-English-Ms. Bickman 

    10/7:  Eryn Mattson-gr 12-Drawing III/Painting I-Ms. Zahn

               Samuel Norland-gr 10-Spanish I-Mr. Palashewski

               Blake Nordlund-gr 9-Exponential Algebra-Mrs. Beaver

    10/14: Logan Kolodji-gr 12-Advisory-Mrs. Nordby

                Aaron Armstrong-gr 9-AVID-Mr. Kish

                Kelsey Miller-gr 9-Advisory-Mrs. Firkus

    10/21: Mason Brown-gr 11-World History-Mr. Levos

                Avery Bakke-gr 11-Chemistry-Mrs. Pratt

                Fox Ronneng-gr 10-English-Mrs. Lien

    10/28: Ethan Cairns-gr 12-Team Sports-Mr. Christensen

                Wyatt Petron-gr 11-German "7"-Mr. Bloom

                Abigail Monson-gr 10-Geometry-Miss LeBlanc

  • Congratulations to the following MS Student of the Week honorees:


    Grade 6: Deegan Anderson-Mrs. Rademacher

    Grade 7: Isabella Felegy-Mrs. Breyen

    Grade 8: Anika Grant-Mrs. Burda


    Grade 6: Arianna Oquist-Mrs. Niebuhr

    Grade 7: Morgan Creswell-Mrs. Plude

    Grade 8: Alexis Deal-Ms. McAlpine


    Grade 6: Oliver Jenc-Mrs. Houle

    Grade 7: Zoe Taylor-Johnson-Mrs. Kraus

    Grade 8: Samantha Spindler-Mrs. Burda/Math Team


    Grade 6: Gabby Kratee-Ms. Solliday

    Grade 7: Michael Pittman-Mrs. Cooley

    Grade 8:  Layla Maloney-Mrs. Yanke


    Grade 6: Gabby Rauschendorfer-Mrs. Haukos

    Grade 7: Josh Carlson-Mrs. Kryduba

    Grade 8: Luke Pool-Ms. Driessen

  • “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all,

    love of what you are doing or learning to do."

    ~ Pele' ~

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