Summer School Credit Recovery … INDEPENDENT STUDY (1 Credit)


    Independent Study Classes are Dependent upon finding a teacher. 


    Students can sign up for Independent Study during Summer School Credit Recovery.  Traditionally it has been offered from 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm each day of summer school.

    Independent Study is a rigorous course of study by which student receive credit for a combination of seat time and impendent study work outside of the classroom.

    This will be offered for CORE Courses in English, Math, Social Studies, or Science.

    Students must have failed a core course to be eligible for Credit Recovery.

    The model for Independent Study Credit Recovery is as follows:

    Students must earn 60.00 Units for 1 Credit
    1 hour 15 minutes per session Seat Time (15 sessions X 1.25 hours = 18.75 hours)
    60.00 – 18.75 = 41.25 hours of Independent Work (outside the classroom)
    Under this model, students would need to complete Independent Work averaging 2 hours and 45 minutes per day outside of school.

    Because of this model … students cannot sign up for two (2) Independent Study classes without permission from ALC Director. 

    Because two (2) Independent Study classes would consist of nearly 6 hours of daily work outside the classroom, it would be approved only with the most extenuating of circumstances.