Early Childhood Screening

  • The purpose of this screening program is to guarantee that all young children in Minnesota are healthy and ready for learning. Early identification of health and learning problems is helpful in preventing them from becoming more serious.

  • What is Early Childhood Screening?

    It's a careful, simple check of your child's growth . . . physical, developmental and emotional. Early Childhood Screening helps to identify health and learning problems, and prevent them from becoming more serious. However, screening is not intended as a substitute for health care from your family physician or other providers.

    Who is required to be screened?

    All children living in ISD728 who are at least 3 years old and not currently enrolled in kindergarten NEED to participate in this FREE screening program before entering kindergarten. Minnesota state law requires that your child must be screened prior to enrollment in a public school. Children who attend Head Start or Early Childhood Special Education may not have to participate. Please call the screening office for more information.

    When should I have my child screened?

    The ideal age for screening is when your child is between 3 and 4 years old. Waiting until the year before school entry may be waiting too long. Screening can detect possible learning or health concerns that can be addressed before they start Kindergarten.

    Do I need to make an appointment?

    Yes. Screenings are done by appointment only. To make an appointment, either click on the “Register Today” button or call the screening office at 763-241-3525. Screenings are done throughout the school year, generally on Tuesday's and rotating Thursday, Friday and Saturday's at The Handke Center, 1170 Main St., Elk River. Some evening appointments are available.

    Once you have scheduled an appointment for your child's screening, you will receive a confirmation email with paperwork to print and complete. Please bring completed paperwork, along with a copy of immunizations and birth certificate, to your screening appointment.

    Early Childhood Screening is an important and exciting start in your child’s education. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Early Childhood Screening

    Screening Location:
    The Handke Center
    1170 Main St., Elk River