Team VMS
  • VandenBerge's inaugural season in the world of Mathletes was a smashing success! Under the direction of Curt Michener,  a math teacher at ERHS, our team won 4 out of 5 meets finishing with the 30th highest score out of approximately 225 teams in Minnesota. 


    Six of the Top Ten finishers in our division are on team VandenBerge

    Top Ten 2015-16  

    1) Josh Bauer 2) Sam Orgon 3) Mya Yoder 5) Adam Eldredge 7) Sophia Tobin 9) Gabe Livingston





  • Coach Michener is hoping to expand the league during the 2017-18 season which runs from mid October to mid January. The team generally practices once a week for two hours and competes in five meets. Please check back for more details once the school year is underway. In the meantime take a look at the MN Mathletes League website.